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Ode to Star Wars Battlefront - [Review]

Maybe you have been wondering if to purchase this treasure of action shooter game or not. Here’s my review to help. 813 more words

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Playstation 4 - Paragon PS4 Controller

Paragon PS4 Controller

How cool is this Paragon PS4 controller @Paragon / @EpicGames gave me? pic.twitter.com/T04DnJ2qcf

— Ace (@rgsace) February 7, 2016

Submitted February 11, 2016 at 04:08AM by kingsta93…

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PlayStation 5 will Entail Dynamic and Believable Worlds - Neurogadget

PlayStation 5 will Entail Dynamic and Believable Worlds
Sony's upcoming gaming console, the in vogue PlayStation 5 has been the talk of the town. Various sources affirm that the PlayStation 5 is in its initial phases, but even so, everyone can't seem to stop making assumptions and wild guesses about this … 9 more words


Unravel - Review

One of the most talked about games at last years E3 event, Unravel came out of nowhere, onto the EA press briefing stage of all places, and stole the spotlight from anything else in that entire presentation. 675 more words


PlayStation 3 Black ops II controller

Produced by Bluemouth Interactive their officially licensed Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 PS3 controller was released in 2013. This one has a great light up effect, but unfortunately, that’s where its greatness ends. 77 more words


Playstation 4 - PSA: GAMEBREAKING Firewatch glitch [Spoilers after Day 78]

PSA: GAMEBREAKING Firewatch glitch

So I just found the body in the cave, climbed out and told Delilah. She said we were going home tomorrow, and then loaded the next day. 56 more words

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Did Someone Say Video Games. . .?

If anyone who plays a Blizzard Entertainment game want to party up, raid, PvP, shoot the shit, or whatever. Feel free to hit me up via battle.net tag: Sincados#1362. 108 more words