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Resident Evil 2 (Remake) Review

Did someone say, Zombies!?

That’s right Warriors today I’m going to be discussing and reviewing Resident Evil 2 Remake! 603 more words


PlayStation UPDATE: The other big PS4 news and announcements you missed this week

Every week, Sony PlayStation announces new projects and stats that offer us a glimpse at what is coming next.
And the past few days has seen the company announce news concerning the PS4, the PlayStation VR and the PlayStation Now streaming service. 10 more words


PS Plus free games news and new PlayStation Plus PS4 bonus

PS Plus owners have the chance to grab new rewards and in-game bonuses as part of their ongoing PS4 subscription.
There’s also the usual free games from Sony PlayStation, which are available to download right now. 15 more words


Burly Men At Sea Review

Watch The Video Review Here!

Burly Men At Sea is an indie, sort of point and click adventure/storytelling game made by Brain&Brain. The game is currently available on Mobile, PC, Switch and Playstation 4. 444 more words

I hate you, thief!

Psychologically other human beings, situations, the world around us changes our brain and way of thinking. Ideas and beliefs are formed in ways that run so deep, it takes a hell of work to get over it, see it differently, and or change our thinking pattern. 1,145 more words


PS4 free games: PlayStation 4 owners can play THIS Final Fantasy game for FREE right now

PS4 owners have been treated to another free games bonus this week, as a Final Fantasy game goes free-to-play on PlayStation 4.
In addition to the PS Plus games for March 2019, Sony has teamed up with Square Enix to launch a free Final Fantasy fighting game. 12 more words


Who's in service to who? Th3 Gamer or th3 Publisher?

The video game industry has gone through many changes throughout its 30+ years. In those years, the profitability of video games has skyrocketed to
become a multi-billion dollar industry as reported by… 1,309 more words