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Psychological repair: the playworker as sticking plaster

Every so often I get on my high horse about certain repeated (and repeated) themes and situations that seem to always crop up in this, my playworking life. 1,074 more words


How to start an adventure playground

There are some questions about adventure playgrounds that we at Pop-Up Adventure Play get asked a lot.

“What about liability insurance?”

“Who pays for these places?” 543 more words

Play Perception

I began my journey into play last Sunday; it was really a trip into my perceptions this week. My take away is: Perceptions have influence. Perception is not reality. 796 more words

“I can’t even think about play right now”

It is easy to feel totally overwhelmed in the day to day – or at least, it’s easy for me!  This summer, I was lucky enough to spend the summer at Play:Ground, the… 248 more words


Play is fun, carefree and exhilarating right? It’s what we like to do, even when it’s hard. It can be frustrating while we are learning but, we relax and keep trying for the thrill of accomplishment. 631 more words

Observations of summer play

Five weeks of summer open access on the adventure playground have come and gone. It has been, for the larger part (and despite my early-on reflections and feelings of emotional and psychological absorption, as written way back at the end of July), a good summer. 2,597 more words


A small but potentially significant win for risk benefit assessment

How often do you hear that the ‘health and safety culture’ cannot be resisted? That fear of litigation makes people unwilling to accept the slightest possibility of accidents or injuries? 277 more words