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Ctrl + alt + delete (play)

Plenty of my playworking and other day-to-day thinking energy, lately and historically, seems to have gone into concerns about the ostensibly innocuous but actually insidious little word that is ‘control’. 1,373 more words


National Playwork Conference 2018 (I was there, lucky me!)

I recently had the fantastic experience of attending the 16th National Playwork Conference in Eastbourne. The conference is run by a non-profit play organisation called Meynell Games they deliver training, playwork services and sell playwork books. 1,425 more words

Imagine (all the people living life in play)

Five years ago, when it last properly snowed here in the deep south of England, I wrote a post and called it A snow day means a play day! 1,071 more words


Yoga'daki Anlatım Derdim...

Iyengar ders verirken şöyle bir link var, tıkla.

Bu da Pattabhi Jois’ten.

Bir yoga dersi nedir? Yoga’nın dersi olur mu?

Asana çalışmaları, belki sonuna Pranayama ve Dhyana eklenen 60, 75, 90 dakikalık bir araya gelmeler pratik sebeplerle Yoga adını almış ve para verip üye olan insanlar stüdyolara gelip, bir şekilde bu yolu iyi yürüyen ve öncülük eden, yoldaşlık eden insanlar tarafından verilen derslere giriyorlar. 831 more words


Modern life

I cannot believe we need an appointment to get our daily exercise.

I cannot believe people don’t move for 10 hours consecutively a day.

I cannot believe we don’t know what pelvis is, 28 more words


Page one: on radical play


Adj. Of or pertaining to a root or to roots.
Forming the root, basis or foundation; original, primary.
Of qualities: inherent in the nature or essence of a thing or person.

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Play Diary: Wanted kids and missing flamingos

It was a quiet chilly day at the playground and I’d been chatting with a fellow playworker about what to do with an underused and in-the-way wooden leaflet stand. 771 more words