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A small but potentially significant win for risk benefit assessment

How often do you hear that the ‘health and safety culture’ cannot be resisted? That fear of litigation makes people unwilling to accept the slightest possibility of accidents or injuries? 277 more words


Play Escapes in the Peaks

A few weeks ago I delivered a workshop to ten participants at a retreat in the peak district. The workshop was designed to be a space for adults to explore play and reflect upon what it meant in their lives. 630 more words


Playwork as Community Development: interview and podcast with Mike Barclay

In our respective day jobs Mike Barclay, from Wrexham’s Play Development team and Ludicology, and I with Communities First, first met in November 2015 when we began liaising over research into the social benefits of playwork in Wrexham. 3,715 more words

Community Development

Workology: A New School Of Thought On Work In Education

Here’s a question for you: what is the study of work? What do we call that? Think about it. There’s Ergonomics, of course, the study of time and motion and the like, but nothing, as far as I can see, that’s very solid on work itself – Workology, as it were. 720 more words


Thousands of children expected for Playday 2016

Tomorrow, 3 August, tens of thousands of children and young people from across the United Kingdom will be out playing, celebrating Playday – the national day for play, when hundreds of local and regional play events are taking place to promote the importance of children’s right to play. 273 more words


Notes on playworking absorption

Over the years I have often said to students of playwork, whether they’re those I have been formally teaching or those I’m working with on site, that if we’re not going home at the end of a session working with children in an emotionally, mentally and psychologically tired state (or any combination thereof) then we’re not doing it (playwork) right. 1,097 more words


Cruel Summers

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone had August off? A month-long, national holiday. A giant timeout.

Totally unrealistic, of course – it wouldn’t be much fun turning up at the supermarket, or the GP surgery, to find everything shut up and a ‘Gone Fishin’’ sign across the door – but it’s a nice idea. 676 more words