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Play and language

For a couple of weeks now, on and off, and as touched upon in my previous post, I’ve been quietly observing the way that two particular children are playing. 1,307 more words


Playground time

If you work on an adventure playground of some description, you may have an idea of what I mean by ‘playground time’. Maybe there’s the equivalent of ‘playground time’ in any place where children occupy a particular site for any significant period of a day. 1,575 more words


Play in the Park Sessions (Weeks Beginning August 17 and 24)

New rough and ready flyer for the last two weeks of August in the local parks (now with added contact details!)


The conscious stance of playworking

Certain forms of play, and certain individual children, can really challenge a playworker (irrespective of that playworker’s experience). I very much doubt there’s a playworker with the ability to relate to every single child they ever meet; or rather, I doubt there’s a playworker who every single child can cope with being around. 1,996 more words


A writer is someone who writes

Last week, I went on a week-long residential training course, becoming a certified writing workshop leader in the AWA method. If you’re curious what that means, check out Pat Schneider’s… 774 more words

The art of skipping

Whilst sitting in a field last week at a music festival, lazing around in decadent sloth in the sun, I was told I analyse too much. 1,486 more words


Everyday I'm Shuffling, Shuffling

I have been thinking about the words “shuffle” and “shuffling” in relation to play practice and production of space. The word “shuffle” can mean a clumsy, plodding step (“just shuffling along”); the act of pushing gradually (“let’s see if we can shuffle this along”); or a deliberate method of injecting chance and disrupting order (“shuffling the cards”). 243 more words