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Structural dynamics of play: a technical analysis

There are five gardens whose boundaries are also the boundaries, variously, of one another’s gardens: Garden A meets with Gardens B and E; Garden B meets Gardens A and C and E; Garden C meets Gardens B and D and E; Garden D meets Gardens C and E, and Garden E meets all the others. 1,146 more words


Play grounds us

After something of a sojourn, I have a need to begin to immerse again in the thinking on play and in the ongoing practising of playworking. 1,055 more words


Supporting play community in Canada

This year marks a decade since I got into playwork.  A DECADE, goodness.  There are probably more thoughts on that coming soon.  Mostly though, I count myself fortunate to have wandered into the most marvelous community of people – curious, passionate, ingenious, dedicated (and yes, a little mad too sometimes, but we wouldn’t have it any other way).  299 more words

Stuart Lester was the recipient of an unwritten letter of gratitude I had been carrying in my thoughts. Today was Stuart’s funeral. I can’t give him that letter any more. 1,428 more words


Playworker Meynell Walter on "When Should Adults Intervene in Children Play?"

In May 2017, Meynell visited Dorothy Snot school in Athens to participate in the opening event of our new, bigger school.

Given the chance, we organized a public discussion on “What is Play?” in our old school’s garden. 20 more words

Dorothy Snot

Pirate Heart

Friends keep reminding me of the lessons I’m learning. I am glad they read my Blog! Thank you! This week I started thinking about the posts about play, and how it can change my attitude. 693 more words


Volunteers are needed to help out at Bootle computer club for kids, but you don’t have to be an expert in tech.

Little Sandbox is a tech club for kids interested in computer programming, electronics, robotics, animation and other digital media. 228 more words