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On baking as play

Suzanna reminds me to play, because I forget all the time. I might be short-tempered or vague when we’re talking or start to go weird in some other way, and Suzanna will ask if I’ve been outside lately. 359 more words

On playwork and radical humility

I spend a lot of time explaining that playwork is ‘a real thing’.  “You can get a degree in it and everything!” I say, and that’s true.  526 more words

Play Diary: Tubes, Tubes and Temporary Playgrounds

Hello and welcome to another play diary This entry will be bit of a flashback to those couple of weeks in the summer where I got very into a bunch of cardboard tubes. 834 more words


A Vice and a Virtue

The idea has had some discussion in Milly’s Realm. Can a vice be a virtue? Can a virtue be a vice? It’s an interesting conundrum. I think so… 679 more words

Playwork as a third path

It often feels like playwork training is at least 65% untraining – identifying and rooting out deeply held misconceptions about adulthood, childhood, relationships and play.  It’s so easy for adults to be constantly trying to teach children, leading and hurrying them along, or to have secret goals for how they spend their time.  328 more words

Milly has Left the Tower!

Halloween shows and decorations have me thinking about my little slice of the world. It is amazing how much of our life can be described in tales and analogies. 686 more words

Milly’s Realm is Under Siege

How about your Realm? All of our Realms are under siege! What happened to our JOY! What happened to Seizing Life! Joie de Vivre! Carpe Diem and all that! 813 more words