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Playwork foundation launches at London event

The Playwork Foundation was launched as a membership organisation at a special event in London last week.

The Playwork Foundation finally opened for business last week at a special launch event in London. 623 more words


Speculations on the real and unreal of play

It is with some degree of frustration that someone of a playworking disposition regularly hears the ‘frivolity, or incidental nature, of play’ rhetoric, inherent in various communication. 1,867 more words


Fairy Tales and Rhymes

Did you ever think about where our childhood stories came from? As usual, I have my own theory… 692 more words

Reflections of a jobbing playworker: part 3 of 3

Continuing the observations and reflections on play and playwork practice from the summer just gone.

Parachuting playworkers and parents
There are many, many ways for a parachute to benefit the play. 1,750 more words


Reflections of a jobbing playworker: part 1 of 3

Summer has come and gone, and it has been one of first looking forward to all of the different things that might happen, in all of the different places, then jumping right in: play support at various festivals, playworking in the villages, a regular stint based at a youth centre in a local town community, being at home with the play, some sessions of play support for children who had re-located countries. 1,220 more words


Hurricane Humor

Well, I live in Florida and we are living the tropical weather summertime dream: Hot, humid, and what the weather peeps call a MONSTER STORM! So life’s been a bit serious lately…Time for a bit-o-fun. 676 more words

Play Diary: the Window

I look up and see three faces pushed up against the glass of the main doorway. The faces belong to three small, blond children waiting to be granted entry to the play hall whilst their adults do the admin bit. 393 more words