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Milly’s Realm is Under Siege

How about your Realm? All of our Realms are under siege! What happened to our JOY! What happened to Seizing Life! Joie de Vivre! Carpe Diem and all that! 813 more words

Play Diary: Cinematic Cardboard

Welcome to the first in a series of “Play Diaries” I shall be writing and sharing on this site. I do many, many things, but my favourite is being a playworker at The Yard Adventure centre in Edinburgh. 716 more words


Playwork and education

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the Ithaca Children’s Garden’s annual Play Symposium.  It’s a site I love, and a town full of people I adore – not too shabby really, for a conference. 721 more words

Play feels like Work! What?

This weekend has been tough! And I’ve spent most of it playing. Go figure. I came to the realization that play is not just an enjoyable activity. 785 more words

A Playful Manifesto #1

Within any finite set of criteria there exist infinite ways of being.

In play we discover these, play is a space where we explore our possible selves, and how we relate to our environment and other people. 243 more words


Psychological repair: the playworker as sticking plaster

Every so often I get on my high horse about certain repeated (and repeated) themes and situations that seem to always crop up in this, my playworking life. 1,074 more words


How to start an adventure playground

There are some questions about adventure playgrounds that we at Pop-Up Adventure Play get asked a lot.

“What about liability insurance?”

“Who pays for these places?” 543 more words