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Playworking plain-songs

Plain-song. Mus. A simple melody or theme.

— Oxford English Dictionary (1979)

Playworking is replete with stories, which are songs, of simple wonder. We can allow ourselves to become over-burdened with all the anythings that circle around and through our time in amongst the children’s play; we can forget to see and listen to the songs that play themselves out around us. 1,012 more words


Are you interested in one of the best jobs in the world?

Since January, I’ve been lucky enough to work at the Parish School’s Adventure Playground. It’s a beautiful site, built by the fascinating and brilliant children who attend. 218 more words

Horse trading

(This is the second post about Rose.  The first is here.)

Rose has been digging out the rocks again, some from the hill and some from the sandpit.  837 more words

Small stories of grace

There but for the grace of something ‘other’ go we, and often we don’t ever know how lucky we are. This word ‘grace’ comes up often in the general flow of my thinking when working with children, or soon after: if we’re aware of moments, as I’ve long advocated, we can see and feel some beautiful things. 1,006 more words


Adults need play, too

I was at the US Play Coalition at Clemson last week, presenting twice and hanging out with some of the finest people around.  Jill Wood and I shared our early findings in a study comparing injury rates between the fixed equipment recess playground and the adventure playground after school program at Parish.  502 more words

The Mary Poppins playground kit

This post shares an idea from a parent who was frustrated that her kids were finding it hard to have much fun in their local playgrounds. 1,247 more words

Outdoor Play

Enfolding frames

This is the second in an occasional series on play frames.  The first one is here.

Children have so many ideas for how to play, and so many ways to tell us whether our place is outside their frame or within it.   494 more words