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Windfall benefits of playwork... for playworkers

Playwork has given me so much – the chance to use long-forgotten fencing skills, an improved understanding of the properties of mud, and the secure knowledge that nearly any paint can be removed from skin by the combination of a hot shower, good soap and fingernails. 288 more words

The 13th National Playwork Conference

SkillsActive was represented at the 13th National Playwork Conference on 3-4 March by Hanna Boyce, Professional Development Manager, and Jonathan Campbell-Jones from the SkillsActive Registers team: 456 more words

Play just is

I really am growing very tired of the constant over-emphasis, in the proclamations of adults in general, that ‘play aids children’s learning’, or variations on the theme (‘play reduces obesity’, ‘play aids social skills’, ‘play teaches children right from wrong’, and so on). 1,330 more words


"Draw more poop!"

Sophie and I have been drawing with Sharpies on the back of an old mattress, propped against a cable reel. She asked for a pony first, but I’m not very good at ponies and afterwards we both stare at the lumpy, pig-like creature I have made. 227 more words

Power Games

At our playground there is a 7 year old girl who fiercely defends her independence, even when she is really struggling with something.

She loves going to the very few places on the playground that children aren’t allowed to go; up stairs in the building which is currently used for storage and is out of bounds, round the back of the building and up the big wood pile. 723 more words


Finding Playwork's Recalcitrant Edge

The election has been and gone and maybe you, like me, felt a little bit sick last Friday morning. The next few years are not going to be easy for the playwork sector or the communities we live and work in. 1,036 more words


A natural therapy for political dis-ease

As unanimously expressed by playworkers who I have so far read, or heard, to relay an opinion, last Friday’s media declaration of the UK general election results was somewhat sobering: five more years of Conservative (Tory) rule. 1,168 more words