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The Genuine Show!, April 16 - 25, 2015.

Good Evening:

Well, this little project has taken a bit of my time lately: my first ever full-length show!

The Genuine Show! represents the debut of a new theater troupe called The Unknown Players, and they have honored me by producing an evening of seven short plays, including “The Duck” (see… 95 more words

The San Francisco Scene--Seen!

Chapel Street Players Embrace Playwriting Group -- Need Actors and More Writers

Lyn Anderson, of Newark, DE, has a problem. So does George Cope of nearby Landenberg, PA, and they hope others have it, too.

There are stories locked in their brains – just itching to get out. 601 more words


The Writing Process

The writing process. What is it and how do I get one? More importantly, do I need one?

Answer: probably, yes. At the moment my writing process involves sometimes getting changed out of my pajamas, drinking tea, listening to the sort of airy floaty indie-pop that I imagine creative people listen to, and generally browsing social media until the shadow of guilt becomes to big to ignore. 482 more words


Mental Swipes and Old Plays

I’m ready for it to be summer now. I know this because I’ve started listening to my summer playlist.

You know when your iPhone starts responding slowly or strangely and you have to tap the Home button twice and then swipe away all the tabs and apps and things that are running in the background? 2,615 more words

Register by February 20 for CWW Writing & Yoga Retreat in Newport, RI (April 2-5, 2015)

Join us April 2-5, 2015 for our first annual springtime Writing & Yoga Retreat in beautiful and gilded Newport, Rhode Island.  Our Newport retreat offers the opportunity for writers of all genres and levels to work alongside award-winning authors & editors to hone their craft and expand their writing skills, while working on new or existing projects.  48 more words

Bobcats take center stage with Midnight Madness

Those looking for something to do on a Friday night need not look farther than Midnight Madness, a weekly event hosted in Kantner Hall. Almost every Friday at 11 p.m., one can find a large group of people gathering not for a class or a party, but to watch a series of three-to-five minute plays written, produced and acted out by fellow Ohio University students. 609 more words

News And Culture

Baby It’s Cold Outside

The basement of the Chapel Street Players playhouse Saturday was warm against the cool the weather outside.

Snuggly in fact.

Maybe it wasn’t the temperature that induced all the snuggliness, but rather it the was five of us in the basement reading George Cope’s most recent update to his new play “Wisdom.” 153 more words