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An 18,000 Word Play Finished

I’ve been working hard over the past week trying to put the finishing touches on my latest full-length play – a morality tale called “The Secrets of the Magic Pool.”  It’s kind of an allegorical fairy-tale setting, but it’s not a fairy tale. 427 more words


Laugh It Up

I saw a very unusual play called “Laugh It Up, Stare It Down,” by screenwriter-playwright Alan Hruska, at Cherry Lane Theater this week.

It’s about the love between two eccentric savants, a currency trader and an anthropologist. 426 more words

Draft Done: Now Can I Hold It Together?

I’ve just finished the first draft of the first, full-length play I’ve written without collaboration in about 4-5 years. The title of the play is “The Secrets of the Magic Pool.” It’s an allegorical tale of good and evil – somewhat inspired by Sondheim’s “Into the Woods.” Well, for the sake of clarity, I was watching “Into the Woods” in the cinema when the idea for a play came upon me. 320 more words

Writing Process

The Difference between a Skit and a Play

One might think that the main difference between a skit and a play is its length – skits being short and plays being long. But I contend that is not the distinction at all. 397 more words


Surviving the First London14/48 :The World's Quickest Playwrighting Festival

So Thursday 6th August I made my way to the LOST Theatre in Wandsworth Road for the first meeting and briefing about the festival. It’s a strange corporate styled theatre with a crazy, oppressive overhanging lobby that juts out into the street like the worst carbuncle of 70’s Brutalist architecture, though it was only built in 2010. 2,587 more words


The Cult of Corporate Retail - Notes on “Welcome To Goliath’s Tea”

I’m sitting in the back corner of Starbucks. 

My good friend and, at times, spirit animal: the famous Matthew Gin — who is about to take Toronto Theatre by storm — is sitting beside me. 2,356 more words