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The Cult of Corporate Retail - Notes on “Welcome To Goliath’s Tea”

I’m sitting in the back corner of Starbucks. 

My good friend and, at times, spirit animal: the famous Matthew Gin — who is about to take Toronto Theatre by storm — is sitting beside me. 2,356 more words


Getting stuff done by just mooching about, happily; a useless post by yours truly 24/8/15

There’s this bit in Broad City where Alanna and Abbi sit next to each on separate laptops all night and then go to Facetime each other, forgetting that they’re in each other’s company and SCREAM. 447 more words


Expecto Patreon

When I re-embarked on life as a freelance artist, my friends gave me a lot of advice.  All of it good.  Some of it more applicable than others. 567 more words


New Play vs. World Premiere

You are a playwright with a good play.

Your good play is a new play which has just received its first production. The production was done by a theater company in your city of residence somewhere west of Minnesota. 2,517 more words


Summer Madness London 14/48 :The World's Quickest Theatre Festival

So it’s now over a year since I returned from America and blogged about my experience of staging The Peacock and the Nightingale in San Diego. 940 more words


emerge (v).

Here’s a thing I learned today! The verb “emerge” comes from the Latin emergere, from the roots “ex-,” meaning “out” and “mergere,” meaning “to dip or sink,” so the verb “emerge” creates an image of something coming up out of liquid. 527 more words

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Screenwriter and Slamdance Finalist Melody Cooper on the Modern Screenplay

“My first play was crap at first. But I had a writer’s group leader who believed in me and I stuck with it. See plays, read plays, and develop a community around you to support your growth.”

1,271 more words