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emerge (v).

Here’s a thing I learned today! The verb “emerge” comes from the Latin emergere, from the roots “ex-,” meaning “out” and “mergere,” meaning “to dip or sink,” so the verb “emerge” creates an image of something coming up out of liquid. 527 more words

General Writing

Screenwriter and Slamdance Finalist Melody Cooper on the Modern Screenplay

“My first play was crap at first. But I had a writer’s group leader who believed in me and I stuck with it. See plays, read plays, and develop a community around you to support your growth.”

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Ten Minute Play: 'The Playwright'

This is the script for a ten minute play:

Title: The Playwright

Genre: Comedy

Synopsis: This is a play about one man attempting to write ‘The Greatest Play Ever Written’. 43 more words


The Scripture of Structure

Structure is a much debated topic. Especially in the screenwriting business. Since the inception of structural anthropology in 1963 by Levi-Strauss as a way to interpret human thought and innate characteristics, structural ideas have shifted somewhat. 1,853 more words


George Brant’s play Grounded, a student's view

By Christina Mouradian ‘15

A figure stands center stage, dressed in a flight suit. Sand falls through a beam of light and slides off the dome of the pilot’s helmet. 432 more words

Student View

Block 698: June 22, 2015

Let it be known that today will forever be the day wherein I dropped an entire coffee mug full of hot coffee on my sewing desk, my sewing machine, myself, and my Crane In Progress. 907 more words


When to add and when to subtract

Shifting gears between the play and the novel. Getting a better grasp of what needs to be cut – and where – from the YA fiction. 395 more words