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Can We Meet to Discuss Timmy's Progress?

A while ago, I wrote a post (that I was hoping nobody bothered to read) about my writing plans for summer. Next week, I’m heading to the coast of Maine for some much needed escape from the Oklahoma heat — and right afterward, I have to return to teaching. 338 more words

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Play Submissions Guidelines is a hot topic right now

Hello all! As many people know, Boomerang’s regular open submission window for The First Flight New Play Festival is August 1st-September 1st. This year we are updating our submission guidelines, and since we are still working on those, the open window will be August 15th-September 15th, 2016. 71 more words

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Spiel Chicago Episode 1: Meridith Friedman

Welcome to the first episode of Spiel Chicago, bringing you stories from behind the scenes of storefront theatre in Chicago. This week, I’m sharing some of my interview with playwright Meridith Friedman. 45 more words


There's No Reason for You to Know My Summer Writing Plans

I won’t demand that you not read this, but I can’t imagine why you should.

I have three goals I hope to meet before classes resume in the fall — and, by “fall,” I mean early August, since that’s when I start teaching again. 335 more words

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An Unannounced and Poorly Attended First Reading

The paparazzi (a.k.a. my wife) was the sole attendee of the first public reading of my very recently completed “Depot People: A Play in Five Playlets.” 35 more words

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WoS Edition: Interview with D Matthew Beyer

Graphic by Raquel Villalobos

By Rachel Perzynski, Associate Editor

In order to learn more about the ways in which dramaturgy and playwriting intersect, I reached out to D Matthew Beyer. 489 more words

The Theatre School At DePaul University

Long Day's Journey Into Night, and What We Miss Years After

A few weeks ago, we had the option — at Vancouver Film School — to attend its playwrighting class. I think general electives are helpful for even those who don’t want to specialize in what they offer because having a general base is invaluable… 586 more words