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Five Fascinating Facts about Arthur Miller

Interesting Arthur Miller trivia

1. Arthur Miller’s father lost virtually everything in the 1929 Wall Street crash. Miller’s play Death of a Salesman (1949) was informed by personal experience: in 1929, when Miller was still a boy, his father Isidore lost much of his fortune in the famous stock-market crash of 1929. 505 more words


These views are my own...

…but that doesn’t make them any less true.

Playwrights, if you have created a piece of work that you truly care about, something meaningful that requires a lot from the actor–do not send that piece to Dallas. 653 more words


Virtual Assistants Need Some Personality - Hire a Human!

They really do need us. Just when I was starting to worry that Artificial Intelligence (AI) would become so pervasive that it would eclipse our limited human capacities, I now read that the tech behemoths (Apple, Amazon, Microsoft) are now hiring real people to make these virtual assistants sound more human. 244 more words


Anton Chekhov...Because It Has Been Too Long

I haven’t shared an image of Anton Chekhov in a long time…so here you go: 8 more words


God, Do I Hear Wedding Bells? Play

A dream come true is an understatement for the debut of my first play, “God, Do I Hear Wedding Bells?” based off of my self-published book (2007) but with a comical twist.   295 more words