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Between Writing and Poetry [Q&A]

This is a Q&A with Toby Altman. 

How did you get into writing? How long have you been writing?

When I was five or six, my best friend’s mother asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up; I answered, without thinking, “a writer.” There is some deep compulsion in me to write, some need that exceeds all practical considerations (about money, for instance, or talent). 1,298 more words


New Publications: 19, and 19

These aren’t really new—but the format is! Now you can get all the plays I’ve published this past year, or all the short stories I’ve published this past year, in one collection. 104 more words


Time to spend writing

One advantage of having a little time off is the chance to do more writing.  As some of you know I have written about two dozen plays that have received more than 100 productions, readings or awards in twenty four states.   181 more words


My Pitch

I have been flagrantly panhandling online for far too long for the sake of the advancement of my project.  I suck at marketing, sales, and advertising.  912 more words

Musical Theatre

The Playwright’s (unofficial) Guide: Dialogue

Every story begins differently.

Sometimes it’s an image. Sometimes you’re led by a character.

Sometimes, if you’re really lucky, you might already have a plot from start to finish (this is the rarest, so consider it the holographic Charizard of the literary world: not many people have it, and those that do won’t let you look at it… 346 more words


A Whole New Blog

Lots of things in flux, many things changing.  To mix things up, I am embarking on a whole new Blog project.  I plan to write at least five new Blog posts each week.   154 more words





I’ve made it through the first week and so far everything’s fine and dandy. First a kind of overview of how the whole thing is structured. 719 more words