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Showtime shoutout

Break a leg to Meadville Area Senior High School in Meadville, PA, as they present my play, A Family Reunion to Die For! Performances begin December 3!


Belarus Free Theatre and What's The Point?

I know most of you all want to write something insightful, stirring, meaningful, and gobsmackingly clever and on point. But what if what you wrote got you into trouble. 588 more words


Whose Story is It Anyway?

Writers are bower birds, so watch out what you say around them!  We’ll pick up on any old event or situation you name and immediately start plotting a story. 822 more words


Incredible marks on a page.

What’s it all for? Writing. Why do you write anything? What’s the compulsion? Do you understand the act of writing?  Are you conscious of the gift? 654 more words


Writing a play

Well, I’ve started – but, so far, am just trying to get the words and stage directions down. I know I have to set it out differently and I promise I’ll do that eventually, but I want to see if it works and how long it takes before I put it into the right format. 117 more words


Script Intervention and Re-hab

Ever watch that trainwreck of a reality TV show Intervention? Compelling viewing, wasn’t it, watching the details of a human tragedy unfold with the promise of redemption and release always hanging the air? 482 more words


Nearing the Finish Line

So I’m still writing the Creepy Play. This play remains without title for now, though in my earliest notes, it was code-named Southern Ontario Gothic. I feel like I had a good title in that hazy darkness between wake and sleep last night, but it’s gone this morning. 452 more words