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Play Time: Top Girls by Caryl Churchill

Caryl Churchill’s 1982 play Top Girls centers on Marlene, an agent at the London-based Top Girls employment agency, who has just been promoted to manager. The action of the play occurs in three main spaces: the Top Girls agency, where the audience sees the tensions Marlene and her female colleagues are facing in a male-dominated world; the home of Marlene’s sister Joyce and Marlene’s illegitimate child that Joyce has raised as her own, where the audience sees Marlene’s lower-class roots and her rejection and contempt for them; and, the opening scene taking up more than a third of the play, a celebratory luncheon attended by historical female figures—some fictional, some real, some a combination of both—advising Marlene on her success and relating their own stories of achievement and challenges in patriarchal societies. 1,233 more words


Words were once wet ink

Memorized movement.
Choreographed choices.
Spat out sentences like life, or death.
To do, or not to, no matter how much you want to. Don’t.

Use your mouth for a pencil and an audience like paper. 223 more words


A Day In The Park

I’ve been working on a new project – it’s set in one spot in a park over 24 hours, and shows six little stories of the people we see there.   371 more words


exerpt: chalk dust [a working title]


i am


in holes

this one is an easy hole

to define

this was a hole left by death

161 more words

A House Divided

Q. Back so soon?

A. I promise there won’t be more than a third time before the weekend’s out.

Q. Do you know who I am?

2,203 more words
Creative Process

Lots of love for That's Amore!

Yesterday evening I was the Cork Arts Theatre for a set of short plays, all with an Italian theme. One of the plays had been written by Brenda Donoghue from my writing group, her first ever stab at drama. 383 more words


Restaurant Reviews, Talk and Play - Pippa Roberts, Cheltenham.

Hi everyone,

I’m hoping I’ve managed to make the picture come back for you this time. It seemed to disappear last week.

Well, what have I been doing?… It’s been quite a busy period. 487 more words

Pippa Roberts