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Bragging Rights (?)

In the span of just a couple weeks, I have had what I feel to be, at least, a lot happen in my academic “career”. 431 more words


The right writing habit

I’ve realised in amongst all the busy stuff I’ve been doing (bit of dramaturgy, bit of directing, a whole lot of fundraising) that I have failed to give this blog some love and attention. 154 more words



This is what Tennessee Williams had to say on how to write a play but I think it could apply pretty much to any kind of writing. 402 more words


Are You In for Friday Night Writes? 

What is Friday Night Writes? I’ll explain. Pay close attention. It’s pretty technical.

Come home from work, sit your butt in a chair and write until your head hits the table. 65 more words

Sea Monster

“Retirement” or "Quit" Show Business, and reasons, and a tribute to those to should've stayed

Hmm.  J. Holtham’s article got me rolling on the blog bandwagon, or a burst of being prolific. I The article, like I said before caught my eye, because he basically was quitting because the passion didn’t hit him anymore, and he deemed himself a failure because he didn’t make money at it. 701 more words



A: Shall I take my gum out?
B: Up to you.
A: It’s … I’d hate for you to swallow it.
B: There’s worst – 208 more words


Destinations: music as script

Playlab have released a compilation of three of my scripts for large casts of young people. It’s called Destinations. It’s a book, and it’s online. 1,484 more words