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Two National Treasures at the Oxford Literary Festival

Alan Bennett and Nicholas Hytner in Conversation

Earlier this evening I went into Oxford for my only visit to the Oxford Literary Festival this year. It was a sell-out event at the Sheldonian – with two national treasures who have been collaborating for decades in conversation. 585 more words

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Write Now 6 News

It’s almost that time of year again, when the Jack becomes a hub for the best of local new writing, there is already a buzz in the air as we have just released the full line up of plays and workshops happening this May. 1,437 more words

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Teens Can Write, Too! (March 2015)

Yay! I think this makes for two months in a row… maybe even three? I’m always forgetting to sign up for the Teens Can Write, Too! 1,016 more words


The Writer's Alphabet vol. 12; "L" is for Love (is Bullshit)

Love, much like religion, is a bullshit pursuit that leaves those that believe in it and strive for it feeling worse off than if they had never heard of the word or concept. 546 more words


The Writer's Alphabet vol. 11; "K" is for "Kill Your Babies"

Before the ruckus starts, notice the quotations around “kill your babies” in the title. It’s an editing phrase, not a suggestion for murder. Okay, well, yes, the murdering of words, but not of people, babies or otherwise. 586 more words


Writing Quote of the Day

“I started writing one afternoon when I was twenty, and ever since then I have written every day. At first I had to force myself. Then it became part of my identity, and I did it without thinking. 106 more words

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The Writer's Alphabet vol. 10; "J" is for Justification of Jerkstore

Do we all remember the Seinfeld episode where George gets slammed by a co-worker for eating too many shrimp and George being George can’t think of a good comeback so George being George again spends way too much time trying to think of a witty comeback to shoot down this co-worker but then fails again when his comeback, while funny, shits the bed because his co-worker has a better comeback? 479 more words