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​Seville (pronounced Seh-vee-ya…of course) in ONE day!

If we were going to Granada then we had to visit Seville. A friend had told us it was a must, but being short on time we decided to turn it into a day trip. 388 more words

Seville - my Spanish sweet spot - June 22

It may be a bit premature to say since I’m sure Barcelona is going to be incredible, but I think Seville is my favorite city in Spain. 413 more words


Colors of Seville

Seville is one of the most beautiful cities of South of Spain. The colorful city is full of history.

< Day 1>

Start your day in the heart of old town Seville. 352 more words

16.06.16 Seville, Spain

Well goodness me it appears that today is a “palindrome” date. An auspicious date to arrive in Seville, the eponymous domicile of the “Barber.” Got here after a three hour drive from Granada and got settled in at another “Airbnb” place just a fifteen minute walk from the centre of town. 332 more words

Being "guiri" in a city that feels like home

It’s not hard to spot a guiri in a crowd. Probably taller and blonder than the rest, wandering around with a backpack and maybe looking slightly lost or overly interested in a building that most people walk by several times a day. 505 more words


Alphabetical Tour of Spain

Today I’m taking you on a short but comprehensive walk around the provinces of Spain.

We will start our tour close to the impressive fountain that graces the courtyard of Seville’s… 269 more words

Monday Walks

Before and After

Back in 1974, I was one of the lucky pupils that had the opportunity to join a school cruise around the Mediterranean.

I remember the highs and lows of the cruise very well.   317 more words