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Exploring HoMedics FMCR Foot Pleaser Massager

The G5 massages of yesteryear were mostly only hand-held devices which were much more awkward and could be very heavy. But today, you can find them on stands or tables which you can easily move from room to room. 297 more words

Are Relationships All About Being A Partner Pleaser ??

I know that the obvious answer is “No”!! But wherever you go, be it internet, Facebook, friends or any random person, they will always tell you what a man needs and the type of woman he will not want etc etc.. 68 more words


I saw the trees through the window, the leaves were green and yellow, they were trying to grow but there was something wrong, the air was less clean these days, before the bomb, the air used to be breathable, not sure if I can say it in that way, but that’s what it was, now it’s so condensed that we can’t leave our houses without wearing our masks. 513 more words

Stay Calm and Just Say NO!

Are you a “people pleaser?” I’m a people pleaser. By nature I like to help people… it’s what I do and who I am. I’m a natural born care-taker. 415 more words