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Am I still a doormat girl ?

I have been a doormat girl in all my past relationship . In the beginning is the man who fall for me first , and most of the time I don’t really thought about them as my Boyfriend material . 624 more words

Self Discovery


Judging from this 1956 stint at the kitchen sink, my desire to be a pleaser began pretty early in my little life. Busy making pies in the sandbox, pulling an egg out from under my indignant pet chicken, and feeding my baby dolls spoonfuls of my mother’s cold cream, early on I domesticated my inherent creative passions of art, song and words by rerouting them through the kitchen and molding them into the more practical application of homemaking. 105 more words

Why Nice Guys ALWAYS Finish Last

The term Nice Guys Always Finish Last is not just a saying, it’s a reality! It’s really been somewhat of a mystery, so, I’ve decided to write an article about it and see if I can figure out this conundrum. 1,534 more words


It is Enough

Jesus is our example and He kept the commandments. All of them…..Perfectly. In His heart and with His heart. He shared how hating one’s brother is the same as murdering him in the heart. 920 more words