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I Found Out I'm A Pleaser, And Its A Bad Thing.


What do you envision when I say that word? Someone who is intent on ensuring other people are not in any stress or pain- sounds lofty and nice, but oh is it painful. 796 more words


Politics and Me

Storytime with Grant: I really hate rocking the boat. Like, I love politics and learning more about it, but oftentimes, it’s difficult for me to accept that others will disagree with me, so I can frequently minimize my own convictions or tailor my statements to avoid contention. 212 more words


Stronger Than You Think

The sun was hanging by a string in the bright blue sky, brilliantly shining down on the Alabama red clay that hugged the two lane highway.  1,258 more words

The Danger of Becoming a People's Pleaser and Placer ➡️🚫⚠️

There is a massive danger of becoming a people’s pleaser and placer. Yup. There is.

Through these years, I have kept my mouth shut though my world shakes me off to say a thing or atleast burst out what’s inside or what’s the right thing for my fellow. 624 more words


note to humanity

… because at the end of the day,
kindness is not the same as wanting to please other people