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God's delight in you

I have been slowly making my way through the Village Church’s sermon series called ‘a Beautiful Design’ recently. A few days ago I listened to the sermon on women’s redemption – though (big surprise) the redemption isn’t just women’s. 590 more words

Big Picture Literature

I'm Learning

I’m learning a lot about myself lately.  I’m learning what I like and don’t like.  What I want, and don’t want, in my life.  I’m learning that I get attached easily.   656 more words


sparkling lights and moonlight

Hong Kong is for me the city of all lights – like a big diamond brooch.

Before Japan we gave Hong Kong 5 nights.

It was 35 years since I visit Hong Kong last time and I can’t say it has changed that much, in height maybe – there was plenty new builds (hotels, apartments and offices), but not so that Hong Kong have changed it’s old profile. 337 more words

Un/useful Information

Cannon Beach: More than sand and surf!

We left our place with the elevator in Portland quite early and started to venture north to Manzanita (I know it sounds like somewhere in Mexico but it is a coastal town in Oregon) however we had planned to visit some wineries on the way but there was a problem – it was too early for wine tastings! 606 more words



What if I told you it is possible to have an orgasm during childbirth? You read that right: it is possible to orgasm while giving birth!
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Car Biscuits

As those of you who read regularly will know, once a week the wee boy and I have our ‘me and you’ day.  Sometimes these days are filled with places to go and people to meet.   363 more words