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Photographic Memory

It was about 3 in the afternoon, I had been awake since 4this morning running none stop. Working and getting things together around the house I was in a constant state of movement, my phone on do not disturb I politely stood in Starbucks line. 910 more words

The Pain-Pleasure Spectrum

Pain-Pleasure Spectrum

Everything we do as humans is based on one factor — is the pleasure worth the pain? Our drivers (subconscious minds) are constantly weighing actions against our beliefs and choosing the path in which the pleasure is greater than the pain. 538 more words


Happiness Is a Pile of Cheez-Its

I have before me a (rapidly) diminishing pile of white cheddar Cheez-Its. I say this with no shame. As far as snack foods go, these are the perfection of years of scientific research into the taste palate of human beings. 757 more words


slept with Chopin chewing chocolates in my cheeks

folded money meant for me and sizzled marbled meats

stealing stolen confidence like sappy smiling schmucks

admire their screaming Munch unblinded eyes behold the cucks… 89 more words


Writing for Money and Enjoyment.

They say you should follow your dreams and do what you love. But should you follow them if what you love won’t make you money? 328 more words


Little stupid hobby

I may or may not believe in magic, not the Harry Potter hocus pocus magic, but the nature based spiritual shit. When I’m feeling numb, down or just sad I like to fight against it with tarot readings. 323 more words