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Sex: 'I Believe In Pleasure Not The Duration'

Nollywood star actress, Stella Damasus, has revealed unabashedly that she values quality sex over how long his man should last in bed.

Speaking recently while on a hot seat during a talk show in the US i2Radio alongside her partner, Daniel Ademiokan, Stella, who did not mince words in airing her preference, said while making love she believes in the pleasure not the duration. 295 more words


A U.S. of modern A. where the State is not a team or a code, but a sort of sloppy intersection of desires and fears (Infinite Jest)

…but who can imagine this training serving its purpose in an experialist and waste-exporting nation that’s forgotten privation and hardship and the discipline which hardship teaches by requiring?

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Contraception Misconceptions

Becoming pregnant unintentionally can cause an extreme amount of stress, and can affect emotional and physical health. There’s a tremendous amount of misinformation out there about birth control. 336 more words

Surrender the Pad

After a long day

too busy to pen a rhyme,

now I struggle to

scribble meaningful meters

as, to my pulse, snores keep time.


The Greatest Pleasure

Spirit shares His understanding of timeless wisdom
expressed within the I Ching Hexagram 16 – Pleasure.

The call to “do what you love and love what you do” 156 more words

I Ching

11 Reasons Everyone — Yes, Even Women — Should Masturbate

5. There’s no better way to figure out what you like in bed.
Experimenting on your own body is crucial to discovering what you need physically to have an orgasm, Denise Silbert, a psychologist and sex therapist from San Diego, told Mic.

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Epicurus Morals pg 176: The Shadow of Pleasure

Here is an excerpt from Epicurus’ Morals written around 300 BC. Although the text may be a little wordy and outdated, the point Epicurus hits in this short passage make for a great read.

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