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How Do Women Orgasm? [VIDEO]

6:13 – All of our bodies are different, we’re capable of different thigns. Really, all that it comes down to is finding the kind of stimulation that works for you.

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now you are mine, so let us stick together

“Never trust a computer you can’t throw out a window.”
Steve Wozniak

Had my eyes on you for months, but when they had a 10% discount over the weekend, it JUST had to happen – and today 12.16pm did you arrive all the way from Germany. 362 more words

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The Condom Mentality

Nothing is ever more prevalent on our day and age than the use of contraception. You wear it, you have fun, and you throw it away. 269 more words

Personal Reflection

Pleasure yourself

This product has amazed me the only thing that was a little disappointing was the size and it doesn’t bend like my other one.. My other one is about 2-3 inches longer but the 10-frequency vibrations is what made me happy..It’s a little hard to use change the vibrations while using it but it does the job when needs be. 33 more words

A Strange Hedonist

She darted in

between the


tracing the

dark grey leaf

shapes on

the sidewalk.

A strange hedonist.

She ran her

hand across

the string lights… 90 more words