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weekly photo challenge - nostalgia

I was 19 years old 1967 – that was when I decided to leave the comfort of home and take a look at our world … my first step was very shot – just across the water to FAB Denmark … I didn’t know much about anything, but my year in Denmark gave me appetite for life and taught me so much about the good things it gives. 124 more words


The pleasure of Eating

Happy Hour @ Quadrilatero Romano, Turin.


The party table is set for tonight for the princess. Now I just have to finish her tutu! Hopefully it will look similar to the second photo when done…

Present Day Writing


Cindy, my grand-daughter is four! And for the first time (and last), I tried something other than a round or rectangular cake. It took most of the day…

Present Day Writing

The Female Orgasm, part 1

The male orgasm is easy.  Ask any 14 year old boy.  When a boy hits puberty, he is almost guaranteed to wake up every morning with an erection that is as hard as granite.   1,205 more words

Get on your knees baby, and suck my … politics of desirability

There are many exploratory erotic spaces that I want to be in. However, the specific spaces I want don’t usually exist. Often, that means I create them, because I want them to be in the world. 1,842 more words

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Strange Bedfellows, part 2.

I clocked out of work, picked up my bag and walked to the front of the mall.  My new friend was waiting for me and as the valet brought her Escalade up to the door, she handed me the keys. 523 more words