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First 24 Hours in Macerata

Buongiorno tutti! Come sta? Adesso, sono in Macerata. Sono stanca e non sono caldo, perche e piove. Mi non piace piove. Alora, I am staying inside today. 336 more words

…pleasure is born in its paucity and scarcity sustains it. And scarcity has been a fact of life for most of human history; in fact, it is very often a precondition for pleasure.

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#21- "Depriva's Cult"

Go ahead- deny yourself- deprive yourself.

Go ahead and “ascend as a being” and “become better than normal” through sophisticated deprivation…

Go ahead and feel your connection with the “sages” or the “masters”, go, do whatever you call it, in that spectrum of apparently enriching self-deprivation… 594 more words

The pleasant life, a life manifestly derivative of new age individualism, hungers on the personal, depleting as steadily as it attempts to fill, in service of what satisfies need and want. 35 more words


And so the adventure begins...

Ciao tutti!!

Where do I even begin? I guess I’ll start by letting you know, first and foremost that I have arrived in Macerata safely after what some might say was a long and adventurous and draining trip. 489 more words

Same-Gender Intimacy

Everyone has desires and at the heart of real Christianity is a trust that God is the only One who can and will lead us to lasting pleasure. 504 more words