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Video: Ambassadorial Nominees Who Failed To Recite The National Anthem & Pledge Correctly

Ambassadorial nominee, Vivian Okeke who is from Anambra State surprised Nigerians when she failed to recite the national anthem and pledge correctly during the screening. 69 more words


My Christian Allegiance 

I pledge allegiance to Christ my king who establishes and breaks the nations.

No ruler has ever governed apart from His decree and His means to bless His people is the same He uses to judge the wicked. 291 more words


A Pledge Of Faith

I Faith, know that every dream, hope and aspiration will evaporate into a cloud, that makes way for fate to rain down a desired reality all the while life is saying that the heart and the mind is falsifying and demoralizing the world’s mortal compass, but somehow faith makes your human mind think and believe in the things that you can’t even see, challenging the human eyes to see further then the 4 mile radius scientist have proved that the eyes would only reach, reach deep in your heart, you’ll find a mustard seed, it’s the smallest seed ever that grows into a tree, if you believe in the truth your faith shall do the same.

Pledge (Add a line or more No. 32)

I pledge to work hard everyday;
To do everything I have to do;
To let nothing stop me.

I pledge to build my faith everyday; 43 more words

The Picking Yard

pledged fidelity
to the kindness of the garden


More Than 100 Celebrities Pledge to Work Against Trump

(AP) — Julianne Moore, Bryan Cranston, Kerry Washington, Mark Ruffalo, Neil Patrick Harris, Lena Dunham, Shonda Rhimes, and Macklemore are among more than 100 celebrities joining a campaign to urge Americans to deny Donald Trump the White House. 193 more words

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Noumea Arvos

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