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I Pledge Allegiance To My Dog [A Call To Unity]

Published in the The Royal Spaniels Magazine (2016), by Leila Grandemange


Years ago, a typical school day in America began by placing our right hand over our heart and pledging allegiance to the flag. 1,232 more words

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I have a bottle filled with liquid dreams,

Dreams of love, mystery, and power.

When I am lonely, weak, or afraid,

I take a drink, sometimes often in my darkest hours. 166 more words

Human Leftovers

Hey lovely people!

Hope you all are doing great !😊.I’m back with yet another interesting post to amuse my readers . 366 more words

My Experiences With Life

The Pledge of Allegiance from 2015

From 5-19-15

Every so often, God wants to ROCK MY WORLD. Today is such a day. There are many areas of the Bible we are all ignorant too, or haven’t read well. 1,060 more words

Pledge to my fellow music lovers

Music as defined by Claude Debussy (French composer circa 1890); is the space between two notes. Such a simple definition, yet sometimes saying things in so few words can have so much meaning. 119 more words


"PLEDGE" by azalea (FULL PV)

azalea will release their very first single “PLEDGE” on August 1st and here is the full PV.
See all posts about the single here!

azalea (アザレア) 35 more words


How Can I Have All Information at My Fingertips Yet Know Nothing?

One of the things I am the most excited to tell my friends about after a date is if I felt any need or desire to be on my phone during the time we were together. 237 more words