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Hey y’all.

A bit cheeky. I know – I’ve not posted in MONTHS. The truth is I’ve had a change of jobs, I’m buying a house and it’s all been a bit crazy! 101 more words


Baptism, confessions and Charlottesville

This post is not actually about Charlottesville though I mention it towards the end.  It is really about the nature of baptism and the days in which we are living.   660 more words


A Pledge of Faith

I Faith, know that every dream, hope and aspiration will evaporate into a cloud, that makes way for fate to rain down a desired reality all the while life is saying that the heart and the mind is falsifying and demoralizing the world’s mortal compass, but somehow faith makes your human mind think and believe in the things that you can’t even see, challenging the human eyes to see further then the 4 mile radius scientist have proved that the eyes would only reach, reach deep in your heart, you’ll find a mustard seed, it’s the smallest seed ever that grows into a tree, if you believe in the truth your faith shall do the same.

Government Betrays Pledges On Diesel Car Drivers

The Liberal Democrats have branded the government’s failure to include a scrappage scheme in its air quality plan as a “betrayal” of diesel car drivers. 208 more words


Potential Patreon Partners

   To my fantastic fans,

    You’re invited to step aboard my Patreon galleon
     and sail to new uncharted territories!  

I came to Patreon  at first to support my fellow artists friends. 187 more words


The big world... and silent word

Today I start my first blog. This decision has layed deep inside for a long, long time until now I decided the time has come. 52 more words

My Hair Pledge

Earlier this week I decided that I was going to try my hardest to not dye my hair for the entire year!! I’m still going to cut it and use hair masks on it, I decided that I was going to focus more on getting clear skin than on trying to figure out what color I should dye my hair next. 246 more words