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The Pleiades, the Seven Sisters

This week’s Classical Ladies are the Pleiades!

Who were the Pleiades?

The Pleiades were seven women, sisters, who were nymphs in the train of the goddess Artemis. 331 more words

Classical Studies

Energy Convergence Trifecta

With the familiar calmness today came a sense of connection beyond what I am use to. I allowed myself to open to this communication and this is what I received: 622 more words



Heaven sent her to me

humming and strumming her

harmonies with grace that

humbles me, and her face

has me staring – gawking –

helplessly, wondering… 30 more words


Wish Upon the Pleiades EP.2

Visit the Wish Upon the Pleiades page for more impressions and information.

The show became much more charming during this episode. Overall it still isn’t anything to get excited about but it is a solid little show. 44 more words

Episode Review

asarah speaks

This is Asarah. We are here with you and see your struggle and say that all is well. We say to slow down your thoughts and step through the day with the wisdom you have. 620 more words

Spiritual Awakening

Venus with the Pleiades and Hyades Open Star Clusters 14th April 2015

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I couldn’t resist another go at Venus passing the Pleiades cluster tonight, but this time I took a wider view and included the Hyades open cluster too. 79 more words

Stars & Star Clusters

Shattered (Pleiades)

She airs out hidden rooms;
soul tarnished dreams waft by–
sorrowful, dusty eyes-
sightless, sun-deprived orbs!
Stain-vintaged hopes, forlorn;
s… 474 more words