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Recounting (Pleiades)

Reclined in elegance
Rachel closed her brown eyes
Remembering days lost
Recounting summers gone
Rays of pure gold at dawn
Racing him through pastures
Restful thoughts by the fire


Star Sisters

(We are Seven.)


We are the daughters of the night,
a sky army of swallowed sorrow.

Our mother salts the ocean with her
tears; our father holds up the sky. 53 more words

Rainbow (Pleiades)

Rain down in colours, please
Refresh the sky with joy
Refracted, beauteous
Resonating with all
Random, yet so welcome
Radiant arc of love
Rumours of gold as well


~Claiming~ (Pleiades)

Create a piece of love
Console when hearts gone wrong
Cease those heavy burdens
Cling to life that gives light
Close thy eyes to feel joy… 12 more words


Elephant (Pleiades)

Elongated of nose
Every stubbed one’s best dream
Enormous pachyderm
Examines the packed earth
Exploring savannah
Each touch so delicate
Exquisite tenderness


Finding Mercury

Hey, everyone. Remember a couple of months ago, when all six of the naked-eye planets (including the one you were probably standing on at the time) were visible in the early winter mornings? 335 more words

Wistful (Pleiades)

Whispering waterfall
Washes swaying tendrils
Willow’s link to the lake
Wondering how it was
Wishing for it again
When they were both alone
Washing in the moonlight