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Repentance (poem by me)

…regrets having done it,
…recognizes offense,
…remembers no glory,
…reports no poor excuse,
…renders no shift of blame,
…repairs what can be fixed,
…re-routes future action. 47 more words



Road to Orion.

Willow and I took to the creek early. The goal was to watch Orion’s return while getting a breath of fresh morning air. 102 more words

When the Seven Sisters Rise, Summer Falls

Image credit & copyright: Marco Lorenzi.

If you’ve been looking, this striking, easily observable open star cluster has been rising heliacally (before the Sun) in the east within their home constellation of Taurus the Bull. 228 more words


Out of Oz

I’ve always had this feeling that contrary to established theories, homo sapiens came out of Australia. I could never prove it but I always felt it to be true. 873 more words

Astronomers discover new substellar companion to the Pleiades member star

An international team of astronomers has found a new substellar mass companion to one of the stars in the Pleiades open cluster. The discovery could contribute to our understanding of stellar and substellar multiplicity as well as formation mechanisms in this cluster. 246 more words



My response to dVerse Poets Pub 5 Year Celebration Part Five; Revisiting Anthony Desmond

Gayle is hosting the 5th part and last day of the special 5th anniversary celebration, starting with an interview with Anthony Desmond, including his poem ‘When Everything Real is Gone’ as a prompt to reflect and write on a belief (or what we thought was real) and how they can transform as our views and ideas change throughout our lives.  83 more words