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I AM the sister, and although there is a really great photo of us that I could try to sketch, I am tired of (and terrible at) drawing people, so I went with using Galileo’s sketch of the Pleiades (AKA the Seven Sisters) as a model. Blurring is intentional.


Pleiades 1 Messages ~ September 15th 2017

Hi Folks…this is another spiritual group offering, at times, rather vague messages about our Ascension. However, the overall vibration level of these messages can be felt. 162 more words

Pleiades 1 Messages September 13th 2017~ Sept. 13, 2017

I have been following Post Disclosure News from Italy for a while that routinely show messages from The Pleiades star system. Most of these messages are quite difficult to figure out, but the tenor of these messages do show some very exciting movement in the spiritual world! 125 more words

Are You A Starseed Too?

Taken from here: http://elenalist.wixsite.com/startravelermessages/who-are-star-seeds

Are You A Starseed?

Do you have an obsession over the stars and outer space? Have you ever experienced prophetic dreams or visions? 930 more words

Session 8 - Photography is Hard

Saturday 9th September 2017 – 02:14-03:10

After a disappointing couple of weeks in terms of weather, and with a disappointing forecast for this weekend, I hadn’t expected to be able to open the observatory for a while.   383 more words

Observatory Log

Light Language & The Neocortex

Neo, sooner or later you’re going to realize just as I did that there’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.” ~The Matrix… 361 more words

The Pleiadian And Elven Agenda

As the veil is thinning, the connection between the Elves and Pleiadians are so strong for me and many others. 

The Elves and the Pleiadians have similar agendas for humanity with their messages and teachings. 824 more words