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The Sisters and the Moon

Tuesday evening, February 24th the 6-day young waxing crescent Moon will be about 7o from the open star cluster, the Pleiades. This should make for a good view through binoculars as both the Moon and the Pleiades will fit in the same… 39 more words


Hi-Ho The Glamorous Life: The Prosaic Side of Passion

Marissa Skudlarek, late, lamenting.

This column was not written out of passion. It comes to you a day late, after many hours of agonized rumination and then one hasty writing sprint. 596 more words

Marissa Skudlarek


Steadfast in victory,
sadness rules our spirit.
Succumbing to anguish,
seldom can we dismiss
subliminal feelings
smothering happiness
sealed in the labyrinth.

© Susan Schoeffield… 21 more words

Poetry Dazed Project 2015

Theology (a Pleiades)

The beginning – it was heaven,  and it was earth.
The chosen priest – as though a minister of sacrifice.
The radiant and glorious – greatest, best, most beautiful, whose body is the most perfect. 53 more words


Vaccinate (pleiades form)

Volumes of research,
verily tells us of the science.
Vacillating between truth and hoax,
verily they let disease and pestilence spread.
Vexed by their ignorance, 8 more words


And What Do You Get When You Cross a Limerick with a Pleiades

A bather whose clothing was strewed,
amidst winds that left her quite nude.
A man came along,
and unless I’m quite wrong
all would expected this line to be lewd. 21 more words


Angels Messages

Are you hearing messages from other Angels on your home planet? Well, look no further! These are the sensations you will find when you feel from someone sending you messages. 97 more words

Angel Miscellaneous!