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The Moon, Venus and Pleiades Meet

This evening the Moon and Venus met for a gorgeous gathering in the western sky. I was aware of the pairing and hoped the skies would cooperate for a look and chance to image this celestial event. 232 more words


Friends of Earth Pleiadian Collective ~ April 15, 2018

IKAI (GFOL, Elder of Taygeta)

April 11

Friends of Earth – Pleiadian Collective. By Kabamur Taygeta.

About Kabamur – Pleiadian Collective

I will try to clarify some of what I am speaking about, for those who might be unfamiliar with me. 626 more words

The Pleiades

The pleiades
reached out to me
above the trees
above the sea.
the sun’s light
lit the moon
lit the waves
wrinkled sheets
just breeze to me. 43 more words

Autumn Pleiades


Aglow with tawny sun,
Autumn leaves gently fall.
Along the path, shadows
are dancing a slow waltz
and insects lazily
answer questions not asked. 210 more words

Poetry By Sarah

The Evening and Morning Star

Before there was ever a Bible, the Gospel was in the Heavens!

I am not talking about horoscopes. I am taking about God making the stars and writing HIS story in them. 322 more words

What Do You Know About Kundalini Rising?

Late at night, I used to tune in to Coast to Coast AM on my clock radio before going to sleep. I listened to this program more often as a teenager than I do now. 1,402 more words

New Age

Near! Far! Very Far!

Hey sky fans!

It’s late, so this is a quick one. If you’re in the Americas and have good skies tonight, here’s something cool. Head out, grab some southwest sky, and see near, far, and really far all in one patch of sky in the constellation Taurus as you stare off into the galaxy. 44 more words