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IATEFL Conference 2017 - A review #1

This is part one of a review of some of the sessions that I attended at IATEFL 2017 at the SEC and Clyde Auditorium in Glasgow. 3,894 more words

The Incline to the Holidays.

Last week was a bit of a write off. On Tuesday I had a migraine which put me out of kilter for the rest of the week and culminated in me having a long chat with my CL to get me back on track … the less said about it the better really but needless to say I started this week with a problem solving to do list and that is exactly what I’ve done. 422 more words

Teacher Training

Up and down but feeling more settled.

On Monday I delivered a starter with the Y10s. The starter went really well but the plenary was rubbish. After school I had a meeting that went on until 5.20 so I didn’t get home till gone 6. 336 more words

Teacher Training

Bonfire Night.

On Monday I observed some very interesting lessons and felt like I fitted back in to the school right away. I had a really good meeting with my CM and we started planning what was going to happen over the next two weeks and she gave me some really good pointers for my lesson the following day. 511 more words

Teacher Training

Half Term.

It’s finally half term and yet I don’t feel like there’s going to be any rest for the wicked. On Monday I spent all day just cracking on with my MTP. 722 more words

Teacher Training

David Farmer: Plenary and Drama Workshop

While David Farmer is one of the best known practitioners and resource developers in the field of using drama in teaching English, he isn’t well known in Slovakia. 329 more words