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TeachMeet on Plenaries

By Matt Smith

Here is a brief summary from our recent TeachMeet on Plenaries. 231 more words


7 Neat Ways to Introduce a Learning Objective

I’ll let you in on a secret. If I walk into a lesson where students are asked to ‘write down the learning objective’ as a starter, I wince. 924 more words

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"But Miss it's the end of the lesson!": Perfect Plenaries

The end of a lesson can creep up on you like the rain in Scarborough (those of you familiar with the sunny seaside town will know that however well prepared you are the rain always catches you off guard.) I find plenaries exactly the same. 104 more words


Sharing practice

Being creative with a text was really good in a History lesson today. Rather than students simply copying notes from the textbook, different segments were divided into boxes onto an A4 sheet. 191 more words

Wrapping up learning in a lesson

As we continue to encourage our students to take greater responsibility for their learning by using Show My Homework, Sam Learning, Doddle and the VLE, we must also ensure that there are opportunities during every lesson to check that students are with you. 169 more words