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Bk 1. xxxiv 6-10 De vitiis (cont)


I confess that I’d rather read James Joyce than the Blue Book, though it is also true that I’d rather read Daphne du Maurier than a modern writer of fantasy-fiction. 230 more words

Early Latin

Do Facts Merit a Taxonomy?

Tyco Brae’s instrument for measuring the angle between celestial objects.

There’s been a fair amount of discussion lately about alternate facts.  I don’t have anything to add to that conversation that hasn’t already been said, but it has gotten me thinking about another kind of fact – namely “scientific” ones.   1,268 more words

The contradiction in the heart of my being

A path leads to the endless blackness of the infinite void. And truly; I drown in analogies and wake up in a dream that’s called reality. 36 more words


Ridding Your Work of Redundancies, Part Two

Eliminating Additional Extras II

By Annette Rey

Everyone has specific ways of communicating, it’s one of the facets that makes us individuals. Most of us are not professorial in our speech and insert idiosyncratic expressions into our writing. 380 more words

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