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Cutting it fine

OK, so Virgil has crashed and burned as an oncologist in my opinion. Why? Firstly there is the suggestion that he sees me only 4 times a year. 754 more words

Tangling With Cancer

Malignant Pleural Effusion causing SOB

Sorry for the very delayed post! A couple of weeks ago we talked through a case with Laura, one of the Medicine interns at UCSF. 349 more words

All systems go: A new treatment plan in motion

What a day, nay- what a week.

At work we are in the midst of the course registration frenzy. During this time there are a lot of time sensitive concerns, a high volume of varying needs, and general stress. 688 more words

7 signs to a wet lung

This week, instead of a mnemonic, let’s talk about what it means for a chest X-ray to “look wet”. If you know of a memory trick to remember these signs of pulmonary edema, please share! 158 more words

7. Deep Breaths

Being at home for the first few weeks after surgery was a roller-coaster. Emotions, pain, confusion, clarity, relief…..nothing felt normal. I only had a few things to achieve each day: get a couple of short walks done, do my breathing exercises, write some final year reports for school…..but the motivation was lacking due to the intense building pain I was experiencing. 3,000 more words