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Research Report Explores the Pleural Effusion - Pipeline Insight Market, 2017

Request For Description @ https://www.reportsandmarkets.com/reports/pleural-effusion-pipeline-insight-2017-1477652

Pleural Effusion-Pipeline Insights, 2017”, report provides comprehensive insights of the ongoing therapeutic research and development across Pleural Effusion. The report provides a complete understanding of the pipeline activities covering all clinical, pre-clinical and discovery stage products. 357 more words

Damned If I Do, Damned If I Don't

As discussed in my prior blog post, the recent CT scan at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) didn’t turn out as we had hoped. Not only did the cancer show signs of progressing, but a blot clot was also found in my left iliac artery near my pelvis. 549 more words

Still standing

The last few weeks have been super brutal. I just had no idea the human body could be put through so much trauma and pain and yet it would survive. 474 more words


Honestly, Not Such a Good Friday

This past Wednesday, I had a thoracentesis procedure in which a needle was inserted into the pleural space between my lungs and chest wall. This procedure was done to remove excess fluid, known as a pleural effusion, from the pleural space to help me breathe easier. 823 more words

Time to Drain the Swamp

Draining the swamp is a metaphor used by American politicians, referencing actions to clean up government corruption. In my case, however, I’m referring to a treatment that involves draining the fluid from my chest cavity, either with a needle or a small tube inserted into the chest. 176 more words

Pleural Effusion

This one is more of a presentation of different diseases, rather than a disease itself.

Pleural Effusion

Definition: fluid accumulation in the pleural space.

Blood in the pleural space = … 602 more words


Thoracic Ultrasound - A's, B's and whatever's!! #FOAMed #FOAMcc #POCUS

See our section on the chest within the How 2 Echo section.

Get confused with this modality…well it is extremely powerful in experienced hands and quick to do at the bedside. 64 more words