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Round 1 - Battle 8 - (S.8 Ep.16) Brother From Another Series vs (S.8 Ep. 20) The Canine Mutiny

Geech gone to heaven, Mister Terwillidjer.

Oh, Cousin Merl. Oh Cecil. Oh this episode.

The finals of this tournament can be four Sideshow Bob episodes and I don’t think anyone would bat an eye. 422 more words

#Project365 Day 100

Made shirts with this loser guy for our upcoming (potential) fame on Price Is Right! Drop It Like It’s Plinko


Bring a Prize Wheel to the Party!

The Prize Wheel is most stunning instrument that serves to grow up the business to the business persons. Prize wheel is the amusement that helps the charitable associations to improve the association among the representatives of their association. 324 more words


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A Brief Announcement Concerning Web Hosting

Over the weekend, I’m going to be migrating this site from it’s current WordPress.com location to dedicated web hosting. Service interruption should be minimal, but depending on when you show up, things might look weird. 22 more words


Life is a series of interruptions

There’s this really weird thing that happens in Kyrgyz schools. You’re teaching a class when all of a sudden the door opens, some random face peers in, the jaw goes slack, and the door closes. 448 more words


First Full Day of NASCAR

Today was my first full day at NASCAR.  The parking lots has started to fill up.  I tasted bacon; had my photo taken with Flo.  I won a 5 hour energy or two.  71 more words