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A Few Inches To The Left

Driving home on the final day of high school, I fell asleep at the wheel. I awoke only a handful of instants before slamming head on into a telephone pole. 657 more words

Being Awesome

AvE Builds DRINKO (not affiliated with PLINKO)

aka , one of our favorite Canadian hackers is back at it with DRINKO, an adult beverage themed take on the classic PLINKO game from… 229 more words

Classic Hacks

SNL Pals Jimmy Fallon & Jason Sudekis Played 'Drinko' On The Tonight Show

As a big time SNL fan, I love that Jimmy Fallon is the host of The Tonight Show, because any time you turn on the show, there’s a solid chance an old SNL alum is going to be on, and it’s going to be fun and adorable. 113 more words


A couple summers ago my friends would play a game at our cabin called Mystery Shot. Shots would be poured for everyone, and based on what number you drew, that was the shot you had to take. 71 more words


VIDEO: Paul Rudd and Jimmy Fallon Play "Drink-O"

On last night’s episode of The Tonight Show, Paul Rudd and Jimmy Fallon played a new game called “Drinko”–a game similar to Plinko in which they took turns dropping discs into random cups filled with beer, gravy, pickle juice and more, then forced each other to drink the contents. 50 more words


The Price is, Oh That Aint Right

I can still see the pink sheer curtains and remember the feel of the shag brown carpet I sat on watching Plinko Chips bounce and ping down the board. 1,016 more words


Round 1 - Battle 8 - (S.8 Ep.16) Brother From Another Series vs (S.8 Ep. 20) The Canine Mutiny

Geech gone to heaven, Mister Terwillidjer.

Oh, Cousin Merl. Oh Cecil. Oh this episode.

The finals of this tournament can be four Sideshow Bob episodes and I don’t think anyone would bat an eye. 422 more words