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Of Vices And Resolutions

I can’t believe it’s already 2017. I know. 20 days has already passed since the new year kicked in, but I feel like it hasn’t really sunk in yet. 538 more words


What You've Always dream Of Having When You're a Child But Never Received?

During my childhood years, like any other ordinary young girls, I am one of those who can easily find happiness without so many toys nor any materials things to demand for. 99 more words


plinky prompts: what are the top three things, that you'll never understand?...

the top three things that i will never understand—>

there are many things that i will never understand, but if i have to list only three, these would be them: 67 more words


plinky prompts: who do i trust with my biggest secrets?...

who do i trust with my biggest secrets?—>

it is very hard for me to trust anyone. i have a very hard time letting people in…all the way. 169 more words


plinky prompts: what word or phrase am i tired of hearing...

what word or phrase am i tired of hearing?—>

oh gosh…it was funny because the moment i saw this prompt i knew instantly what to write. 64 more words