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PLM and Spreadsheetware

The debates about PLM and Excel are heating up. The discussion started in earlier blog posts by Lionel Grealou and Jos Voskuil. In addition to that you can read some of my posts from last week related to PLM and Excel – … 502 more words

Daily PLM Think Tank

10 - Infor's PLM Discrete Demo with SyteLine

A new product demo showcasing Infor PLM Discrete 10.2 with an interface to SyteLine 8.03 is now available!

The demo provides basic PLM concepts as well as some screenshots and a demo into how PLM and SyteLine interact.


PLM: Functionality, Usability, Cost. Pick any two...

My SmarTeam colleague and long time blogging buddy Jos Voskuil challenged readers with an unusual PLM dilemma. You should pick between usability and business benefits. Ouch… painful choice, right? 824 more words

Daily PLM Think Tank

Ember and the Future of Making Things

Ember, the Autodesk 3D Printer, made its debut earlier this year. Autodesk’s goal behind Ember and its open platform, Spark, is to help fuel the manufacturing industrial revolution. 90 more words


PLM - Need for Speed

The conversation I started yesterday PLM vs Excel: Bullfight and Prohibition made me think again about reasons why Excel is constantly winning the competition with enterprise software. 452 more words

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PLM vs Excel: Bullfight and Prohibition

PLM has love and hate relationships with Excel spreadsheets. PLM vendors are spending marketing dollars campaigning to replace Excel. The last post by Lionel Grealou caught my attention during the weekend. 397 more words

Daily PLM Think Tank

How PLM platforms will survive in no-stack era

TechCrunch article Software for the full stack era speaks about brutal reality existing business software platforms are going through. From the beginning it speaks about reasons major business platforms were created – IBM to automate clerks’ work, SAP – to unify enterprise finance and Siebel to computerize sales rep Rolodexes. 766 more words

Daily PLM Think Tank