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xUnit framework for Teamcenter customization in C: cmocka

After having worked for several years in the customization of Teamcenter, I realized that there weren’t any approach for using unit testing of the customized code. 468 more words

Software Engineering

Standing Athwart ... Something

The legal skilz of Bill Schmalfeldt, pro-se prosecutor-general, seem to have taken a turn towards the surreal in the case currently at trial in Westminster, MD. 1,452 more words


Let's Talk "Progressive"

While we wait to find out if Bill Schmalfeldt is actually going to show up in Westminster, I thought this subject would be apropos. One of the topics Bill keeps harping on is that all this lawsuit stuff – whether it be myself seeking a restraining order against him, or John Hoge suing him – is that he either doesn’t fit the requirement of what is being sought or that it’s just so awful and mean to him, personally because he is the victim of a progressive, debilitating disease – Parkinsons. 430 more words


Come Again?

So he says he’s appearing by Skype you say?

Doc No./Seq No.: 193/0
File Date: 08/18/2017Entered Date:08/18/2017Decision:
Document Name: Order of Court: Motion for Reconsideration is denied…

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The Mournful Wail of the Cry-Bully

Hoooooooooooooooooooooge! Hoooooooooooooooooooooge!

You can read the fun HERE.

Now let’s have OUR fun with it. Even if it was partially written by Kimberlin, Bill Schmalfeldt submitted it. 1,259 more words


Threatened Pretendy Land Twiterz Court Sanctions Fail? You Don't Say!

So he will be in Westminster after all come Monday. Isn’t that interesting.

I guess judges aren’t as easily cowed by threats on Twitter about how you’re going to sue them and the state for alleged ADA violations. 82 more words


It's Not Hoge's Math at Issue

It’s Bill Schmalfeldt’s logic that’s the issue.

Since about April of this year, it’s been known that the Hoge v. Kimberlin et al civil case was going to trial August 21. 608 more words