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PLM and Cultural Change Management ? Too expensive ?

At this moment I am finalizing my session for PDT2016 where I will talk about the importance of accurate data. Earlier this year I wrote a post about that theme: … 1,023 more words


Il Muto

Bill Schmalfeldt keeps pushing the same button, hoping against hope that what he believes really is the truth. And every time he THINKS that he finds something that will help him prove that, he runs off half cocked, bumping his head into overhanging ledges that he neglects to consider. 510 more words


Surprising statistics behind the Korean High Tech industry’s PLM spend

This week’s chart, which takes data from the Cambashi Industry Observatory, shows the expenditure on technical applications (BIM, CAD, CAM, CAE, GIS, PLM and Visualization) software in the High Tech industry in South Korea by sub-sector. 463 more words


Busy, Busy Birdies

The story you are about to read is true.  It is multiply-sourced and independently verified.

A while back, my good zombie pal Morgana posted this: 979 more words


Because Illegitimate Questions are #JOURMINALISM at its Finest

Bill Schmalfeldt received information.

Bill Schmalfeldt received information from Brett Kimberlin.

Bill Schmalfeldt received information from Brett Kimberlin from a deposition.

Bill Schmalfeldt received information from Brett Kimberlin from a deposition of AyAyRon Walker. 535 more words


The New Face of Machinery - Part 2

September 2016
Peter Thorne

Part 1 of this article discussed the new ways of interacting with connected products and how manufacturers will change their approach to development, operations and service. 396 more words