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The Past is Prologue

One of Bill Schmalfeldt’s favorite things to do is to try to s-t-r-e-t-c-h the boundaries he is supposed to operate within. If you tell him what he should or should not do, he’s going to try to take it as far as he can – much like a three-year-old testing his limits. ¬† 948 more words


Accelerate 2016 PLM Conference

Join us for Accelerate 2016, Autodesk’s annual PLM conference

September 15th-16th in Boston, MA.

Accelerate brings together industry executives, top market analysts, and subject experts to learn, network, and share strategies for solving modern manufacturing challenges. 52 more words


I Just Can't Even

Remember that time when Bill Schmalfeldt was accusing someone of being Paul Krendler? Yeah. Then.

This was among those gems he tweeted out to her and another person with I believe the first name of Jack (his last name escapes me at the moment). 69 more words


"Lessons My Father Taught Me" aka Billy's Dad Sez, Part 2

The second post in a continuing series of life lessons Bill Schmalfeldt has apparently ingrained within his skull from his father. All for our PLM. 314 more words


Kossack's Impressions of Bill's Normal Behavior

It seems to be human nature to have a dual set of reactions when we see somebody who is an unmitigated jerk. On the one hand, we want to either just smash them or make them go away. 405 more words


Confirmation Bias Is Always So.... Confirming

Again, romping through the past has made me find lots of situations where Bill Schmalfeldt’s actions make you think “Who actually BELIEVES¬†this sort of thing???!?!???” 374 more words


Oopsie Poopsie?

Isn’t it just so AMAZING that Bill Schmalfeldt not only claimed in his “Confessions of an Undercover Troll” to have sent himself a tub-o-poop from Slovakia, more than SEVEN YEARS previous he was making one of those lovely little suggestions that really isn’t a suggestion (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) involving the same thing? 37 more words