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Too Bad That Hasn't Already Happened

Even when deploying “satire” in his political commentary, Bill Schmalfeldt can’t remember to keep logic at the forefront.

Since we’ve already spent 8 years of a leader having the immense power to start a nuclear war who was an ADMITTED cocaine user, the whole article falls flat. 10 more words


Spoliation of the Day

Remember when Bill Schmalfeldt said:

Oh wait. He deleted it from the Internet. My bad.

P.S. I don’t think this went the way he thought it would. Oopsie!


Best Practices or Next Practices?

The past half-year I have been intensively discussing potential PLM roadmaps with companies of different sizes and different maturity in PLM. Some companies are starting their PLM journey after many years of discussion and trying to identify the need and scope, others have an old PLM implementation (actually most of the time it is cPDM) where they discover that business paradigms from the previous century are no longer sufficient for the future. 942 more words


Not that He Would Know Anything About That Sort of Thing

That’s just a very… queer… thing to posit. Seeing as how this is one of Bill Schmalfeldt’s FAVORITE things to do. Check it out after the jump y’all. 62 more words


On A Recent Dismissal

I found it very… interesting… to note the words used in the dismissal of the most recent LOL Suit filed by Bill Schmalfeldt against myself and another person. 427 more words


See how to Maximize Productivity for your Autodesk users, and all employees

Do you have a system to manage employee training? Does it do everything you need it to?

With Synergis CADLearning, you can:

Screen potential candidates – using our assessments, quickly assess if job candidates possess the skills… 238 more words