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Does the phrase PLM make you think “too complex and too expensive”?

Not anymore. With a configurable, app-based platform, you are able to focus on your exact bottlenecks and problems, instead of trying to fit a multi-million dollar implementation into your specific workflows. 139 more words


Why PLM can't eat, sleep and breathe mobile?

I’ve been on the road for the last few days. It occurred to me that I hardly imagine my travel experience without mobile applications – I used Uber to get to the airport, United mobile app to check-in and get on board, Google Maps to find location and Waze to help navigating when car navigation system stuck into construction and closed roads. 506 more words

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Cloud storage "race to zero" will help to create new type of CAD & PLM solutions

Did you pay attention what happened to cloud storage? I’m sure you did. The cost is racing to zero. You can get basically any storage size you want today. 592 more words

Daily PLM Think Tank

Challenges and trends in BOM Management

In this article we discuss the challenges faced with respect to managing the Bills-of-Material along the product/ project lifecycle, solution trends employed by different companies and our views on the same. 1,256 more words

PLM workflows are dead. "Interactive" user experience is coming

Most of product lifecycle management implementations are about two things – getting control over product data and setting up processes around it. The last one is about workflows and… 396 more words

Daily PLM Think Tank

PLM: configuration v customization. Let's sort it out..

Enterprise software customizations are painful. Remember my old post – Is PLM customization a data management Titanic? Nobody likes to customize PLM software, but all companies are doing that during implementations to some degree. 679 more words

Daily PLM Think Tank

Tuotemalli keskiöön valmistavan teollisuuden digitalisaatiossa

Digitalisaatiossa on kyseessä mullistava murros. Se ei ole helppo, mutta siihen kannattaa hypätä ajoissa mukaan. Teollisuus on ennustanut, että murros tulee ennemmin tai myöhemmin. Suomi voi edelleen menestyä globaalissa kilpailussa innovaatioiden, tuottavuuden parantamisen, asiakaslähtöisyyden ja joustavuuden kautta. 679 more words