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This Week in Ontario Edublogs

Welcome to Friday and it’s a 13th too.  Check out some of the great reading that I enjoyed this past while.



Karadeniz Powerships Zeynep Sultan, Pulau Timor Mandi Daya (Karadeniz Powerships Zeynep Sultan, Timor Island Excess in Power)

P.T PLN (Persero) Menyewa 5 buah Pembangkit listrik apung atau Marine Vessel Power Plant (MVVP) dengan nama Karadeniz Powerships Zeynep Sultan yang dipesan dari Karadeniz Powership, Perusahaan asal Turki dengan kapasitas 120 MegaWatt (MW). 390 more words


Flirting with Twitter

I’ve been flirting with Twitter for years. Mostly checking in, grabbing some ideas and leaving. I never stayed long enough to put my own thoughts in writing, participate in a Twitter chat, or respond to someone. 492 more words

Goal for 2017: Encourage PLNs!

Four simple words…I love my PLN! For those who are unfamiliar with the acronym, a PLN is a personal learning network where you decide what you want to learn and who will help you learn. 796 more words


A journey from LMS to PLN

I’ve been working for the college for almost 18 years and for the past 9 of those I’ve been the LMS developer and administrator.  I’ve taken Moodle from being a web application that a few teachers used to being a mainstay of the college network.   566 more words


New Year, New Blog!

Happy New Year!

I will start this blog by saying this is the 3rd blog (that I can remember) creating! The previous two blogs went by the way-side, partly due to the style I approached the blogs with and partly the platform. 473 more words



At the dinner table tonight, I brought up the topic of choosing our #OneWord for 2017. After being home over the holiday break, my husband and I did some cleaning out. 180 more words