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Pantsing vs. Plotting vs. Plopping

Pantsing and Plotting. These are terms you hear often when engage in NaNoWriMo related activities.

Pantsing is…

Writing by the seat of your pants. You put your fingers on the keyboard and you type. 309 more words

Creative Writing

Le plopping : Technique de séchage pour des boucles merveilleuses !

Mes cheveux sont certes pas très long mais ont tout de même du volume et des boucles !

J’ai découvert une merveilleuse technique pour me sécher les cheveux et fabriquer de belles boucles, sans chaleur ! 70 more words

Soins Des Cheveux Au Naturel


Okay so this technique is called plopping (Yes, I laughed too). Basically what you do is, after washing your hair take a piece of cloth (I used a big cotton shirt) and lay it on a flat surface. 79 more words

Beauty Blog

Caring For Curly Hair

Me and my hair have a somewhat…fraught relationship. In a lot of ways, I’d be lost without it. It’s my security blanket, sometimes my defining feature. 1,062 more words


Reasons Blow Dryers Suck (How To Plop)


Scenario #1

So it’s 6:30 in the morning and I’ve just stepped out of the shower. I need to leave at 7:10. 330 more words


Curls Plopping up Everywhere

In January, I was complaining to my very straight haired sister about my hair. It was too long to wear curly without it frizzing it’s ass off and losing all the curl and too curly to wear it straight without a zillion flyaways. 524 more words