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Worth Reading: Is Wikipedia Reliable?

Need to know whether a “fact” is really a “fact”? A lot of editors turn to Wikipedia. Is that what an editor should do?

A recent study, written by Adam Wilson and Gene Likens, regarding Wikipedia’s reliability was published August 14, 2015 in the journal  58 more words

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Despite headlines, frequent edits don't cause inaccuracy

Wikipedia articles on controversial scientific topics, like ‘Global warming,’ receive more edits. Contrary to recent media reports, this does not make them more inaccurate. Photo… 628 more words


Be glad your dentist doesn't use sharp rocks and beeswax during treatment.

By Alison Majikes/Special to theDailyFloss.com

Twice-yearly dental checkups aren’t appointments that excite many, especially because of  the sights, sounds and shiny sharp instruments.

But imagine visiting a friendly neighborhood dentist 14,000 years ago when, during the Paleolithic era, when the most advanced tool he or she had was likely a sharp rock. 350 more words


How Do Most Women Feel About Their Abortions?

The popular media image of a woman who has had an abortion is that she regrets it. She sighs with longing whenever she sees a child around the age of her unborn one, thinking that… 207 more words


Big drop in chickenpox cases after Ontario began public vaccine program: study

TORONTO – Ontario’s publicly funded chickenpox vaccination program appears to have dramatically reduced the number of children who get infected with the virus, researchers say. 536 more words