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Asocian el Humo de Segunda Mano Con Problemas de Conducta de los Niños

La exposición temprana al humo de segunda mano podría llevar a que los niños presenten problemas de comportamiento, según un estudio reciente.

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Scientists identify key receptor as potential target for treatment of autism

Original post from Medical News Today


Grant of $2.4 million will support further research

Scientists from the Florida campus of The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have uncovered a significant–and potentially treatable–relationship between a chemical that helps transmit signals in the brain and genetic mutations present in a subset of individuals with… 424 more words


When Pragmatism Collides With Fundamentalism-PLOS Hikes Publication Fees

For the first time since 2009, the Public Library of Science announced that they were hiking the price of publishing in PLOS ONE by $145, from $1350 to $1495–an increase of 11%. 533 more words

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The underlying cause of canine diabetes

In a new effort, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania and Baylor College of Medicine have used advanced imaging technology to fill in details about the underlying cause of canine diabetes, which until now has been little understood. 699 more words


Men and women with autism have 'extreme male' scores on the 'eyes test' of mindreading

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Scientists at the University of Cambridge University have published new results in the journal PLoS ONE from the largest ever study of people with… 635 more words


Today In Science We Already Knew: Cats Suck And Don't Need Humans

Bonding. Thats the difference between Cats and Dogs. As we said earlier this week, Cats suck. They dont need affection and call me crazy but If i pay for an animal i kinda want it to show some affection thats real. 401 more words

Worth Reading: Is Wikipedia Reliable?

Need to know whether a “fact” is really a “fact”? A lot of editors turn to Wikipedia. Is that what an editor should do?

A recent study, written by Adam Wilson and Gene Likens, regarding Wikipedia’s reliability was published August 14, 2015 in the journal  58 more words

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