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Characters Don't Listen to Us

Snippets of an Author’s Life: Post 7

So many authors have said it: their characters start doing what they want, deviating from the original plan. 250 more words



I studied her figure with a critical eye, my hand gently holding a small brush that was riddled with paint.

The model that lay before me was so beautiful that at times I had to stop looking at my painting and admire her instead. 739 more words


How Could Things Get Worse?

She paused and looked over the group of us. I, for one, had my most attentive face on, absorbing every word of her talk about how to plot a terrific novel. 326 more words


Secretly hoping for a plot twist

I just wish I that I could have

A happy story just like

The ones I’ve read

In books

I read a lot of books, enough… 35 more words


Four reasons why change is the best, crappiest thing that can happen to you.

I hate and love change.

Sometimes change is most welcome: when you finally get a new job; when you finally move into that better place, and when that baby… 1,425 more words

Just Ranting . . .

Once Upon a Time's Biggest 'OMFG' Moments

There have been some pretty crazy plotlines through the run of this show. You know? Those moments when you just scream “oh my freaking goodness!” Or the other word you would like to replace with freaking. 699 more words

Once Upon A Time

Navigating the labyrinth of life.

Over an hour ago, I was preparing to add tags and hit publish on this post when…

…this happened. 1,042 more words