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Shut In Review

Shut In should have been a great film. It’s central character, child psychologist Mary Portman (Played by Naomia Watts) is an isolated woman, grieving for the loss of her husband and caring for her son who is unresponsive. 275 more words



“What do you mean you’re cutting me off!?”

An outraged roar echoed through the living room as a man hastily jumped to his feet. He was either so absorbed in his anger that he did not notice, or so absorbed in his anger that he did not care, but as he rose, he had knocked over a photo of a man offering a elegant golden band to a woman overwhelmed with joyful tears, causing a jagged crack to abruptly split the couple apart. 615 more words

Creative Writing

Outside the window

Outside the window sits a small tree, its branches twisted and bare, as if the young sapling had succumbed to old age. Spring was in full bloom and the neighbouring trees wore thick cloaks of ripe green vegetation. 638 more words

The Dive; A Short Short Story

I had no idea where I was going or why I was following the directions left for me on a napkin in a dive bar, but I continued on regardless. 739 more words

Short Story

Watching; A Short Story

A heartache wrenched girl waited for the opportune moment to express her feelings. She wanted to shout it from the rooftops, break all the sound barriers; but she was holding on to a useless vision. 1,285 more words


One Thing then Another

There is a thin line between being pessimistic and just accepting reality.  Reality is that life is unexpected and it offers many unseen blessing as well as unseen challenges. 703 more words