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Surprise: Going in a Different Direction

Back in 2013, I learned I was very definitely not an outliner. Here’s how.

I was participating in NaNoWriMo, writing Every Other Monday is Murder… 614 more words


The Dark Angel 3

Lillian was having a hard time believing that Joe’s phone was off. His phone was never off. She tried calling it one more time. It was still off; this sent a chill down her spine. 554 more words


Shonda Rhimes Gives New Meaning to Plot Twist.

So…am I the only one still freaking out over the How To Get Away With Murder season finale?

So many twists and turns. And just when you thought you could breathe, something insane happens to make your mind reel in confusion, fear, and well…sadness. 3,713 more words


Found Footage Food For Fluff

It starts off… a dark room.

The only source of light is the night vision mode from the camera you clutch in your hands. You hear your heart pounding, sweat gliding off your back like a water slide, the air getting thicker and thicker with the scent of fear (and really bad B.O). 859 more words


Acknowledging Assistance: A Great Big "Thank You"!

I realize I talk a bit too much about myself and not enough about the people who have really did the most work. So this blog is going to have nothing to do with me and all to do with those who’ve helped me throughout the process of writing and creating a beautiful fictional world. 531 more words


Plot Twist!

Life has a way of shoving you in a new direction whether you want to go that way or not.  If you’re lucky, it turns out to be one of those amazing plot twists that propel your story into an exciting new adventure.   914 more words



Background: I’ve been job interviewing recently. I flew out to Chicago for another adventure, and stayed with a friend who was (understandably) too busy to entertain me during the week. 881 more words

Blind Date