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I Don't Trust these Goddamn Guys

The game begins with your return to Dunwall and you are soon met by the ugliest man in the world. “Corvo, two days early,” he says in a weedy yet arrogant voice, “Full of surprises, as usual.” I wonder what the chances are of this man turning out to be a villain, and estimate it to be around one in one. 2,935 more words


Plot Twist

Starting a business involves an idea and a plan to execute a plan, also known as waterfall method.  This traditional way of starting a business has led to some pretty sour news: 75% of startup business fail, 3/4 of all businesses failing, only one out of four business actually are successful, and any other type of combination you can think of.   337 more words


An Average High School Love Story

Jordan was just your average cheerleader and Taylor your average quarterback. Since they day their eyes had first lock together in an accidental gaze from across the hallway, they have been as close as close can be. 1,286 more words

Short Stories

Getting to know me


I wanted to start off this blog just right and make my first official post a little bit more personal. This is my chance to really put it all out there and let you, my readers, get to know the woman behind the digital screen and keyboard. 961 more words


The First Short Story.

She sat in the darkness, the emptiness of the silence surrounding her, with only the clicking of her hazard lights keeping rhythm. It was the first time in a long time that she had nothing to say, her thoughts as empty as the street in front of them. 148 more words

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Little Scarlets Quest

I went walking through my Enchanted Forest late last night. I had a lot on my mind and I thought a moonlit walk would help clear my head. 824 more words
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Stress Reliever

I give a sigh of content as I continue my stroll down the forest path. It was so nice to get away from the busy city and into a quieter atmosphere. 72 more words

Short Stories