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Stonehearst Asylum

This week I am going to be talking the movie “Stonehearst Asylum“. This movie takes place during 1899. Oxford graduate Dr. Edward Newgate decides to become an alienist or asylum doctor, so he arrives at Stonehearst asylum. 270 more words

Catching a Full Breath

It’s been just over five weeks since cancer became a common word in our household. When the word was first spoken, it kind of took my breath away. 966 more words


Short Story - An old couple in the park

There was an old man sitting on a bench in a park a few feet from his wife, his hands on his knees.

The woman was clenching the edge of the bench tightly, trying to put on a mask of indifference as she looked at the scenery before her, trying not to think of the fact that her son will never see the beauty she’s looking at right now. 57 more words

Creative Writing

Every Other Day

I’ve been reading a lot of library books with my iPad mini, computer, or phone lately. I don’t know why it took me so long to realize that I could check out library books without having to leave my house, but once I did the lazy won’t-put-on-pants-if-I-don’t-have-to part of myself went INSANE. 570 more words

Book Review

How Superpowers and Plot Twists can make Persuasive Ads

French agency Les Gaulois, recently released an ad about a boy with a  mysterious superpower. It hasn’t exactly been igniting the internet; which is a shame because beyond a boy with a cute voice, great production, and has one of the best plot twists since the Sixth Sense. 329 more words

Content Marketing

John's Horror Corner: Mine Games (2012), a B-movie that surely makes an effort premise-wise, but whose director really never transcends it above B-moviedom

Let’s talk about misleading movie posters, shall we? Misleading movie poster #1: Movie is called Mine Games.  The poster has a picture of a cabin in the woods. 

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John Leavengood