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Fringe 1x04 "The Arrival"

Everybody uses a story.

In times of crisis, everyone has some narrative they can use to get their bearings and find a solution. I like to call this a “faith narrative,” because for most people, it’s a religious text like the Bible. 487 more words

In 1981, My Town Was Decimated By A Mysterious 'Meteor Shower'

When I was a young girl, I lived in the town of Tadaldak, just outside Whitesand Provincial Park in Northern Ontario. It was a small community, not found on any map. 1,801 more words

What the Literal Heck Arrow!?

So many spoilers for the last episode of Arrow!!! Read at your own risk!!!

Watching the “Broken Arrow” episode was an emotional roller-coaster at its finest! 234 more words


I Grew Up In A Small Town With Dark Secrets

Growing up in a small town in the early 1990s was sometimes both a blessing and a curse, at least to the mind of a child. 2,064 more words

Next in My Bookbag: Stone Cold Touch (From the Dark Elements Series) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Armentrout delivers an amazing story full of surprising twists, fully developed characters, conflicting emotions and a huge cliffhanger.

This story is built upon the same characters from White Hot Kiss, who are ever changing. 95 more words


...At First Sight

If you were a cow

I’d give you a moo.

If you were the floor

I’d take a picture of you.

If you were a quiz show… 16 more words


Is Your Story Ready for a Plot Twist?

Your past:

Your past is a story that has already been written. It is full of pages packed with words. Those words are the choices you’ve made, the memories you’ve kept, your fears, your joy, your mistakes, and your successes. 81 more words