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Stage 38: The theratess

He walked through her door, and immediately a welcoming warmth embraced him. Her presence came to greet his aura, scolding his uncertainty. He left his doubts and dignity at the threshold as if it was a matter of undressing. 236 more words

0 to 100

as a kid I was very quiet. maybe extremely quiet. I remember I only talked to a handful of kids back in elementary. when I got to high school that handful turned into maybe two hands. 106 more words


Sassy the Cat

I came into the door after walking home from school. Sweat dripped down my back and I moved into the living room to sit in front of the fan. 466 more words


Some 'Plot-Twist' Will Make That Very Interesting


Okay and we’ve arrived at the 11th day. If yesterday we discuss my favorite fighter anime, today we will discuss the topic, “Favorite Mech Anime.” 212 more words


Time's a Funny Thing, Part 8

So, to recap:

  • It’s been 4 weeks.
  • I haven’t even fainted in 2 of them.
  • Hannah and I have come to an agreement, that I can ask one question a day if I’ve been good.
  • 834 more words

A Cosmopolite in a cafe

A Cosmopolite in a cafe

O’Henry is the pen name of William Sydney Porter, born in September 1862 in North Carolina. He is an American writer, who was well known for his short stories with surprise ending. 1,907 more words

Still Gearing Up.

I looked up from my iPad in the paranormal office. The sound of the mailman driving away caught my attention. My coffee cup was empty anyway, so I headed for the lobby, by way of the kitchen. 972 more words