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Sunday Summary: Ahead of Schedule

After being behind, it feels really good to be ahead. In fact, I’m started to write this up on Saturday. And I even got through most of today’s goals yesterday. 490 more words


Plotting vs spontaneity

When I start work on a new book or story, I draft out a plotline, pinpointing characters, situations, backgrounds, and so on. However, as the work progresses, I find myself increasingly diverting from my notes and going in a totally different direction to what I originally intended. 170 more words


Stages of writing a new manuscript

I was writing the last post, and I realized that it may be helpful for me to define my stages of writing a new manuscript. In my “Idea to Manuscript” blog series, I’ll be talking about these stages a lot. 326 more words

Writing Tips

From idea to manuscript - Part 2

Thanks for coming back!

So, if you read my previous post, you know that this series of blog posts is going to track my process from idea to polished manuscript for my new WIP, EMILY. 263 more words

Writing Tips

Foreshadow like a boss: Shonda Rhimes & Grey's Anatomy

I love Grey’s Anatomy. I have been religiously watching it since I was pregnant with the princeling. I think Bailey and I went through labor kind of around the same time :) Every Thursday night, without fail, I am watching it. 692 more words


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To Plot or Not To Plot

It’s been a while since I last posted a blog, I promise that I didn’t forget about you.

Many things lay claim to my attention in the course of the day and it’s very easy to tell myself that I haven’t got time to squeeze in a bit of writing at the end of it, although if I’m honest, it’s likely to have been the draw of the log burner in the living room during the despairingly long winter that’s kept me away from the keyboard. 357 more words