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New Super Secret Writing Project

Okay, so obviously BEFORE I BREAK (my contemporary YA) and FORBIDDEN DARKNESS (the first in an 8 book paranormal YA series) are my top priority right now.   173 more words


Writing on the Weekend is a Bad Idea

I bet you’re a lot like me.

You have a day job. You have friends and hobbies and maybe even a family to support. But you’re also doing this Writing A Book thing, prompted by nobody and nothing aside from your own unbridled ambition (and a touch of grandiosity) to make your mark on the world by telling a story that matters. 527 more words


Nearing the End of a Story

I am not a meticulous plotter. By that, I mean, I don’t sit there and write the history beforehand, or detail exactly what will happen in the book. 182 more words


The Dullness of Timidity

I’m seeing a trend among my writing students these days … the avoidance of a villain in the stories they write.

No villain leads to the absence of conflict … 1,472 more words

From outline to first draft

I hope someone’s noticed that I’ve been away, out of the blogsphere all together, for weeks on a long and amazing trip to Argentina and Antarctica. 721 more words


Plotting "Final Fantasy XIII"

The Final Fantasy series has a somewhat special place in my heart. Not in the same way as most fans of the series who can reminisce about a series they grew up with and that in turn grew up with them. 2,886 more words


Questions for plotting your novel.

The first thing you want to know when plotting your story is what your character wants.
Any story is just a sequence of events that surrounds an attempt to achieve a goal or solve a question. 307 more words