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Plotting the Spirited Away Arc Plot Part VIII: Kingdom Hearts II

The Quest for More Roman Numerals II.

So… Inside might’ve messed me up more than I initially gave it credit for. That, ladies and gentlemen and others, was a game. 1,539 more words


What's the Worst That Could Happen?

You’ve finally reached the scene. The one you’ve been waiting for.

You’re sitting in front of your computer, coffee on one side, cookies on the other, writing so fast you can barely see your fingers. 701 more words


WRITERS WORKSHOP: Pantsing/Plotting

Outline for the writers workshop on Pantsing/Plotting. Words in bold were written on the whiteboard.

Pantsing Vs. Plotting: The Great Debate

Intro (Same intro we use for every workshop!): Who we are, why we’re doing this: 1,299 more words


The PATTERN Method for World Building

Have you heard of the PATTERN method? I came across this on nownovel.com when I was researching world building tips. If you’re writing any sort of speculative, science fiction, or fantasy-type story, this method is extremely useful. 355 more words


Therapy For Fictional Characters

The personalities that carry out your plot have lives. They have inner monologues that nag their waking moments. They suffer headaches making it hard to concentrate. 842 more words


Shower Inspiration

I have a weird writing process. An idea or a situation comes into my head, and then worries itself into a crevice of my cerebellum as I try to figure its intricacies out. 629 more words

The most important thing I've learned about writing

I was recently asked by a student – “What’s the most important thing you’ve learned about writing?

My answer to this question is – … 479 more words