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What to Do While Waiting to Revise

I didn’t do enough of waiting before revising in the past. Because I didn’t wait, I wasn’t entirely removed from the narrative. Characters and situations were still fresh in my mind, and my revisions suffered because I still had vivid and biased opinions about what’s what. 763 more words


"Pantsing" Your Way Through

Benefits of Being a “Plotter”For some writers, plotting stifles the creative process too much. If they know everything that is supposed to happen in the book, it keeps them from being able to successfully create their world. 570 more words


Bank holiday, not book holiday

Bank holidays are odd little things, aren’t they?  Introduced in the UK in 1871, they were intended to mimic Christmas Day and Good Friday in closing everything down – in particular, the bank payment system.  210 more words

Benefits of Being a "Plotter"

Some writers like a clear outline of their work. These creators can’t effectively get started without knowing what the road ahead of them looks like. They are affectionately known as “plotters.” 429 more words


Why an Establishment Author is Doing Amazon's Kindle Scout

Part 1: The Weirdest Writing Thing I’ve Ever Done

By Larry Kahaner

In my entire writing career, this may be the weirdest thing I’ve done – and I once interviewed a convicted serial killer who asked me to write a book exonerating him while he boasted of his crimes. 799 more words

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