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Writer's Glossary: Hang a Lantern on It

In the Writer’s Glossary today…

Hang a Lantern on It

This is a trick writers (especially screenwriters) use to draw attention to a plot inconsistency or credibility breach, rather than hiding it. 352 more words

Writing Tips

NF5 strikes again

Yes, the magic desk on the fifth floor of the North Front of the University Library here in Cambridge is certainly my lucky writing venue.  I settled there this morning, with my first draft printed out, and completed the editing that I started yesterday.   221 more words

How to Build a Fictional World - by Kate Messner: Wednesday, July 29th

Kate Messner has a great animated video that talks about her world building process. I transcribed some of her notes so that I could put them into use myself. 495 more words

Daily Journal

Novel Planning Spreadsheet Templates

After my lengthy and (looking back on it) somewhat poorly worded blog last night, I thought I’d offer up something much more succinct and possibly useful today. 360 more words


Plotting Systems—Part II

Last time, I surveyed what plotting systems could work for a “pantser” or a “No Outline Person.” (NOP). I’m using James Scott Bell’s Plot & Structure. 600 more words


The final push

After my day off yesterday I have motored ahead today, and managed 2,451 words.  I ended up writing a scene that I did not expect to write, and I’m not sure that it’s any good, but I needed it there to explain something, and anyway, that’s what editing is for.   251 more words

R Studio and Shiny

R Studio has released a web application that is run (nearly) entirely through R (R Studio). It’s called Shiny and it’s great! It easily lets you turn your R scripts into a webpage. 116 more words

Data Distributions