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How to Ace the First Act in Your Sequel - Helping Writers Become Authors

Getting the first act of your sequel right is sometimes a delicate juggling act.


Here are three ways to make sure you’re taking full advantage of the groundwork you’ve already laid when writing the First Act in your sequel. 14 more words

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Daily Divulge: Done Already

So I wound up taking a late nap yesterday, and I’m still awake, so…my writing is done, and it’s not even 2am. It’s been done for about twenty minutes, actually. 82 more words


Authors Answer 140 - Developing Plot

You need characters and setting for a story, but what would it be without a plot? Not much of anything. The plot may be one of the most complex parts of writing. 1,381 more words


Structure and Plotting by Tyrion Perkins

This is the blog post I wrote for the Write Links blog.

Tyrion Perkins presented a very comprehensive workshop on structure and plotting to the Write Links group. 621 more words

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How to Spot and Leave Out the Parts That Bore Readers - Helping Writers Become Authors

This is the part that is so hard for so many authors. Leaving out the bits that seem so important and critical to the story in the author’s mind but, in actuality, stand to bore their readers to death. 43 more words

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Most Common Writing Mistakes, Pt. 60: Flat Plots - Helping Writers Become Authors

Understanding how to create interesting plots that are not boringly flat.

Here are the three most obvious (and important) entry points to creating strong, dimensional storylines, rather than boring flat plots. 12 more words

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The Writing Process – Pantser, Plotter… or Plantser?

I’ve realized at the heart of my writing, I’m a planster. If you’ve never heard this term before, you’ll probably think I’ve either lost my mind or perhaps fallen victim to a mildly amusing autocorrect malfunction. 533 more words