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Eight signs your story has been taken over by plot bunnies

Do you know what plot bunnies are? I didn’t – until today. Apparently, plot bunnies are subplots or elements that we love and leave in our stories though they contribute nothing to the story and may even lead us way off the path of the plot. 369 more words

Just For Fun

The Duke is Dead! #writers #writing #book #progress #characters

A revenge murder on the foggy streets of London… It has been coming for months, and now, finally, the Duke is dead. I have killed him off. 306 more words


Planning Act Three

My regulars know that I usually don’t post on Thursdays. I’m excited to get this post out there because the next post is where I show you how to bring a storyboard to life. 485 more words


Looking Ahead (Future WIPs)

So do you remember when I didn’t make a New Year’s Resolution to knit coordinating sweaters for the girls?  Well, I think I’ve found the… 148 more words


A.T.T.P. - a tiny but mighty writer's tool (Scrivener blog post)

(Note: Scrivener comments follow post .)

(Introduction Folder)

Whenever I teach a writing class, one of the first lessons I begin with is the importance of A.T.T.P. 1,251 more words


Building Worlds, Backstories, and Outlines, oh my

I don’t think it was quite two weeks back that I made my grandiose statement about persevering.  In that post, I was trying to decide if I should work on other projects while pursuing my novel, or just focus on the novel. 456 more words