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Maximum Madness

There have been three Mad Max movies to date, and with the latest re-ignition of the franchise promising a few more films to come our Elven workforce, whose second love after… 79 more words


Jealous Christmas bottles

I am starting to write this as we creep into Boxing day because I have just sat down in the office for the first time all day. 623 more words

Reindeer in the Shopping Centre

I’m a bit concerned with these reindeer, as it looks as though they’re going to plough right into the floor.

Although, they most likely will pull up before that can happen. 90 more words


Exhaustion, nippers and Wales

Yet again today a couple of guys visited the pub for the first time and stayed simply because it is the Plough. I can’t explain the eclectic evening or the mirth from two guys who have run pubs in the past as some of my locals provided their special brand of entertainment…. 683 more words

Chinese Character: 耒 lěi “plow” (Kangxi Radical 127)

☜ ⑥ Kangxi Radical 127:  耒 lěi “plow” ☞


耒 ~ lěi  ~ “plow” radical (127)
aka: plough, Kangxi Radical Plow
耒 ~ lěi ~ plow 78 more words


Rough rides and bumpy landings

For those of you that have followed my journey I thought I should share some recent thoughts. You guys have followed me through some good and some very hard times until we found ourselves here at the Plough hey if nothing else then it’s been a hell of a ride! 405 more words

Strange gigs, dirty spirits and visitors

Well we are now well into November and I am still here. I still haven’t had a day off but, since I spend all day in the pub, do I really need one? 773 more words