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Threatened with success...

I apologise in advance for the lack of humour in this post, I will do my best to rectify this in the next post I promise. 548 more words

Shape The Land

The sky will look after itself…

Manual 365

Christian politics

William Willimon takes a cautionary, high-Hauerwasian look at politics, and its temptations.

I have met the political enemy, and he is… me and my fellow Christians, who find it so hard to embody our convictions, and who, even in our left-wing protests, unintentionally give credence to political scoundrels.

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Time Capsule #2: Names and Happiness of the World

The years I’m very good, Santa leaves an Old Farmers Almanac in my Christmas stocking. I’ve always loved reading it. Not that I ever use the astronomical calculations or the tide tables. 168 more words


Filth is so obvious a word. It is pure in its description. I think it lives inside our head almost daily. Yea on the one hand it conjours up images of garbage, dumpsters reeking of expiration.

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It's only a wall....

Welcome to the biggest building project so far at the Plough. I am currently confined to a bedroom and a bathroom upstairs and am living in a perpetual inch of dust. 373 more words

Heaven. Part-One.

Dwell Upon.

There are many great things that can be achieved here and now, if we are allowing the Holy Spirit within us to have control of our lives in the service to God? 26 more words