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a little knowledge i wish someone had shared with me when i was a teenager ;)

  1. If you pluck the hairs out of your chin, they grow back.
  2. If you pluck the hairs out of your chin, they grow back thicker.
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My dear ladies and occasional gentleman I have spent four WONDERFUL days in OXFORDSHIRE with my son, daughter in law and GORGEOUS, FUNNY, CLEVER little GRANDDAUGHTER. 95 more words

On Grooming

My recent mention of pubic hair in a post has caused a bit of an uproar. A friend, someone who has neither seen nor will ever see me in my birthday suit, went on a little rant about how a woman should take take of her hair down there. 416 more words

Life Coaching


Hey guys;

This will just be a short post on how I slay my brows. Usually I go to get my eyebrows threaded but sometimes I just cannot be bothered to leave my house and do it so instead I try to do them myself and one day I will learn how to thread my brows. 173 more words


Tweeze, Don't Shout

Ah, tweezers. The days I’d clean up my eyebrows used to be some of the most horrendous. I’d hate how painful and difficult it was to pull out every little stray hair. 192 more words


HD Brow experience

Hi everyone,

My mum treated me to HD brows today as she was having hers done for the first time Aswell and I am so pleased with the result. 168 more words

Skincare & Beauty

How to pluck baby eyebrow hair successfully

Don’t we all find ourselves in this one situation where you just want to pluck new grown eyebrow hair? Like your eyebrows have the perfect shape and these few small dots in the middle of the upper lid are just so distracting?   152 more words