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Thought For the Day: When We Listen, the Air Is Heavy With Poems, Ripe For Plucking

“If we listen, the air is heavy with poems, ripe for plucking.” – Yahia Lababidi, aphorist (b. 25 Sep 1973)

Thought For The Day

Eyebrows Speak Louder Than Words

Every woman I know seems to have a love/hate relationship with her eyebrows. Some are waxing them, plucking them with tweezers, combing them, grooming them, and I have even seen people flossing them as a form of plucking. 361 more words

I Can Relate

Finger Picking Technique for Bass.

Finger picking for the bass gives the largest
range of expression to the bass player that masters it. If you focus on using
the 2 fingers next to the thumb on your right hand you can then also combine… 906 more words

How to get started with... styling your eyebrows

You don’t need to spend more than about five minutes in any online space for trans women before someone will mention eyebrows. It’s so common it’s something of a stereotype at this point. 2,009 more words

Trans Woman

From feather plucker to re-feathered: A success story

Feather picking is a common problem in companion parrots, and causes great angst for many people who live with birds who do. The cause of feather picking often remains a mystery to bird owners, veterinarians, and behaviorists, though medical care, foraging and enrichment opportunities, and nutritious foods are often provided in an attempt to eliminate or at least curtail feather destructive behavior. 310 more words

Parrot Health & Safety

Brows Then & Now

We all go through stages with our brows. From waxing, threading and even tweezing. The photo on the left I was obsessed with tweezing them for years the thinner the better mainly because you have more room for eye shadow lol. 235 more words

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Duck Harvest - Wax Plucking 1

Yesterday we tried a different way to pluck a duck we recently discovered. It involves plucking the bird dry, and only plucking the long feathers, leaving the down. 94 more words