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How to pluck baby eyebrow hair successfully

Don’t we all find ourselves in this one situation where you just want to pluck new grown eyebrow hair? Like your eyebrows have the perfect shape and these few small dots in the middle of the upper lid are just so distracting?   152 more words

How many women does it take to pluck a chicken?

Spoiler alert- this post contains photos and video of a chicken being plucked. Although there is absolutely no blood and gore, the chicken is, of course, no longer living. 811 more words


Tip #2: Brow Basics | Freddie

If you want to shape your eyebrows, see a professional. View plucking as short term maintenance, never as a tool for complete overhaul. 225 more words

A Self-Proclaimed Plucker Wages War on Midlife Hair

I think it is time to talk about a taboo subject. Normally, I would not broach such a hair-raising topic, but my body is going through a subtle revolution whereby some parts or factions are declaring war on me. 1,383 more words

Just Browzing

Since I work in Leeds I find it difficult to fit in a brow appointment with my beautician over in Wilsden. With a night out coming up I decided I needed to find a good salon in Leeds and book in for a quick eyebrow tidy. 440 more words


Virginia Rail Plucking Feather

I have been having a ball following and photographing a family of Virginia Rails this summer. Virginia Rails are small, marsh birds that are not often seen as they are secretive in nature. 90 more words

Bird Sightings

How To Pluck an Angora Rabbit

Seems like lots of people only shear their rabbits, and others will only pluck.  There’s been some bad non-humane plucking videos about, so I decided to do a quick article on when to pluck and how, for a humane, comfortable hair removal to compliment my angora shearing article.   565 more words