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How to Easily Clean up Your Eyebrows

When I was in the sixth grade I hated my thick eyebrows. It was back when the trend of super thin eyebrows was in style, and everybody in my grade made me feel ugly because my eyebrows were thick. 617 more words

Dual Spring Hair Removal Tool

Hey guys!

Let’s talk about hair removal this week. There are different techniques recommended to remove hair on different parts of your body. Shaving is recommended for underarms and legs. 524 more words


Wunderbrow eyebrow gel

Day 1 vs end of day 2

I recently tried Wunderbrow eyebrow gel.  Over the years, I overplucked my eyebrows to the point where they do not grow back properly now, especially the ends.   340 more words

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Japanese Black Pine

My twenty-year-novice status is no more evident than in the Japanese black pine I am about to share with you. I grew this from seed about 15 years ago, and since I am just now figuring out what I am doing, this is far less of a tree than it might have been in more capable hands. 401 more words


Great Guitar Sound In Two Steps

Plucking the strings of a guitar seems simple, right?

Parents who have children learning to play the guitar know that getting a strong, consistent tone out of the guitar can be one of the first challenges faced by young students. 480 more words


The human body is beautiful.

It can also be terrifying.

Many of us understand little about what makes our fleshy meat sacks function. We feel even more helpless when there is a dis-function, especially if an embarrassing symptom occurs. 1,962 more words

Anything to Dehair

The sun is finally shining here in the UK so it’s time to disguard our woolly jumpers and actually show a little skin for a change. 1,082 more words