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Witch Hair Trials

I know I’ve shared before about how important tweezers are to me, and how without them my eyebrows would almost certainly have taken over my face. 955 more words

richie3123: Dealing With A Parrot Plucking Feathers

By Jonathan Louise – Content Resource From Dubai Kennels & Cattery When birds are molting, they naturally pull out their feathers. This is actually a part of their self-grooming behavior. 23 more words

How I Do My Eyebrows (Tutorial)

Hey! Now I know there are probably LOADS of eyebrow tutorials out there and loads of different ways and styles to do them. Today I’m doing a quick tutorial type blog just showing how I do mine. 872 more words


Dream on…

Dream on…

Searching and searching a letter came into my hand 

Oh look it’s a letter from wonderland!

The place with chocolates and candies

And berries and sweets, all for me  117 more words


The Brow Lowdown - Treat & Tame

I thought long and hard about how to start off this girly spin-off of my official website, GoldenWolves, and ultimately I settled on something that is very important to me beauty-wise: … 1,026 more words