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Rocket Rooster

Film emulation LUTs (color look-up tables) are always a popular discussion point and I’ve covered a number of the products on the market. Some of these are plug-in effects that include 3D LUT files as part of the package, like Koji, Color Finale, FilmConvert, etc. 683 more words


Macphun debuts Creative Kit 2016, six Pro photo editing apps with OS X Photos plug-ins

Macphun, maker of elegantly powerful photo editing tools including Tonality, Noiseless, and FX Photo Studio, has announced the impending release of… 228 more words


Fat snare mixing

Here is a 10 minute video on fattening-up a mic’d snare sound from beginning to end. I used Apple’s Logic for the video, but the concepts apply to any DAW. 334 more words


XML Scenario Provider - Execute XMLs in Rule Designer


A defect, bug or exception has been reported in SIT, UAT or production and we’re asked to troubleshoot & debug to find the cause of the defect and then fix it. 847 more words


Lost in Color Translation

After another week of feeling alternately frustrated and like I know next to nothing and like I’m a freaking genius after making that div finally positioned where I want without turning to mush in a smaller viewport, I stumbled upon (well, actually was given through a mentor) a plug-in which has made my coding life that much easier: 118 more words


Script-Fu and Code Samples

Recently, I began to examine Script-Fu code within GIMP because I wanted to reduce repeated, manual steps in my workflow process.  I am aware that I do way too many steps manually, and doing so up to this point has helped me understand the mechanics of what I wanted to accomplish.   364 more words


Find It All Here!

September 18, 2015

So… I’m asked many times about this site that I’ve had going since early 2009 and what it has to offer.  Its mostly a “bookmark” blog about articles, tips, and freebies related to editing and the mac I work on to do that editing.  167 more words