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Filter Forge. What a great Tool.

I admit it. I am a sucker for a sale. The internet has often caught me in her grips. An email, advertising this great eBook, or programs, or presets or videos, at 70% reduced cost for this week only, and I’m  a goner. 970 more words


Volvo XC90 T8 Hybrid - Unique

The all-new Volvo XC90 is a handsome, luxurious, comfortable, fuel efficient, and expensive large crossover. All all new, it’s a huge step forward for the Chinese-owned Swedish brand. 364 more words

Electric Cars

¿Qué es G'MIC?

Muchos hablan de como Gimp es una herramienta bastante completa que puede hacerle frente a Photoshop en muchos aspectos sin tener que aportar el coste que el programa de Adobe supone para los usuarios, sin embargo, aunque duela aceptarlo, la realidad es diferente, y es que la falta de apoyo al proyecto ha propiciado que los últimos 8 años, las actualizaciones hayan sido pocas, mientras que otros programas han mantenido su ritmo con opciones mucho más modernas, incluso… 393 more words


Serializing/Deserializing JSON in Dynamics CRM 2013/2015 Plugin

Taken from: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/33010055/serializing-deserializing-json-in-dynamics-crm-2013-2015-plugin

I am developing a plugin for Dynamics 2015. The plugin requires some setup information which I thought would be a good idea to use a json object in the unsecure configuration. 171 more words


Elizabeth Daggar: Art & Other Follies

ecently, almost every time a Wordpress update happened, there resulted some issue with the Layerslider plug-in, rendering one or more pages of my art folio site dysfunctional. 61 more words


JSON and CRM Sandbox Plugins


Today I was working on a plugin and one of the requirements was a call to a web service passing some POST parameters, nothing complicated but I want to share part of the process. 272 more words