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Serializing/Deserializing JSON in Dynamics CRM 2013/2015 Plugin

Taken from: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/33010055/serializing-deserializing-json-in-dynamics-crm-2013-2015-plugin

I am developing a plugin for Dynamics 2015. The plugin requires some setup information which I thought would be a good idea to use a json object in the unsecure configuration. 171 more words


Elizabeth Daggar: Art & Other Follies

ecently, almost every time a Wordpress update happened, there resulted some issue with the Layerslider plug-in, rendering one or more pages of my art folio site dysfunctional. 61 more words


JSON and CRM Sandbox Plugins


Today I was working on a plugin and one of the requirements was a call to a web service passing some POST parameters, nothing complicated but I want to share part of the process. 272 more words


Processing JSON within a CRM Plugin



Even though there are so many interesting and straightforward .NET libraries to process JSON  such as Json.NET, that is not going to work with MS Dynamics CRM Plugins. 365 more words


EQ Ear Training using Max For Live

I love Max for Live, it’s DIY audio in the software domain and it makes trying out ideas and building new audio tools extremely easy. 318 more words


My Lightroom adventures

The next couple of weeks the topics of my blogposts will alternate between travel and photography.

Recently I have enrolled in a couple of workshops. The first one was a week ago. 533 more words


Adobe Premiere Pro CC Learning Tips

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is the heir apparent editing application for many editors. In order to make your transition easier, I’ve compiled a series of links to various official and unofficial resources, including Adobe sites, forums, YouTube videos, training resources, and various blog posts. 356 more words