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Wordpress Blogging for Authors of Fiction

WordPress Blogging for authors of novels, novellas and other fiction.

So you want to build a league of followers through your online fiction but only see factual-driven content being promoted there? 1,349 more words


CAD Plugin Multi-level BOM support

You can generate multi-level BOMs from your CAD system. Here’s how.

First of all, please ensure you have updated your CAD plugin(s). That’s important to take advantage of the new multi-level option for the CAD plugin. 341 more words

Multi-level BOM


Since its introduction six years ago, Apple Final Cut Pro X has only offered the Color Board as its color correction/grading tool. That’s in addition to some automatic correction features and stylized “look” effects. 1,185 more words


Apex Plugin: Password Strength Estimator

I needed a simple password strength prompt for users when they need to create or change their password on my website. After a bit of Googling I found the “ 176 more words


Probably The Best Website Optimisation Work-Through I've Read ...

… so much so I am going to use it as a step by step on my own sites, adding my own non-technical-bloke experience, actions etc as I go. 6,018 more words


The trouble with tech is tech ...

Trouble with tech for non tech people is that when we do need to understand tech, like to make our websites function or prevent our computer getting its head kicked in,  the people we have to turn to for tech guidance are techs, and techs can only speak tech, usually to other techs. 120 more words


2.4 Explaining compatibility issues with different Collaborative Technology

In conjunction with the development of collaborative technology, new problems present themselves. Compatibility issues can arise between browser software, operating systems and plug-ins amongst many others. 376 more words

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