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Probably The Best Website Optimisation Work-Through I've Read ...

… so much so I am going to use it as a step by step on my own sites, adding my own non-technical-bloke experience, actions etc as I go. 6,018 more words


The trouble with tech is tech ...

Trouble with tech for non tech people is that when we do need to understand tech, like to make our websites function or prevent our computer getting its head kicked in,  the people we have to turn to for tech guidance are techs, and techs can only speak tech, usually to other techs. 120 more words


2.4 Explaining compatibility issues with different Collaborative Technology

In conjunction with the development of collaborative technology, new problems present themselves. Compatibility issues can arise between browser software, operating systems and plug-ins amongst many others. 376 more words

Unit 304

JavaScript Scripts and Plug-ins

I know absolutely zilch about JavaScript – aside from the fact it’s not Java.  That’s about it.  Oh, and it’s used for front-end development on websites.  136 more words

Web Development

Vector First Aid

A life-saving plug-in from Astute Graphics

After all the trouble with my OS crash recently, I found myself just out of the mood (and habit) of creating art pages. 1,225 more words


Native Lightroom Presets by Lens Distortions

Yesterday I purchased some native Lightroom presets by Lens Distortions. Cleverly targeted ads on Facebook and Google were constantly bombarding me with their products. When they had a brief summer sale I decided to give a few of them a try. 235 more words


Spice with Templates

One way in which Apple’s Final Cut Pro X has altered editing styles is through the use of effects built as Motion templates, using the common engine shared with Apple Motion. 571 more words