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Adobe Premiere Pro CC Learning Tips

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is the heir apparent editing application for many editors. In order to make your transition easier, I’ve compiled a series of links to various official and unofficial resources, including Adobe sites, forums, YouTube videos, training resources, and various blog posts. 356 more words


WordPress Blogging for Authors of Fiction

WordPress Blogging for authors of novels, novellas and other fictional material.

So you want to build a league of followers through your fictional writing but only see factual-driven content being promoted online? 1,009 more words


¿Vienes de Photoshop?

Gran parte de los usuarios que llegan a Gimp lo hacen buscando una alternativa a Photoshop y cuentan con cierta experiencia en este programa, sin embargo, por su alto precio, por no estar disponible en Linux o simplemente para probar nuevas cosas, se ven en la necesidad de utilizar Gimp al ser un gran editor de imágenes gratuito. 1,262 more words


Email made Easier

Sending emails from the Oracle database can be both simply deceptively braindead easy, and confoundingly perplexingly awful at the same time. Easy, because all you have to do is call one of the supplied mail packages to send an email: 1,735 more words


Automatic Duck Xsend Motion

When Apple transitioned its Final Cut Pro product family from Final Cut Studio to Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, and Compressor 4, it lost a number of features that editors really liked. 481 more words


Como instalar Gimp Plugin Registry

Una de las características más destacadas de Gimp es la instalación de Plug-ins, es decir, pequeños programas que permiten añadir o mejorar funcionalidades del programa. 536 more words


Spring Tools

It’s often the little things that improve your editing workflow. Here are a few quick items that can expand your editing arsenal.

Hawaiki Super Dissolve… 1,053 more words