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A New Name and Old Posts

This blog has changed name from Tafod Tanbaid (Welsh for ‘flaming tongue’) to the new Dai Dafod.
‘Dai’, like ‘Dewi’, is the diminutive of Dafydd (my name in real life) which is the Welsh for ‘David’. 283 more words

SWAMP Java-CLI Plug-In Updates

Updates to the SWAMP’s Java CLI plug-in have been released to GitHub. The Java CLI is a Java library and a command line interface… 15 more words

Software Assurance

Audio Mixing with Premiere Pro

When budgets permit and project needs dictate, I will send my mixes out-of-house to one of a few regular mixers. Typically that means sending them an OMF or AAF to mix in Pro Tools. 1,699 more words


How it All Began

My journey into essential oils started with my family trying to sell our house. Our house always had a musty smell no matter what you did and I also had a couple of cats. 712 more words

Essential Oils

Viral Marketing Initiatives

Viral Marketing Initiatives

What makes a marketing initiative go viral? The characteristics of the initiative cause it to go viral. The top five characteristics that can cause a campaign to go viral are branch outside the target audience, interactive content, humor, creativity, and easily shareable. 638 more words

SWAMP Security Notification: Vulnerability in SWAMP Plug-ins and Library

Dear SWAMP Users,

A MODERATE security vulnerability was discovered that affects the following versions (and earlier) of the SWAMP plug-ins and libraries on shared systems. Users who are not using any of the following plug-ins or libraries are not affected by this vulnerability. 233 more words


Toxic Free Home Mini Class

Toxic Home Mini Class

Day 2

Air Fresheners and Scented Candles 

Who doesn’t love a good smelling home, or car? Sometimes, our houses just stink from so many people and things going on, so it’s easy to just pick up any ole thing that will help mask that. 324 more words

Essentials For Living