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Melania Trump Wears Ralph Lauren To Swearing-In Ceremony

After weeks of speculation, the First Lady, Melania Trump, has finally cast her ballot for designer of choice and it’s none other than iconic American designer, Ralph Lauren. 334 more words


How to open External links in New window in WordPress

If you are wondering how to make all or specific external links from your website to open in a new tab, you have come to the right place. 276 more words


The current_line Plugin

Perhaps its just a case of aging eyes, but sometimes I find myself searching for the current line that the cursor is on. I could adjust my theme’s cursor color to change it to make it easier to find; however, there is a plugin called the “current_line” plugin which highlights the entire line that the insertion cursor is currently on. 134 more words

De snelheid van je website

Hoe meer je op jouw site zet, hoe meer jouw site wordt belast. Dit kan het laden van jouw site sterk vertragen.
Om achter te komen hoe snel of traag jouw website is kan je gewoon via een externe site (zoeken in een search engine als Google of Yahoo) de URL opgeven en meteen testen. 100 more words


Donald Trump Continues To Bash Tom Ford: 'I'm Not A Fan'

While Donald Trump prepares for his inauguration on Friday and everyone waits to see who will be dressing his wife, Melania, the U.S. President-elect shot back at one designer who said the First Lady-elect would not be wearing his designs. 267 more words


How to remove Woocommerce sidebar from front-page using hooks

Woocommerce is one of the most popular plugins for WordPress because it’s used by anyone wants to setup online shop without the need writing a single line of code. 172 more words