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Magento 2 how to redirect in plugin or somewhere else

In some cases you need to redirect to new url after process some logic in code. For me, In my case I have to check a logic then have to redirect to new page after I process some logic. 188 more words

スクリプトエディタを使ってみよう - その1 -


インストールの手間なく便利に使っていただきたくてastah* 7.2からインストーラーに同梱しました。

※この記事の内容は Java8 で動作するastah*(professional / UML / community のバージョン7.0以降、SysML のバージョン1.4以降、GSN のバージョン1.1以降)が対象です。 80 more words

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Best Wordpress Audio Plugin | HTML5 Wordpress Audio Player Plugin

AudioTraxx is a premium WordPress audio player plugin for your WordPress website. AudioTraxx is an easy WordPress audio plugin uses a HTML5 audio API so it works great on all modern devices and supports playlists, autoplay and displaying of lyrics.  34 more words

ChroPath: An Alternative Add on to FirePath and Xpath finder

As we all know in Firebug and Firepath is deprecatede with New version Firefox ,And its very difficut to verify your customized xpath in current version firefox. 256 more words


plugin-telnyx for playSMS by PowerPBX

A recent pull-request has been made to the project, it was from PowerPBX for a gateway plugin telnyx. But since I’m having a hard time maintaining gateway plugins due to the need to keep following SMS service provider’s API, I prefer to reject it and ask them to setup their own project just for the plugin. 50 more words


Donald Trump Meets The Queen For Tea During UK Visit - See The Pics!

Donald Trump met the Queen for tea during his UK visit on Friday.

The U.S. president was seen with First Lady Melania Trump at Windsor Castle, after it was… 315 more words

Donald Trump