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Plugins: New/Repeat vs VisitNum

Here: I would always use the getVisitNum plugin instead of the getNewRepeat plugin.

They have a similar use case. Your friendly marketer will probably compare your new… 600 more words


EZdrummer 2 Review


I hope that you all are doing well, and that your music creation is flowing.
It has been a while since i wrote something but i hope to be able to get back into writing more now. 791 more words


Quick Tip - One s_code.js for Multiple Sites

The situation: you are responsible for a couple of sites on different domains. Tracking is pretty much the same on all of these pages, but there are some small differences (e.g. 910 more words


Pods - one awesome plugin

If you haven’t heard of Pods yet, you have to go check it out, its a new custom post types plugin with some really awesome features… 199 more words


Jetpack 3.3: A Single Home for all your WordPress Sites

With the release of Jetpack 3.3 this week, we bring you a new centralized dashboard from which you can manage all your WordPress sites — both your WordPress.com and your Jetpack-connected sites, regardless of where they’re hosted. 326 more words


With DTM you don't need Plugins! - Part 2

Let’s continue on the journey and replace one more plugins with DTM goodness.

I even get to introduce an almost hidden feature!


I was slightly disappointed last time because I couldn’t find an easy way of replacing… 449 more words


With DTM you don't need Plugins! - Part 1

Today’s article is a bit of an experiment. I have set myself a goal, and I’ll try to reach that goal and document it.

The goal: getting rid of… 714 more words