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50+ Best WooCommerce Extensions & Addons for WordPress

The best WooCommerce extensions and addons. Add more features and functionality to your WooCommerce store with these free and premium WordPress plugins.

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Crafting a good page title for SEO • Yoast guide to title tag SEO

Writing good page titles is an essential skill for anyone doing SEO. In this post we explain the how and why of creating a good page title. 14 more words


Development Thursdays | A Guide to Digital Signal Processing

The world of audio is forever in debt to the principle of digital signal processing, more commonly known as DSP. This concept is responsible for taking real-world signals like sound pressure, audio, voice, temperature, or position and converting the information to a digital medium. 686 more words


Best Commenting Solutions for WordPress - WPExplorer

WordPress commenting plugins. We share some awesome WordPress plugins to streamline and optimize the WordPress comments system on your blog or website.

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How to Use WebP Files in WordPress & Decrease Page Load Times - WPExplorer

Images make up for most of an average webpage’s weight. Google’s WebP files can be a great solution, some even seeing over 70% file size reductions! 14 more words

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25 Plugins to Consider After Creating Your First WordPress Site

Have you selected WordPress as the CMS of choice for your first website?

If you answered yes to this question, you aren’t alone. At this time, … 2,687 more words