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Lard and laudanum - a taste of the past from old family recipes

Cooking makes me anxious. All that time and effort poured into something that could so easily go wrong. Mistake salt for sugar, use a tablespoon instead of a teaspoon and not only is your afternoon wasted but everyone goes hungry. 811 more words

plum cake . . . !

For years, decades really, I’ve been making a simple sponge cake garnished with cut up fruit on the top. It began with sliced plums. This afternoon, I made it again with a plum that was in our fruit bin but sadly passed over for too long. 151 more words

Jammy Plummy Cakes

I first made these about a week ago and due to popular demand have made them 3 times since. I like them hot with cream but they get eaten hot or cold and really quickly disappear. 328 more words

Plum Cake

On Monday night, I went to the Grace Lent meal, I had asked Jonny who was cooking if I could bring anything and he said pudding. 301 more words


Sugar Plum Fairy Cake

What to call this cake: Sugar plum fairy cake, or Sugars’ fairy plum cake? Hah. Get it? I’m such a dag, I know, but who doesn’t love a play on words? 657 more words


Oktoberfest 2017

THEME:  Oktoberfest

FOOD:  German!

DATE:  September 30, 2017

Every year we have an Oktoberfest with all of our family and friends.  It started because I wanted to have one large party each year, we’re very German, and we love fall – so Oktoberfest just made sense!   1,776 more words


Eggless plum cake/ Christmas fruit cake recipe / Non-Alcoholic christmas cake recipe 

Wishing everyone reading this blog a Merry Christmas 😀

This non-alchoholic fruit cake recipe is super easy and taste divine. I am always fond of plum cakes and today I have tried to baked a non-alchoholic version of fruit cake and the outcome was amazing. 482 more words