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Plum Compote

When I bought some plums which turned out to be hard and woody, I converted them to compote by simmering them with a stick of cinnamon and a little annato seed in water with a little ruby port. 36 more words



Having spent the better part of a month watching Grey’s Anatomy (very late to this party, yeah yeah) I am convinced of two things: 1) I am pretty much qualified to perform cardio-thoracic surgery and 2) shocking a person with major jolts of electricity is sometimes necessary to save them. 780 more words


Open For Visitors

I swear it was not planned, at least not by me. I just wrote about my new office, described my sanctuary. I didn’t get into the nitty-gritty of each item that made the cut, the thoughtful decisions of final resting places either on my window sill, the bookcase or a shelf, the absolute tyranny I wield over this space because I arranged it and it is filled with my stuff and it is mine! 1,099 more words


purple ombre: new hair

I’m back at uni and that means one thing, making my flatmate, who also has a blog you should check out, sort out the mess that is my current hair. 467 more words


I'm a little plum...

Today in class we were taking science notes on sound. The portion we are looking at today is about the human voice and vocal cords. The information we were discussing was that part of the reason men tend to have lower pitched voices than women is that their vocal cords tend to be longer. 378 more words