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Plum Hello Aloe Skin Loving Face Wash Review

Hi, all. Today I am writing a review about Plum Hello Aloe face wash. I wanted to try Plum products for a very long time. Also I was searching for a new face wash for summer. 333 more words


Homestead Report 21: April 24, 2017

More blooming flowers (mmmm…) and the first black flies (no!!!) greeted us this week.


As we wait for various things to leaf out, I’m noticing that the animals are waiting too–impatiently. 385 more words

Homestead Reports

It's That Season

“What season is that?” you might ask.  I’ll tell you.  It’s allergy season.

As beautiful as all these trees are, I will be happy when they are done blooming and my headaches go away. 35 more words


Petty traders

We talk like petty traders
selling trinkets on the sidewalk.
There’s no light in our eyes,
not even a recall of the big dream.

We would abandon the ship… 67 more words


Interruptions: Opportunity or Annoyance?

Some people divide the world into haves and have nots, others into groups based on color or who we love, maybe the separating lines are which team you root for on Sunday afternoon. 1,496 more words