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I don't know. Do you?

I have been home for almost three weeks now. When I see people, the most common question I get is, “How are things?”

I typically reply, “Things are really good.” or I will say, “Things are good, I just miss Kenny a lot.” … 575 more words

"They leaned on the Lord, the God of their Fathers"

“Thus the men of Israel were subdued at that time, and the men of Judah prevailed, because they relied on the Lord, the God of their fathers.” (2 Chronicles 13:18, ESV) 353 more words


Who Said That?

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S (Scripture): Amos 7: 8 The Lord said to me, “Amos, what do you see?”

“A plumb line,” I said.
Then the Lord said, 562 more words

Digging Daily

Simon's lesson: Drawing the model

In today’s lesson, we were tasked to draw a model who came in. She would be posed and we had to draw her using the plumb lines method. 173 more words

Unit 1 And Unit 2

The Corner's Crooked, The Pattern's Gone Wonky - But There Is A Fix

Walls aren’t always plumb, horizontal surfaces (ceilings, floors, countertops) aren’t always level, and wet wallpaper can twist out of shape. Look down the center of the top photo, and you’ll see how poorly the pattern matches in a corner that is off-plumb by more than half an inch from top to bottom. 185 more words