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Faux Brick, Faux Mortar, Faux Level Ceiling

Virtually no room or home has perfectly plumb walls, nor perfectly level ceilings and floors. Even if the wallpaper is hung perfectly plumb, if the walls or ceiling are out of kilter, it will look like the wallpaper is askew, with the design being closer to the ceiling at one end of the wall, and dropping farther away from the ceiling at the other end. 266 more words

Plumb to Appear at Sam’s Place at the Historic Ryman Auditorium

Plumb Readies for Kickoff of Big Daddy Weave’s “Beautiful Offerings” Tour

Nashville, TN – Curb Records artist PLUMB is honored to announce that she will be joining the “Sam’s Place – Music for the Spirit” lineup on January 10. 316 more words


Why Doesn't the Pattern Match in the Corner?

When you wrap wallpaper around an inside corner, you never wrap the whole strip, but rather cut the strip vertically so that just a tiny bit wraps around the corner, and then you overlap the next piece on top of that. 297 more words

Dark Cherry Abbey Ale - Big Rock Brewery

From Calgary Alberta’s Big Rock Brewery comes their new Limited Release the “Dark Cherry Abbey Ale” a Belgian Abby Style Ale. The beer pours a deep brown colour with a brown head. 143 more words

Craft Beer


Just let go

let His love wrap around you

And hold you close

Get lost in the surrender

Breathe it in until your heart breaks… 268 more words


Purple Peonies - Corners

When you wallpaper a room and reach a corner, you cut each strip of paper vertically, and then wrap a teeny bit of the paper around each corner. 203 more words

Think This Wall is Crooked?

The red line is from my laser level, and it is plumb. The line you see to the right of that is the corner where two walls meet in the powder room where I am hanging wallpaper today. 32 more words