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Can't Sleep

With the exception of my laptop, yoga ball, and a lamp, I’m all moved in at my summer apartment. I don’t want to stay in my new place though. 106 more words


I see London, I See France - Stop showing me your underpants.

When I posted these two little opinion-essay-rants years ago, which as we know is eons in the virtual world, they drew quite their share of ire from those I am assuming were repeat offenders concerning the subject matter. 1,791 more words


Up the 'memory hole'? Gov. Jay Nixon sends out the ULTIMATE butt tweet [screenshot]

Looks like Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon’s social media team isn’t all it’s cracked up to be:


Deleted so soon, Governor?

Aaaaaand saved before the inevitable…

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SENRYU -- 09042014-3

first light

the plumber’s crack

of dawn



NOTE:  Just for fun, folks!  No deep underlying symbolism here!

Just an image or two and a bad pun to tie them… 18 more words


SENRYU -- 04302014-2

SENRYU — 04302014-2

sudden urge

to putty

the plumber’s crack!

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