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The time for a new water heater is NOW!

There’s never been a better time to have your storage tank type water heater replaced!

SAVE $$$

If you’re even considering a new water heater and/or have the slightest concerns your existing one is “on its last legs” it would do you well to familiarize yourself with some major changes and new efficiency standards scheduled to totally transform the water heater market as we know it. 508 more words

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Helpful Plumbing Tips from a Fort Lauderdale Plumber

One of the most common customer statements I hear as a Fort Lauderdale plumber is “it just happened all of a sudden” referring to their plumbing emergency. 326 more words

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All about sink overflow holes...

Stinky sink? Many times my clients complain of a constant, persistent foul odor in their bathroom that’s reminiscent of a “wadded up wet towel left in the bottom of the hamper for a week or two”. 163 more words

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How to shut-off the main water supply to your home!

“Do you know how, more importantly where to shut-off the main water supply to your home?”

After 20 years it still surprises me that so many (in fact most) clients don’t know how to go about turning-off the main water supply to their homes. 403 more words

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Important Reminder - The CCB is Important when choosing a plumber!

Following our recent posting of The Oregon CCB press release about fake contractors, we at Sutherland Plumbing would like to remind our valued customers about why it is so important to make sure that you are using CCB Licensed contractors when hiring people/companies to do work in and/or around your home or business: 284 more words

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Plumbing in Philadelphia

Plumbing in Philadelphia – http://philahomerepair.com/home2/plumbing-philadelphia-2849/

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Even the most elegant bathroom looks fade after some time. So it’s required to renovate your bathroom. In many cases, it is possible to upgrade your bathroom to create a more relaxing and enjoyable space by adding a few more accessories. 379 more words

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