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Dollywood boutique plump up the voltage

This is absolutely amazing! You can check out my normal lips on selfies on my Insta @mommyandharley_ guaranteed to see a huge difference as I suffer with the fact I don’t actually have a top lip(a slight one I guess) 37 more words


Cracked 5 ... November 14th, 2017

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Last Confessions of a Turkey Before Thanksgiving

A. I tried to plump up my wife so they’d take her instead of me. 50 more words

Cracked 5

8. Grooming: I didn't do it!

Well! I certainly did it! Would like to write about how I spent my weekend. Grooming is one of the criteria in my to-do list for this year. 287 more words


Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme

I am almost as obsessed with Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme as I am with Kylie Jenner – okay probably more. Who doesn’t want Kylie’s inspiring pout though am I wrong? 118 more words


Plump, plumb, plum.

Plump comes from a dutch word meaning blunt, not sharp, rounded.  It now means full with fruits or overweight with people.  It has become something of an insult, equating with being fat.  147 more words


7. Fitness goals: Heights of H2O

#I wanted to inaugurate my fitness regime with water. I always used to think that water is an overhyped ingredient of fitness. Eventually, I got to realize that maybe it’s even undermined. 242 more words


5. It's better late than never!

Writing almost after 3 years. Surprised how life changes. Like people say age is not just a number friends! Age is wisdom (well! Not speaking about the ones that never grow up), age is the experiences we have in the process of growing up, age is an evolution of us as a person, a better version of YOU, compared to the last year. 109 more words