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March Plunder Posse

Have you heard of Plunder jewelry? In Christmas of 2016, my parents got me a Plunder Posse subscription and it was seriously the best thing all year long! 102 more words


FREE Jewelry!!!

Who doesn’t love jewelry especially when it is FREE???

This week I took the plunge and became a plunder stylist!

I decided to become a plunder stylist so I can spend more time at home and on my homework rather then at my part time job at the gas station! 217 more words


NON-FICTION: Plunder by Catherine Johnson 

The night before I left for Southeast Asia, my friend Annie commented that this trip would be a life-changing experience. At the time, I almost didn’t believe her. 3,661 more words


Wars within

War is something that I have never been able to grasp because of the huge loss of life.   My logical brain understands that there are powers that are within the world that have reeked havoc in the world and the only way to bring peace was through war.     494 more words

Faith Walk Reflections

Esther 8:11, Question 2. Why do the letters command the Jews to plunder?

  • R’ Dovid Feinstein writes that the Jews were expected to plunder the wealth of the gentiles because of mida kineged mida (“measure for measure”). After all, Haman’s decree (Esther 3:13) included gentiles plundering the valuable of their Jewish victims.

  • 108 more words

Beyond Hook/Poetry

Words of
solitary tongue,
weave streams
through fingers;
a webbing
of an amphibian
out of water
placed in a tub

Nymph mute
but the ink that… 30 more words

Catalan protesters clash with police over 'plunder' of religious artefacts

BARCELONA (Reuters) – Protesters clashed with police trying to reclaim disputed religious artefacts from a museum in Catalonia on Monday, in the latest display of tension between Catalan separatists and Spain’s central government ahead of a Dec. 6 more words