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The Flash S03 E11: 'Dead or Alive'

H.R., the Harrison Wells from Earth-19 has been a lot of things we did not expect, but a criminal? The Flash must get ready as a bounty hunter from Earth-19 is here to for H.R., and for Cisco, it’s both love at first sight, but also a battle to the death with Gypsy. 1,163 more words


Case Brief: Enrile v Sandiganbayan and People

G.R. No. 213847,     Aug. 18, 2015

Juan Ponce Enrile


Sandiganbayan ( 3rd division ) and People of the Philippines


Year 2014, Sen. Enrile was charged with plunder before the Sandiganbayan for their alleged involvement in the diversion and misuse of appropriation under the PDAF. 330 more words

Case Digests

Deuteronomy 3

Moses, following God’s order, continues his battle march North, and encounters King Og, of Bashan. Moses  and his army swiftly slaughters every person (including women and children) in over 60 towns, plundering and destroying them. 62 more words


Switchflip levering;

Why sanction the players?

Nothing & Something

Too many uncovered alleyways –

A shrike of assemblage*

Jaggers and judders,

Old-timey fragments

Settle and plunder… 28 more words

Contemporary Poetry

A buffoon reads history

  I met a man with a look so gullible,
who’s said to come from a village called Global.

Among the families with a very few highcaste, 172 more words


Numbers 31

Hello, and welcome to the very first Daily Motivational Random Bible Chapter. Today’s random chapter begins with God’s vengeance upon the Midianites. He orders Moses to command his troops to kill all the people of Midian, burning their homes and stealing all their wealth. 58 more words

Zephaniah 2

Today’s motivational random bible chapter is a warning to the enemies of Judah. God’s anger and wrath is promised in a long list of threats including death, destruction, plunder, desolation, war, etc.