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Simon wants to contact the deposed King Demetrius II (1 Macc 13:33-13:35)

“Simon built up the strongholds of Judea. He walled them all around, with high towers and great walls, gates, and bolts. He stored food in the strongholds. 101 more words

The Plundering of a Nation by a Beloved Company

From Common Dreams, by Paul Buchheit, May 2015

An emotional response to any criticism of the Apple Corporation might be anticipated from the users of the company’s powerful, practical, popular, and entertaining devices. 1,024 more words



Socialism is the plunder of the productive by the unaccountable.

Republics & Reichs

258. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Saturday, May 16th, 8:00pm
Edward (and Lily)

Edward sits at the window. Lily takes the seat beside him.

Lily: How’s the new job going?

Edward: Oh hi. 220 more words

Short Stories

Ben Hur Luy’s P150 million

         News organizations reported today that about One Hundred Fifty Million Pesos was found in the bank accounts of plunder state witness Ben Hur Luy — to which the DOJ state prosecutor said this had not been proven and in any case Ben Hur is immune from prosecution under the Witness Protection Program. 321 more words


Coddling Estrada, December 28, 2002

PREPOSTEROUS. Unconstitutional. A squandering of the people’s money. Another foolish coddling of the ousted leader.

That’s how I would describe the recent indulgence of Joseph Estrada, who was allowed to go to the Mother Ignacia Healing Center in Caloocan City last week for what he believed would be a miracle cure for his arthritis and “wounded spirit.” 795 more words


Missing evidence, December 15, 2002

IT’S INCREDIBLE. The pre-trial set last Monday on the criminal cases against Imelda Marcos for her alleged dollar accounts abroad without the permission of the Central Bank was re-set by the regional trial court of Manila to Jan. 826 more words