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Writing a historical book and research

In preparation for writing the full version of Plunder, I did some research. I read a few books and thought I had “enough” to write. 223 more words

Delilah Night

Utopia and markets

We hear it all the time. On a regular basis. Having to do with pretty much everything.

Why is the price of gasoline so high? Mainstream economists respond, “it’s the market.” Or if you think you deserve a pay raise, the answer again is, “go get another offer and we’ll see if you’re worth it according to ‘the market’.” 2,005 more words

When a story isn't yours to tell

Every writer fails, and we all have story(ies) that go unfinished for any number of reasons. Sometimes they defeat us. Sometimes they aren’t our stories to tell. 1,005 more words

Delilah Night


Have you ever been to a plunder party!?

This last week I decided to host a catalog launch open house! When all said and done my mother asked me how I thought it went. 130 more words

Let us do away with our political class

As elections draw closer there is always heightened activity among aspirants for various seats to lure voters.

We, the people, should realize, and past experience has shown us, that politicians will not do anything for the common man yet we are all enamored and engrossed over their actions. 392 more words


Personalized Plunder Atlases.

Personalized Plunder Atlases?

What is that exactly?

A personalized Plunder Atlas is a piece of plunder jewelry that you can personalize with your own quote or personal photo. 75 more words

Feeling Green: Five #ootd Featuring My Favorite Color

Right around Saint Patrick’s Day every year, I find myself wearing a lot of green. It’s not hard to do since it’s my favorite color anyway. 407 more words