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Dancing By The Sea By Cobi White.

Thank you Mahmut Orhan and Sena Sener

I was listening to ‘Feel’ by the sea

When the inspiration for Dancing By The Sea came.

Download Dancing By The Sea.



[OT] Off Topic (Kind of): PLUR culture.

So before we start, a little disclaimer about this post. It isn’t directly related to the game of Dance Dance Revolution but I will tie it in because I feel like it is related in some way. 462 more words


El Puro In Concerto by Cobi White

I just made new music. It’s called El Puro In Concerto.

‘El Puro In Concerto’ is classical music for your relaxation.


Free Download Available.



P.L.U.R- what is it

With the rave culture there had emerged a mantra based upon the acronym “PLUR”- peace, love, unity and respect. It had started during the 1960s-1970s when the cultural innovations of: freedom of expression, acceptance and unification became popular. 250 more words

Spirits Within by Cobi White

In pure PLUR spirit I present to you my new song: Spirits Within.
For your Relaxation.

Download Spirits Within by Cobi White Here.



The Magic Glasses Vol. 1; Issue 2-Buy Your Friends

OMG there are so many people here! Let me text Bertha and see if she is here.

Wow! This night is going to be Epic! The Music is Awesome and everyone is having a great time! 829 more words