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Lost 'n found

Not a patriot

No patreon

Cat eye flickers

As the flame burns on

Glimmer of concern

As the distance seems too far gone

Every instance… 41 more words



Theres a hole in the whole

And its role is control

Bottomless pit

get past it

Poofed to a

Martyred droll

Stagnate effort flow

Or secrets held down below… 18 more words



You don’t believe in monsters

But they believe in you

Watching steps you take

waiting for the slip

And fall

So they can pull you through… 71 more words


Another me

Since i was a child

asking stupid questions

Gaining useless knowledge

clowning untill they smiled

Focuses shifted to self from the now

Soul cried a long while… 108 more words



Your love like an echo resonating back what we both desire

Unconditional warmth wrapped together elevated concepts

Eternal burning fire

Speechless intuition

No man-made construct addition… 60 more words


The Magic of Kandi

The multicolored accessories also known as Kandi is the self respecting fashion trend of today. Is a fashion statement and a symbol of PLUR. But how did Kandi come to be? 190 more words



Spectators spectacles

Kinsian ideology

Where to place the testicles

Masonic androngenous

Sadists polluted endocrine

No time to step back

from narratives swimming in

Constantly erecting fallacies… 98 more words