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Here we can see what the raving experience is all about! A filled “room”, open air or not, with someone who is able to take us through various and different magical music jorneys in a collective setting where it seems you come in and out of awareness of your surroundings… Because the music is so good, you can’t keep your eyes open too long, you want to feel/live the energy of the people around you, the so called “vibe” that only a rave can put you in! 369 more words



It seems that as I was typing the post about UNITY, Tomorrowland was broadcasting a performance by the National Orchestra of Belgium. The piece was pointedly called… 239 more words

5ª Dimensão


I’ve always loved raves because, at least in Toronto, Canada, where I lived for 14 years,  we could all be free to be ourselves in a very positive environment! 288 more words

5ª Dimensão


The Ryedale Festival opens today up in North Yorkshire. In anticipation of the appearance of my group ‘æðelfrìth next week on Friday 24th, this is a synopsis of an original piece that I have written.  863 more words

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Electronic dance music (EDM) is the the new trend in our growing music evolution worldwide. Though it was established in 1913 and passed on to the next generations, through modern technolgy EDM was enhanced with big productions, and opened big opportunities for aspiring talented artists know as… 180 more words


EDC Las Vegas 2015!

One of the biggest events in the world known as the Electric Daisy Carnival originally started in Los Angeles but since the growth of EDM (Electric Dance Music) has grossed in popularity by various different people in the past 10 years, EDC has taken it’s way to Las Vegas as well as different countries and states. 873 more words