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End of Semester Post

As the fall semester comes to a close, so will my blog. This has been such a fun mini project to take on. Who knows, maybe I’ll keep it going as a little side project? 242 more words


Humour : Reviews Online🏄😸😀

Legendary hilarious reviews award goes to “HIFIMAN HE1000 Setero Wired Headphones” worth INR ₹2,19,990 only

Caution : Hilariously funny reviews ahead

Healing miracle:

Life savior: 68 more words


the wolf within us

wrote this in 2014 for my creative writing class, which I took as an extra elective… one day I hope to complete it;

Jane Bensen stood in her old teenage bedroom surveying her lanky image in the full-length mirror, readying herself for the commotion downstairs; subconsciously preparing to battle the suffocation of all the eyes on her. 1,598 more words

Im Late


As you can imagine, I’ve been curious about topics to “have my opinion” about. With that said, that’s exactly what it will be … my opinion. 62 more words


Elements Of Life

This one is very elemental and beautifully explains the concept of human life ,death and its insignificance. It captures the futile human effort for other things in life rather than “living in the moment” and “letting it go with the flow”. 59 more words

छोटी-सी खुशी!🎷

Waste of Money : My Thought

Some people buy large shampoo bottles thinking that it will cost them less money as compared to the Sachets. So let’s debunk this myth ;-) 263 more words

छोटी-सी खुशी!🎷

KandyGem #24: The Perks of Twerks

Every female has gotten their way at some point in time by using their feminine wiles. I know I have. I’m pretty sure if I had chosen to really master the skill I prolly could be living a great perklihood, but naw my ass had to be all feminist and shit and get a good education, a great career, pay my own bills, cover my half of dinner and never ask for anything out of pride. 779 more words