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What you need to know for this years EDC

Electric Daisy Carnival or EDC, is an annual electronic dance music festival AKA a huge RAVE!!!!! This year EDC has decided to do things a little different and I am here to tell you what’s new! 442 more words


New Glitter Shade Fairy Cake

Sparkle like a Fairy 🧚‍♀️ with our brand new glitter shade ‘Fairy Cake’ available in all quantities from a pot to a kilogram. In ultra fine, chunky and extra chunky 💕 Suitable for any application your heart desires. 58 more words

Quarter Life Crisis

Yesterday I celebrated my 25th birthday. In following a tradition I have I reflected on where I’ve been and where I’m looking to go. I came to some very big realizations. 104 more words

Your own beauty is your look

One of the things I truly love most about raves is the ability to wear what you would like and feel confident with your body. 474 more words


Digging Deeper.

It’s been a quick minute since I’ve had a chance to write. I’m trying to find a healthy balance of my time. I say I’m free flowing , but I still have a lot of baggage. 70 more words


Finally letting the warmth in.

I’ve talked a little bit about having started a journey. I want to elaborate a bit more on where it has brought me. I took for granted a lot of the things that now give me so much life. 58 more words


Plur Genocide is a track definitive of Carnage's persona

Written By: Jordan Platt

Carnage. Steve Aoki. Lockdown. These 3 gentlemen came together and made a gorgeous masterpiece Labeled, “Plur Genocide”. Some real rave shit and we are loving it! 133 more words