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Change the Y to I

Didn’t we all learn this in third grade: To form the plural of a word ending in a consonant and Y, change the Y to I and add ES. 36 more words



Here you have a game to practice some words in singular and plural form.


Electric Guest - Plural

Electric Guest is a duo founded in 2011 comprised of Asa Taccone (vocals and instrumentals) and Matthew “Cornbread” Compton (drums).  Plural is their second studio album, released in February 2017, some five years after their album-length debut  424 more words



Do you know when to add -ies, -ves, -s and -es ?

We’re going to look at these important spelling rules then there’s a spelling test so read carefully. 636 more words


No big deal, right?

No big deal, right? Just because a professional writer for Yahoo Style has no idea how to form the plural of a name (Hint: It doesn’t include an apostrophe), it’s reason to criticize. It’s just creative spelling!


10 plural nouns

Plural nouns are nouns which are always plural and have no singular form. They are often things which have two parts joined together, e.g. trousers… 130 more words



One of the many tiny things that nanotechnologists have developed is a laboratory so small that a mere sliver of silicon can accommodate it. I don’t know what to admire more: this feat of engineering on the littlest imaginable scale or the succinct and graphic name they’ve coined for it,  640 more words