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FREE Infographics for you to share during Plural Acceptance Week!

We worked hard to provide good infographics for the Plural Acceptance Week. Together with the Plural Events Team it was decided to upload them in bulk, so you can all use them for the rest of the week! 64 more words

Happening right now: Kicking off Plural Acceptance Week 2019!

This week from Monday July 15th till Sunday July 21th 2019 it’s Plural Acceptance Week. (PAW) Which includes Plural Pride Day on Saturday July 20th 2019! 124 more words

Meet Kay!

Hello everyone! My name is Kay, I’m currently the host. Let me tell you a little bit about me. I am female and identify with the body. 337 more words


Growing in your Plural Pride part 1

A thought; We still often connect switching with triggers.
By now many people say switches come from positive or negative triggers.
But do they?
By talking about switching like this, don’t we make it a bigger deal then it is? 295 more words

Alternative forms for plurals

There are alternatives for plural forms:

  • the russian form: for frontal (-ov) and lateral (-ev) words ending with consonant, it takes word stress upon itself.
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The plurals

Regular plurals are marked by -k, plus some link vowel for consonant-ended words.