Favorite March Sales & Finds

Here are some of my favorite sales from March:

Paid $0.25 and Sold for $19.99 after 13 days listed

Paid $5.00 and sold for $20.00 after 14 days listed… 186 more words

Favorite Sales/Finds

Minions for Ovarian Cancer

From this day forward and as long as I can crochet, I will be donating all proceeds of Minion related crochet projects to Ovarian Cancer Canada… 17 more words

I snuggle at night with a large plush elephant from IKEA. He’s kind of a temporary substitute for my cat, his trunk usually resting across my neck throughout the night.

111 more words


Who doesn’t love Peeps? I have a friend who has given me some every year at Easter time for I don’t know how long, and this year was no exception. 646 more words

Pokémon Nicknames: Stufful and Bewear

Today on “Pokémon Nicknames”, I consider Stufful and Bewear. (Denny knocks Sapporo beer can over, but picks it up quickly with little spillage): Oops … sorry … I’m a… 745 more words

Pop Culture

Meet the Minions!

These charming fellows called the Minions are always looking to serve and have fun. Here’s to the Magic of the Minions from Simba.

Plush & Mush… 260 more words

Fun & Entertaining