Claw Machine Hunters!

Setiap kali lihat claw machine dengan boneka yang lucu lucu bgt pasti jadi ngiler.

Apalagi kalau ada boneka beruang nya! Bonek Beruang! Boneka Beruang! *KokJadiHebohSendiri.

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What's in the Box? Unboxing the Goods!

Hello, fellow collectors! I’ve just recently gotten a couple of packages in the mail, so I thought it’d be fun to do an unboxing post. One package came from Square-Enix and the other from AmiAmi. 472 more words

Plush Toys

Gift's Early Summer Campaign to start soon!

Gift’s online shop’s sale event is about to begin real soon, so it’s time to prepare your wallets! A quick update though: Gift tweeted a few days ago that they have added a new plush to the list of items that are going to be on sale…the… 247 more words

Plush Toys

My First Sewing Machine Mini Project

In a previous post, I set out goals for things to do with my new sewing machine. I didn’t set any deadlines, but here’s my progress! 507 more words


April's Crochet Adventures

This is the first crochet post on Grace Mountain Diaries. I kind of cannot believe it! Since my posts this week have been focused on Me Time (you can find the posts… 1,316 more words


Gift's Early Summer Campaign!

Gift tweeted early yesterday that they will be holding an online sale event called the Early Summer Campain. The event will be open onlineĀ from May 15th to May 25th, where people will be able to purchase… 983 more words

Plush Toys

Skitzo The 1920's Killer Bear Plush Toy Kickstarter

Hey guys it’s Raging Crow that guy with the fro and I’ve got something awesome for you guys. Now if you guys remember a while ago we did an interview with Crystal Gonzalez at the Latino Comics Expo. 117 more words