Who doesn’t love Peeps? I have a friend who has given me some every year at Easter time for I don’t know how long, and this year was no exception. 646 more words

Mystery Gift Winner Gets Something Totally Unexpected

What’s better than a mystery gift? Maybe the lottery, but handmade plushies are pretty good too, right?

I host giveaways and random drawings in my Facebook group (www.facebook.com/groups/TheClothSide) often. 317 more words

Pokémon Nicknames: Stufful and Bewear

Today on “Pokémon Nicknames”, I consider Stufful and Bewear. (Denny knocks Sapporo beer can over, but picks it up quickly with little spillage): Oops … sorry … I’m a… 745 more words

Pop Culture

Meet the Minions!

These charming fellows called the Minions are always looking to serve and have fun. Here’s to the Magic of the Minions from Simba.

Plush & Mush… 260 more words

Fun & Entertaining

Can I haz important?

My friend Vicki found this posted to the largest banyan tree* in the United States. An important note for an important tree.

Oh geez. This isn’t just an important tree. 153 more words


The Big Faux Pas

When I came out of the study into the living room I discovered Mak had done the thing-that-must-never-happen. Rollo was lined to me so he couldn’t have been a player in this drama unless his earlier mischief had knocked Backstir from his bookshelf perch. 66 more words