Pokemon Plush: Fire pup

Hello again! I have completed my 3rd pokemon practice plush: Growlithe. This little guy had a hard time at first. I was overconfident and made a few mistakes that created a rather deformed looking Growlithe. 715 more words


Arkin Plush - From Sketches to Completion

As you may or may not know, I’m offering arkin plushies as a reward for higher level pledges for my¬†Kickstarter campaign for Unbroken Light… 1,533 more words

Just For Fun

Pokemon Plush: Grass-Type Practice

Hello everyone! I have made my first two plushies: Shaymin and Chikorita. Since I am new to the craft of plush-making I asked my fiance and friends to tell me their favorite unevolved pokemon, so I could practice on them. 740 more words


cup noodle #cookinwifrabbits

Rufus: Since Zackary is busy takin care of Plushateer, Orlando & I thought we’d help by doing a cooking show for him #cookinwifrabbits

Rufus: First we remove the cardboard wrapping..cuz that’s not edible..or atleast I imagine it doesn’t taste too good #cookinwifrabbits… 184 more words


dumplings #cookinwifrabbits

Welcome to Cookin w/ Rabbits-Rabbits R da CHEF;NOT da Meal!! 2day we make Chinese dumplings(potstickers) 1st, we chop up garlic #cookinwifrabbits

Then we chop up some peeled ginger. 222 more words


Minions Sing' N Dance Bob

Minions Sing’ N Dance Bob desires to get grooving within the dance floor and sing his heart out. Minions Sing’ N Dance Bob interacts dances, sings, talks featuring its original voice and responds to yours. 223 more words

Despicable Me Action Figures