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Full Moon: 20 Scorpio 24


Life is busy busy busy now and this full moon in Scorpio will likely only hold our attention for a brief moment. Yet for those with natal placements in key sectors at these degree points, it will bring a cause for deep pause. 452 more words

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Today's Astro-Insights - Tues 9 May 2017

Today is likely to be rather intense, with a few dramatic twists and turns likely, both on the personal front and in leadership matters.

A Scorpio Moon, together with a Sun-Pluto trine (exact this evening at 19h23 BST) are the planetary factors driving the current cosmic weather. 182 more words

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Today's Astro-Insights - Thurs 20 April 2017

This morning, the Sun meets up with Mercury in the early degrees of Taurus. However, this crossing of paths will be fleeting – Mercury is retrograde after all – and will continue its journey over the cusp of Taurus, finally ingressing back into fiery Aries at around 18h35 BST. 122 more words

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There always seem to be a lot of fear and apprehension surrounding retrograde planets, especially Mercury. This week, Mercury will turn retrograde bringing the number of retrograde planets we have right now to a total of… 1,493 more words


This Weekend's Astro-Insights - Fri 7 Apr 2017

News flash! However satisfied you may be feeling with any progress made yesterday, expect a few spanners to be thrown in the works this weekend, care of a cardinal T-square involving the Sun, Jupiter and Pluto. 381 more words

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Today's Astro-Insights - Thurs 6 Apr 2017

In the early hours of this morning, Mars and Pluto will reach out across the heavens and join forces, resulting in a trine aspect. Both will be in one of the earth elements: Mars is currently touring Taurus, while Pluto is slowly working its way through Capricorn as part of a cycle that spans more than 25+ years. 221 more words

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Today’s Astro-Insights – Thurs 16 March 2017

In Roman times, mid-March was known as the Ides of March (a title that originally had lunar ssociations)  and has become firmly associated in folklore with the assasination of  Julius Caesar – and prophecies of doom. 304 more words

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