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New and Waxing Phases of the Leo Moon Cycle, Jupiter square Pluto

Welcome to Leo where drama is high and matters of the heart are of prime importance. This Leo season we’ll have ample opportunity to explore our own inner authority based on our intuition and heart center. 757 more words


Some Pluto In Capricorn Cautions

“Long-term sustainability” is more than just some trendy catchphrase; it’s a concept we all need to be deeply considering during Pluto in Capricorn. Why? Pluto represents the principle of destruction and when it inhabits the enduring sign of The Goat we do need to be very careful about things that degrade the long-term sustainability of something in our lives; particularly if it involves our career, professional field as a whole, status, or reputation and DOUBLY so if the cause of this potential ruin stems from any ethically funky conduct. 817 more words

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The Cosmetics Industry Will Be Sitting Pretty For Years To Come

In times of global financial uncertainty, one constant remains – people want to look their best. During the Great Depression, cosmetic sales overall allegedly increased by as much as 25%. 722 more words


This Week's Astro-Insights: 10-17 July 2017

Expect more intensity tomorrow morning as the Sun-Pluto opposition peaks on Monday, thereby completing a highly cathartic Full Moon phase.

After that, the Moon enters cool and detached Aquarius and things should begin to calm down a little. 117 more words

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Capricorn Full Moon & Pluto

Full Moon in Capricorn

The Full Moon in Capricorn on July 8 is applying tightly to a union with Pluto, dredging up more intensity from interior realms than is the norm for a Full Moon.   1,616 more words


Full Moon: 17 Capricorn 9'

That the outer space is dark, as opposed to our sky, is because there is no air or matter to reflect the light. In fact, the empty space is filled with visible light. 768 more words

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