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Omnipotent, Alchemical Force.  The most intense.

Cerebrus = Nature, Cause, Accident.

If life is a living Hell you can call on Pluto for help.   1,102 more words


Uranus in Taurus, What Can We Expect?

By Colleen Schmidt

Earlier in May Uranus began it’s journey through the sigh of Taurus. In light of the fact that the United States is also beginning what is referred to as it’s Pluto return, the fact that Uranus is starting its passage through Taurus at this time is significant. 620 more words

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New Moon December 7, 2018

DC Horoscope: New Moon @15Sag07 December 7, 2018 2:20:15 am est White House Washington DC; Hour of the Moon (fluctuations; changes) with Venus in Scorpio rising in 1st house and leading a BOWL shape of the planets, emphasizing the lower hemisphere, and denoting signs Taurus through Libra as representing “challenges to existence” ( 341 more words

Mundane Astrology

New Moon: 24 Taurus 36

On the Exquisite Flavor of Water

A new moon can be a subtle event in a world full of electric light. Many people are truly unaware of the monthly alignment and that’s understandable. 493 more words

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Mars In Capricorn Conjunct Pluto

We have a simmering – or perhaps festering, depending on your view – astrological event on our hands as the biennial conjunction of Mars with Pluto in Capricorn occurs this week… 411 more words

Current Astrology

Caution..the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn Dec 19, 2017 - March 23, 2020

As a fellow traveler to the east and a practicing astrologer – cum – reincarnated high priest of the ancient, I would like  to share some articles by known astrologers, Alethea of Empowered Destiny.com and Astrology Readings by Leslie Hale,  about the meaning of the transits of saturn, pluto and soon to join jupiter  through the constellation of Capricorn which is very timely considering the events unfolding in our craft particularly Philippine Masonry. 1,728 more words

Pluto In Capricorn

Celestial Twinkle: Mars 'Conjunct' Pluto in Capricorn April 25th, 2018

There is a relentlessness in the air with twinges of survival, death, grief and a tangible intensity like no other. As I tune in, even the land is feeling more restless and active (imprints on the land are surfacing such as pain that is held in the ground). 803 more words

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