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Welcome The Dog Stars And Dog Days Of Summer!

The dog days of summer is a common expression, though not everyone knows where the saying originated. It is an astrological/astronomical reference to the fixed star Sirius, aka the “dog star” located in the… 602 more words


Amazon, United States

In US in the 1960s, the youth of this country rebelled against “the establishment” with many professing to “drop out.” Fifty years later, the pendulum has swung and now all generations are willing, card-carrying members of the establishment from memberships to large business entities such as Costco and Amazon to numerous identity cards allowing us into corporate (name badge), financial (checking accounts) and health care establishments (health insurance). 1,123 more words

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Aspect of the Day: Mercury Trine Pluto Rx

Patience prospers when words are carefully reviewed and timing is measured. There is power in the pause.

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08-Scorpio And Pluto

Full Moon: 20 Scorpio 24


Life is busy busy busy now and this full moon in Scorpio will likely only hold our attention for a brief moment. Yet for those with natal placements in key sectors at these degree points, it will bring a cause for deep pause. 452 more words

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Today's Astro-Insights - Tues 9 May 2017

Today is likely to be rather intense, with a few dramatic twists and turns likely, both on the personal front and in leadership matters.

A Scorpio Moon, together with a Sun-Pluto trine (exact this evening at 19h23 BST) are the planetary factors driving the current cosmic weather. 182 more words

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Today's Astro-Insights - Thurs 20 April 2017

This morning, the Sun meets up with Mercury in the early degrees of Taurus. However, this crossing of paths will be fleeting РMercury is retrograde after all Рand will continue its journey over the cusp of Taurus, finally ingressing back into fiery Aries at around 18h35 BST. 122 more words

Daily Astro-Insights

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There always seem to be a lot of fear and apprehension surrounding retrograde planets, especially Mercury. This week, Mercury will turn retrograde bringing the number of retrograde planets we have right now to a total of… 1,493 more words