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Summer 2015

It has been awhile since I posted. This week I greceived a message from a high school friend asking me if I had blocked him from my blog. 1,651 more words

New Moon in Cancer

Cancer New Moon

New Moons are a time of visioning and nurturing the intentional seed we plant in the hidden depths of fecund darkness.  Cancer is a sign associated with birth, the creation of new life from the wombs of mothers, the arising of a new season at solstice, and the development of our personal identity from the matrix of our soul.   1,919 more words

Astrology Archetypes

Deeply Transformative

The planets are starting to get to me. Five days ago, the first breeze of the new energy hit me. Suddenly things I had put off for months were done in mere hours. 266 more words

Energy Updates

Subsurface Potency - Horoscope for July 12, 2015

Today the Moon is in Gemini, separating from a magical square to to Neptune. Five bodies in water means we can both be a bit bogged down in sentiment and emotion while also being in a better position to access the soul. 640 more words

Full Moon in Capricorn

Full Moon in Capricorn

Cancer and Capricorn are signs of solstices, peak times of birth and maturation, stages of intentional visioning and full illumination.   This Full Moon in Capricorn is the first full lunation since the solstice, and holds a thread to the previous season as it is square to the… 2,205 more words

Happy Birthday America!

I mean that with total love and affection. I love my country and my country men and women. America is a Cancer Sun nation, the sign most closely associated with family, heritage, homeland and patriotism.   1,122 more words


The Pluto/Saturn Mutual Reception, Revisited

Saturn is just about to dip back into Scorpio tomorrow for a final 3 month long foray before leaving this sign for good (well, the foreseeable future, anyway! 874 more words

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