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Pluto transiting the 12th house.

Let me start of by saying that having Pluto transit my 12th house for the past 3 years now has been both challenging and rewarding. I have noticed that at the beginning of the transit when Pluto was exiting the 11th house (house of friends,hopes and dreams) and entering the 12th house of secrets, sacrifice and enemies that by the first year I had almost no friends left. 199 more words

Virgo Reset

There’s a standing joke in our house that the only time I clean the bathroom is during the moon in Virgo. While not entirely untrue, Virgo moon is always excellent energy to get stuff done – especially tedious, boring, detail-driven administriva. 126 more words


Planetary Transits: Grace Under Tremendous Pressure

In my hermetic studies and practices, I work with the Tree of Life. Each Sephira on the tree has a multitude of correspondences, including planetary energies. 873 more words


(1.1.6) The Pluto Transit | El tránsito de Plutón

The Pluto Transit

Let us dive once more into the world of astrology. The year 2008 marked the beginning of a roughly 16-year period, which could be termeda “global clearing-out.” This timeframe, also known as Pluto Transit… 640 more words

Ingrid Auer

Fun with Pluto Transits

Hard to deny the effects of Pluto in your life. All these celebs have/had Pluto transiting major planets in their charts..coincidence their lives are turned upside down?! 20 more words

Pluto Transits