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Virgo Reset

There’s a standing joke in our house that the only time I clean the bathroom is during the moon in Virgo. While not entirely untrue, Virgo moon is always excellent energy to get stuff done – especially tedious, boring, detail-driven administriva. 126 more words


Planetary Transits: Grace Under Tremendous Pressure

In my hermetic studies and practices, I work with the Tree of Life. Each Sephira on the tree has a multitude of correspondences, including planetary energies. 873 more words


(1.1.6) The Pluto Transit | El tránsito de Plutón

The Pluto Transit

Let us dive once more into the world of astrology. The year 2008 marked the beginning of a roughly 16-year period, which could be termeda “global clearing-out.” This timeframe, also known as Pluto Transit… 640 more words

Spiritual Tools

Fun with Pluto Transits

Hard to deny the effects of Pluto in your life. All these celebs have/had Pluto transiting major planets in their charts..coincidence their lives are turned upside down?! 20 more words

Pluto Transits