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Weary, weary, and TGIF ...

This week has seemed busy, and I feel so tired and achy. I didn’t schedule any grooming for today, but instead attended the “Strawberry Tea” (a fund-raising function for the Hospital Auxilliary), shopped a little, and tended to the doggy and kitty guests. 827 more words

Life And Pets

Shawn Interviews Stacia Martin with the Disneyland Resort!

Shawn got the opportunity to chat with one of his FAVORITE people at the Disneyland Resort, Stacia Martin! Stacia is a Disney historian and an amazing artist! 13 more words

Diseases are Mostly an Option

For most of my life Pluto was a planet and then one day in 2006 it was not. We grow up with certain mindsets about foods that sometimes serve us and other times do not. 245 more words


Poem: The Severance of Venus


Hideous communication,

Words of contagion,

Reeking of syphilis

And spoilt children

Words without remorse,

Until tee-totalled with guilt,

Oppressive language,

My hands tighten,

Clutching at wordlessness, 224 more words


343 - Who's for Dinner?

I think Pluto’s just paranoid. They’re clearly just happy to have him for dinner!


Pluto’s 5 Moons In Motion - New Horizons Probe Captures...

Pluto’s 5 Moons In Motion – New Horizons Probe Captures First View

Small moons Styx, Nix, Kerberos and Hydra – along with the big moon Charon – ‘pulled up’ out of the noise and star field by processing images from the NASA probe’s Long Range Reconnaissance Imager (April 25th-May 2nd, 2015).

By: Video From Space.

Happy Birthday to all Geminis!

Venus rules Taurus and Libra, Pluto participates with Scorpio. Find the middle road, please.