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Part of my Charm

People often times say “you can’t get by on your good looks alone”, maybe their wrong. As I inch closer to the dreaded 40’s I find myself freaking out in a way I never expected. 1,357 more words


I really don’t know how it feels like to be your galaxy. Again.

I forgot all the constellations we’ve watched to form every line of disguise. 93 more words


August 18, 1930: A Dog Walks into a Bar

The world of Disney (as opposed to Disney World) is “peopled” by a group of cartoon animals who walk on two legs, talk intelligibly and dress stylishly. 287 more words

Wretched Richard's Almanac

Review: Pluto at the Cockpit Theatre

Who among us didn’t feel a little bit sad when Pluto lost its planetary status back in 2006? Partly because it messed up the mnemonic we all learnt at school (mine was Some Men Very Easily Make Jam Sandwiches Under No Pressure, which just doesn’t work without the P) but mostly because it just all seemed a bit unnecessarily harsh. 625 more words

London Theatre


Every once in a while a show comes along that is hard to place, it has pros, cons and a whole mix of emotions and I struggle to put a rating and judgement to it, Pluto by Moonchild Theatre Company is one of these shows. 605 more words

The Solar Eclipse of Great Shadow

August 21.2017

New Moon in Leo
Total Solar Eclipse in Leo

Many are primed and focused on this upcoming Eclipse and much has already been written about it. 1,013 more words


Venus opposite Pluto, 15th Aug, 2017!

VENUS in Cancer opposite PLUTO in Capricorn.
Venus rules, love, money, relationship, self-worth and values.
Pluto rules, sex, power, money, other people, transform and transcends. 272 more words