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Up Close and Personal with Pluto - Flagstaff, Arizona Photos Posted

2015 has been the Year of Pluto, as NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft hurtles through our galaxy and finally arrived this summer at the distant, cold and icy domain that has shrouded Pluto in mystery since its discovery in 1930. 248 more words


we've got ears! saaaay... weird.

I’ve made it part of our morning routine for me and Nora to watch The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse together right before I put her down for her morning nap. 298 more words


In the Sky in September 2015

You can read in detail about The Sky of September here. It will be the same year after year, Pluto and all.

Relax, Pluto WILL not go anywhere soon… 397 more words

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Pluto's Cycles of Glacial Flood and Retreat

The darker tone of the northern part of Sputnik Planum where the glacial front is flowing northward is clear in this enhanced color view.

So while land is being flooded with a tsunami of ice in the north of Sputnik Planum, in the south ice appears to be draining off the highlands south of the Norgay Montes and leaving behind a landscape painted in a patina of ice that shows up as a light greenish-blue in enhanced color images. 616 more words

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Viral Video: The Pluto System As Seen By New Horizons Spacecraft

Fly past Pluto in 23 SECONDS!

NASA took a bunch of photos taken by the New Horizons spacecraft when it flew past Pluto back in July, and turned them into a 23-second video that’s pretty cool.


Video Shows Flyby Of Pluto From New Horizons' Perspective

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A new video gives viewers a spacecraft’s-eye view of what it was like to fly by Pluto.

Images captured by the New Horizons probe were stitched together by Southwest Research Institute student Stuart Robbins, who helped plan the New Horizons mission. 55 more words