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Reflections on this week's alignment of Venus in Taurus opposing Jupiter in Scorpio and trining Pluto in Capricorn

The Great Attractor

The Law of Attraction
The Greatest Love Story Ever Told
Great Aspirations
Going for broke, all or nothing, crash through or crash… 461 more words

Astrology Signs

Saturn, Pluto and Anger

This is the first time in my life that both the winners and the losers in an election are angry. And, a full year, later… 301 more words

Life Cycles

Gauntlet X - Ominous

Got that Ominous Feeling, Obsessing on something untoward that you may have little Control over, and that refuses to Heel despite your Tapping and Thetas and Poor-Sweethearts?  342 more words


Your Venus is showing

Lately, all I’ve been doing is wanting and wanting and wanting. I want to be successful and party and meet and be with beautiful people. I want show off my skin and dance naked in my living room. 259 more words

Endocrine System in Medical Astrology - (Part V - Thymus Gland)

Thymus Gland (Venus, Neptune and Pluto ; Located in Taurus; Pisces ruling Human Lympathic System governing immunity) 

Traditional Astrology considers Leo / Sun as ruling factors for Thymus gland. 5,203 more words


Endocrine System in Medical Astrology - (Part IV - Thyroid Gland and Parathyroid)

Thyroid Gland (Taurus, Mercury / Jupiter and Pluto)

(Vedic astrological markers for the thyroid gland are Sun/Jupiter and Venus)

The thyroid produces two hormones, T3 (called tri-iodothyronine) and T4 (called thyroxine) – Ruling Planet Jupiter… 4,619 more words


Gauntlet IX - Confidence

Once we get through Chiron’s passage into Aries (1am PDT 17 April) Saturn’s Most-Important-Thing Station (7pm PDF 17 April), the most prominent Energies will be the Station of Pluto (8:30am PDT 22 April) and Chariklo (6am PDT 23 April), and they’ll already be in full Force.  393 more words

Gender Balance