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Haiku I

death has been vanquished

rivers alive once again

flowers bloom spring buds

Reddit Nominates Samus To Have A Part Of Pluto Named After Her

Various members of the Nintendo sub-Reddit have nominated Samus from the Super Metroid series as a name for the surface features on Pluto and Charon. The campaign started last night and already has 1075 up-votes. 19 more words


Thinking About Venus-Pluto...

My brain has been afflicted by Mercury in Pisces. I have been useless at writing lately. This is an atrocious state for a writer to be in. 914 more words


Decay and Pluto

The Moon in Cancer is applying to oppose Pluto in Capricorn in a few hours…

Pluto is associated with the process of decay, destruction, transformation and rebirth. 300 more words



 A Beginning or an End?

A Bridge between this side and the other side.

A Cycle


New Moon Solar Eclipse Heralds A New Beginning For All

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces @ 29 degrees on March 20/2015 heralds a new beginning for all. The beginning of this eclipse started in 1997 so think back to that time in your life and try to remember what was your new beginning then. 311 more words


Help Name Features on Pluto and Charon

The New Horizons spacecraft will fly past Pluto on July 14th and we’ll be able to see features that we have never seen before. We are being given an opportunity to vote on preselected names in various categories. 59 more words