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Pluto Direct: September 2016

Pluto went direct today! Time to come out of the shadows.

Pluto represents transformation, attachment, death, abuse, trauma, psychology, hurt, intimacy, sex. It’s the farthest planet from the Sun, it’s the parts of us that get the least amount of light. 292 more words


Pluto goes direct in Capricorn

One really fascinating way to take a deep look into each sign is to look up the Sabian Symbol (a system created in 1925 that gives a symbol and description for each 365 degrees of the zodiac)….more info at  1,264 more words

The Signs

One More Disney Teapot

The other day I posted a Disney Teapot for One but today’s teapot can serve many more people. At least two or three!

But let’s start by showing you the back of the pot first: 112 more words


Good Enough

i’m walking away from vulnerability
and slowly starting to close my heart off,
i think i’m better off using my heart less.
i was close to the cliff like… 224 more words


Pluto's Broken Heart

Scientists studying the data from New Horizons have had an absolute wonderland to play in, but one of the most compelling features right from the start was definitely Pluto’s “heart” — a vast white plain called Sputnik Planum that covers a huge portion of the surface.   473 more words


Pluto's 'heart' sheds light on possible buried ocean

Pluto’s Heart. Pluto’s famous “heart,” half of which was created by an ancient impact, offers clues about a possible subsurface ocean.


A giant asteroid impact in the dwarf planet’s past offers new insights into the possibility of an ocean beneath its surface. 127 more words