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Scorpio: Magician of the Deeps

Greetings and welcome back to Journeys! This month I have a post for you about Scorpio. You may also like to read my posts about… 7,077 more words


Sciency Words: Xena (An A to Z Challenge Post)

Today’s post is a special A to Z Challenge edition of Sciency Words, an ongoing series here on Planet Pailly where we take a look at some interesting science or science related term so we can all expand our scientific vocabularies together. 431 more words

Sciency Words

Beyond Lunar Limits: Lilith as a Conduit for Impersonal Transcendence

The usual discourse on Lilith begins with its discovery, followed by the emphasis on raw  feminine energy, coupled with empowering exertion. As a result of the growing interest in Lilith, both mythologically and as an astrological point, this post intends to forego the above and instead, focus on Lilith as means of attaining personal transcendence through the implementation of detached consciousness. 348 more words

Natal Chart


Moonchild Theatre‘s debut venture, a play written and directed by co-founder Callum O’Brien, recently had its first run at Barons Court Theatre in southwest London ahead of summer performances at the King’s Head and Cockpit theatres. 587 more words