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Function of the Week: count

I came across count last week while doing some research about logistic regressions at work. It was a joyous day to find this function because it is equivalent to something I’ve done numerous times in the past: … 129 more words


plyr : Handy tools for split-apply-combine

Back to my football (ok – soccer – if you are from that part of the world) theme. Let’s suppose you have data on the performance of 5 players in 4 matches. 1,103 more words


Lil Ripp - PLYR

Tacoma, Washington’s own Lil Ripp releases his new single “PLYR”. Track stream below, enjoy.


Shading between two lines - ggplot

First one to say geom_ribbon loses. I was plotting some data for a colleague, had two lines (repeated experiment) per person (time on the x axis) facetted by id, I thought it’d be nice to shade the area between the two lines so that when they were deviating you’d see a large shaded area, and when they were close there would be little shading, just to aid the visual of the separation between repeats. 721 more words