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Stephen Harper won't allow 'permanent underclass' of temporary foreign workers

Welcome reaffirmation of the value of immigration, leading to citizenship, rather than more temporary status.

However, a bit ironic, given that some of the changes to the citizenship program are leading to a greater share of some visible minority groups who are likely to remain permanent residents, unable to attain citizenship with the full panoply of rights that entails. 135 more words


Prime Minister Stephen Harper makes surprise visit to Iraq

WATCH ABOVE: Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s tour took him close to the front lines where the Islamic State extremists are waging war. Vassy Kapelos reports. 472 more words


PM Harper's 'dangerous' comments on Muslims show lack of understanding on culture, says Taylor

Hard to disagree with Charles Taylor’s assessment:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s comments on the niqab are “very dangerous” and could lead to stigmatization and even radicalization, one of Canada’s most renowned political thinkers said Saturday.

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Flashback for Trudeau: Some Canadian Muslims want Ottawa to ban niqabs

I noticed that newswatchcanada.ca had a title and link up this morning, from the Toronto Star, saying that at least one Muslim group wants the niqab and burkas banned in Canada. 426 more words


At Malala’s citizenship ceremony, will she be forced to bare her head? - Sheema Khan

Sheema Khan makes the point regarding the wedge politics of the PM and Minister Alexander regarding the niqab, and in Minister Alexander’s case, the hijab (from someone who should and does know better): 511 more words


VIDEO: Rex Murphy calls on Canada to go to war against Stephen Harper's terror bill

This is a call to arms for all Canadians to fight Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and his anti-terrorism legislation, Bill C-51. In a nutshell, this is Canada’s equivalent of the PATRIOT Act… 217 more words

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