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Positive PCOS Affirmations

Happy Humpday! I’m feeling really inspired by a book I am currently reading called Dare to Dream by Izzy Judd. I shall be writing a post shortly on this book because so far  I think it is a brilliant account of a couples experience with infertility, PCOS, anxiety and their experiences with IVF. 79 more words


Care of Collections: Preventative Conservation Cleaning

In late September of 2017, my fellow Fleming College students of the Museum Management & Curatorship Program (MMC) and I spent the day diligently cleaning the Peterborough Museum & Archives’ (PMA) collection building.  126 more words

Promoting Positive Mental Health

In case you may not be aware, today is World Mental Health day. It makes me so happy to see that there are so many dates throughout the year that now acknowledge and combat topics surrounding mental health. 1,371 more words


Can You Overcome Your Fears?

Sometimes, I feel a fear of being ostracized by my beliefs. Other times, I feel a fear of looking silly for trying something that others are obviously better at. 855 more words


Looking For The Good

Hi-de-hi Peeps!

There’s a lot of genuinely sad and irritatingly ridiculous news at the minute, but that seems to be the norm. The difficulty is not getting angry or despairing over the state of it all. 163 more words

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Morning my lovely Peeps!

Just a quick thought to share with you this morning before I go and play…*ahem* I mean work at toddler group :) 223 more words

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one of those days

I was prepared for our manic Monday I had my early A.M walk to give me some sanity entering this day with school runs, appointments, school runs again, meetings , ballet, homework by 2 ,meals for all in between all the shenanigans as well as my toddler whom we are attempting to toilet train at the moment, so my head was in a spin for the day too much happening ,I could not find a babysitter for my toddler so I could to meeting I was schedule to attend so was tempted to bring her along to the meeting  with me(madness) and then anxiety hit me like a bitch there was panic in my mind because of the toilet training business it would be a disaster ,so after little while of fretting I just calmed myself the only way was forward positively at that point said to myself “these are people you are going to meet ,call and explain” I did and it was fine they completely understood we rescheduled what a relief,  I felt just then a weight lifted from simple calm solution ,continuing on in the day thinking positive although still a bit anxious still had a few more hours to go before all ,apps, meetings, schools and ballet was complete so I did the first school run ,grand only an hour between the school runs I walked down it  wasn’t raining but had been felt like it was a safe call to walk ,my little gal likes to walk home usually when her friends who are going the same direction as us of course today they  were all getting drives or out from school ,so my darling was giving out and whinging at me the whole walk home why didn’t I drive ? 498 more words