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Minimalism: Minimize Your Thoughts

Sounds like I’m telling you to make yourself dumb, right? Not the case, but a mental slow down is definitely the ticket to a happier life. 434 more words


Positive Mental Attitude.

On a road trip from Brisbane to Melbourne, we stopped to get fuel in a town called Wagga Wagga in Southern New South Wales. After driving for 10 minutes, our car decided not to start as a result of using unleaded petrol instead of diesel. 454 more words


One Good Thing | January 9th-15th

Another week, time for another positive post! This one is a tad longer than last weeks, I feel my rambling ways may infect each of these weekly posts as we go along…! 421 more words


Google map of Shipping Agent

Following are the Google map of Shipping Agent at Karachi.

Pakistan National Shipping Corporation

Maritime Training Institute

Entice Shipping Company

Terra Marine

Jupiter Marine Service… 45 more words


Will the New FAA Manufacturing Rules Lead to a "Quicker Approval Process"?

Twice in the preamble to the new part 23 rule, the FAA explains that “many part suppliers may benefit from this performance-based rule through an expected quicker approval process.” 344 more words

How to be happy

Our brain is not designed to create happiness, as much as we wish it were so. Our brain evolved to promote survival. It saves the happy chemicals (dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin) for opportunities to meet a survival need, and only releases them in short spurts which are quickly metabolized. 651 more words