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      Motherhood Unveiled: “This Isn’t What I Thought”

Over the course of ten long and beautiful months of pregnancy there is so much excitement; the dreams, the little outfits and baby showers. 1,491 more words

I Have No Right to Be Depressed 

There’s this feeling I can’t shake that I just have no right to be depressed. I finally got pregnant. My first pregnancy (despite complications) went to term. 806 more words


Going Back To Work

In response to the fiasco with my disability leave, I was able to add all of my saved up vacation time to the end of my leave, and I was able to stay home for 10 weeks total. 735 more words


Today is a Bad Day

So far, all of these entries have been written months after they initially happened. I have had time to reflect, and time to think about how to discuss what happened and how I felt. 942 more words


Other People's Shit Doesn't Stop

This is the best advice that I have ever been given as a new mother.

After bringing baby home, I quickly fell into the trap of building a little bubble around him and myself, and blocking out the rest of the world. 787 more words


Is it Everything You Dreamed it Would Be?

If you have ever asked this to a new mother and were not being sarcastic, fuck you.

What do you expect the answer to this question to be? 795 more words


Everything Goes to Hell

Within the first few days of giving birth I had the typical “Baby Blues,” but being a veteran of depression and anxiety, I could feel that they were different than I was used to, and did not worry too much about them. 609 more words