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Mayday, Mayday, Mayday

M’aider: help me

repeated three times in a row

internationally recognized distress call

Next 31 days – third May I’ve tackled mental health issues for a month straight…

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Mental Health Month 2017

On having a baby after a PMAD

by Kaela Koepke

I’d like to dedicate this second pregnancy to Prozac. I’m 3.5 months pregnant with number two and already the difference in my mood between pregnancies is night and day; the contrast is astounding. 834 more words


All quiet on the southwestern front or: how anxiety is eating my lunch

All quiet on the southwestern front, I know. It’s hard to write when things are hard, not because there is less to say, but because it feels like those things might be less worth saying. 892 more words

A Post about Postpartum Anxiety

You’re pregnant? Wow! Congratulations!

Book in and see a midwife immediately. You’ve been taking folic acid for a few months already, right? Rest if you’re tired. 761 more words