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All quiet on the southwestern front or: how anxiety is eating my lunch

All quiet on the southwestern front, I know. It’s hard to write when things are hard, not because there is less to say, but because it feels like those things might be less worth saying. 892 more words

A Post about Postpartum Anxiety

You’re pregnant? Wow! Congratulations!

Book in and see a midwife immediately. You’ve been taking folic acid for a few months already, right? Rest if you’re tired. 761 more words

PMAD: Secrets of the Journey

The first secret to the journey is that sex is a big deal especially when used in the wrong manner. Many people believe that all sins are equal none is greater than the other… but I have found that to not be the case ( in… 1,483 more words


PMAD: Condemnation 

So it’s almost 4am and I have yet to go to sleep. I am literally processing all things from the day (now yesterday) and week. It’s only at a time like this does your flesh try to “think” that it runs you. 540 more words


How I Cope

It’s no secret to anyone who has known me for any amount of time (or sometimes even to the nice mom I meet in the coffee shop, within about five minutes of chatting–sorry, nice person!) that I have struggled with depression and anxiety for most of my life. 2,051 more words

PMAD: no distractions

First,Happy Thanksgiving! I know many of us will be with our families. Usually this can be a time where we just let everything go. We want to fit in so bad with our family that we tend to through our goals to the side to please them instead of being the black sheep. 291 more words


PMAD: How Do You Love Me

So I  just heard the song How Do You Love Me  (click to hear the song) by Sango feat. SPZRKT (some of my favorite artist). First of all I loved it! 892 more words