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Tal Afar: Spark for a Turkey-Iran Proxy War?

MATTHEW SCHWEITZER — In Tal Afar, an overstretched Iraqi Army leaves regional powerbrokers and their proxies room to fight, with little chance of mediation. 1,711 more words


Forgotten Front Line in Hawija

MATTHEW SCHWEITZER — The Iraqi government has ignored Hawija’s plight, risking future unrest.  1,527 more words


Where will Wyeth's horses go?

Pharmaceutical giant Wyeth puts thousands of horses at risk of slaughter with announcement of massive PMU farm closures

Houston, Texas (Apr. 27, 2005) – Wyeth Pharmaceuticals sounds a death knell for thousands of horses with its recent announcement that it is significantly reducing production of its hormone replacement therapy drugs for women made from pregnant mare’s urine. 386 more words

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PMU Horses win two awesome new friends

Jane Allin and I, together with you, have been championing the cause of PMU horses for over a decade.

PMU horses are mares kept continually pregnant in order to collect their estrogen rich urine to make drugs like Prempro, Premarin and Duavee for the easing of menopausal symptoms. 587 more words


Side effects of raising awareness about the Premarin family of drugs and PMU horses

There have been significant side effects to the work we are doing on behalf of the horses affected by the making of the Premarin family of drugs — Premarin (cream and tablet), Prempro, Premphase and Duavee. 825 more words


Reduce food waste; Feed more

Building upon the movement in France and a few other European countries to cut food waste, a new Danish grocery store, Wefood, is committing to selling only food that other supermarkets are discarding. 160 more words


If you can't sell it, donate it

Remember in high school when we were “forced” to dedicate a certain number of hours towards community service? France is taking this a little more serious in one respect, by creating a law requiring all edible, unsold food to be donated to charities and food banks.  143 more words