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A Manifesto: If We Don't Act Now, Who Will?

This is a manifesto of the millions of supporters of the Good Governance Program of President Noynoy Aquino.

The antis, although lacking in numbers, make it up with noisy rhetoric, and they count some in the media. 127 more words

More than a Thousand People

National Transformation Council spokesperson: “In fact since August last year, we have been going around the Philippines. We have talked to more than a thousand people already.” 72 more words


It's EDSA's 29th! But what's the point?

For us working in the education industry, the commemoration of EDSA People Power Revolution is a breather. (It’s a holiday!) Who would not want a pause in the middle of the week? 377 more words


Last January 25, it was the day that 44 Special Action Force or SAF sacrificed their lives just to achieve peace in our society especially in Mindanao. 732 more words


The battle for relevance

Nearly a year before the 2016 presidential elections, 15 months before PNoy retires back to his relaxed lifestyle, talks of PNoy’s ouster, cou pd’état or another ‘people power,’ and a national transformational council (NTC) take the national attention. 516 more words

EDSA 29: NOY NOY Parin

Naaalala pa ba natin ang pinakamatagumpay  at mapayapang Rebolusyon  sa pilipinas na  hinangaan sa buong Mundo. Sumasariwa pa ba sa ating mga kaisipan ang tunay na diwa nito. 660 more words

Aquino’s “scolding” of SAF widows callous, indecent- KAMP

“No one in his right mind would treat the SAF widows like President Aquino did,” Piya Macliing Malayao,spokesperson of indigenous peoples’ alliance Kalipunan ng mga KatutubongMamamayan ng Pilipinas (KAMP.) 487 more words