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Philippine Normal University: CTP Admission Requirements and Process

When I was planning for 2017, two of my main goals were to earn education units and to take the Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET). Many of my previous co-workers and teachers that I’ve met at special education seminars I’ve attended said that I should take education courses at the… 711 more words

Teacher Joy

Marbles: Two One, Twenty Seven plus One

Congested in a big box,
Different colors and hues.
They say, a personal pick,
Not random and not tricked.

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Dear Stressed Sojourner,

Every time I stand in front of the mirror, I have the common, bizarre, vivid visions like yours

—that whirling dark smoke which seemed to wrap around and suffocate you with nightmares and bitterness until you choke out the magic elements in the periodic table… 390 more words


From December 2016’s Friday the 13th Demo teaching at Grade 6 Marangal of ITL.

Uni Updates

#Get_Mobile - Vive la évolution !

Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic. – Arthur C. Clarke

On 15th of December 2016, my classmates and I attended the last seminar of the year “Get Mobile“.

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Semester an der Pusan National University / Korea

Auch wenn man manchmal mit Englisch nicht weiterkommt, schlägt einem eine ungeheure Hilfsbereitschaft entgegen und als Deutscher hat man bei den meisten einen tadellosen Ruf in Korea.

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Semester Abroad

Watson goes to college

The IBM Watson Cognitive Computing Project – in partnership with IBM Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)/New York/Chicago and PNU Computing School.

I developed the module around a high-tech marketing case study that introduced to 58 second year, MINTD students to the concepts of cognitive computing, human-computer interaction, app development, artificial intelligence, cloud, and data analytics to meet client needs within specific industries such as healthcare, financial services, and government. 127 more words