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The Quest for the Perfect Kimbap

My American friends all know how delicious kimbap 김밥 is because I forced them all to try it at some point and got them all addicted to its amazingness. 493 more words

EPIK 2015/16

DICE Seminar - Smarter Cities

On the 14th of September our University held a Seminar Introducing us To Smarter cities and covering all aspects that has to do with this topic. 474 more words

Smarter cities

In the 15th of September I attended a seminar in princess Nora university on smarter cities arranged by Dr. Anne Morrissey who worked with the Green Campus Team at Dublin City University. 642 more words


Career goals

“The beauty and the challenge of serving in government is to figure out whether beaurocracy will break or enrich you.”

– DBM Asec and Chief of Staff Clare Amador…

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Why Stop Alcoholism 2015 is Uhuru's Mass Action Moment

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s recent meeting with NACADA officials at State House that sparked off the violent, ill fated fight against alcoholism in Central Kenya draws ominous parallels with another meeting the International Criminal Court accused Uhuru for chairing at State House in January 2008 that kicked off retaliatory attacks by Mungiki on supposed ODM supporters in Nakuru and Naivasha. 461 more words


Homestay II: A Rural Experience


Time flies when you are having fun. That was never as relevant as the time we spent in the North of Luzon. On top of our wonderful arrival from PNU NL, with full festivities and wonderful student lead curation, the activities for the week provide a nice balance in our studies of mostly indigenous peoples. 913 more words