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creating Purchase order Packing slip through X++


PurchFormLetter             purchFormLetter;

PurchFormletterParmData     purchFormLetterParmData;

PurchParmUpdate             purchParmUpdate;

PurchParmTable              purchParmTable;

PurchParmLine               purchParmLine;

PurchTable                  purchTable;

PurchLine                   purchLine;

PurchId                     purchId;

Num                         packingSlipId;

purchId         = “00001625”;

packingSlipId   = “00001625”; 154 more words

Ax 2012

From Milan to Venice: the Pô River

Italy is one of the most beautiful country in the world. Even though Northern Italy is certainly not the most touristic part, the ride along the Pô River is absolutely magnificent. 518 more words


Segata Sanshiro vs Po

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Suggested by Adrogoz The Teletubbies are a pretty tight unit of fighters who can hold their own against just about anyone. Thing is, they still aren’t quite ready to handle someone like Segata. 20 more words


Hits and Misses on P&O Arcadia

Cruise ships have a lot of things in common with one another, but they have differences as well. Depending on what any individual person looks for in a cruise they are bound to find some ships more appealing than others – though it won’t always be the same ship since one person’s ideal ship is different from another’s. 1,450 more words

Cruise Ship

First Week of Travel Plans

Hey guys! I hope you are all keeping well and are starting to enjoy the summer. As promised I’m going to share and explain my first week of a month traveling. 411 more words


Grand Parenting

I see them as the future.

They will remember me in their past.

I know this from what is now in my past.



Life Chatter

29.05.18, 10:26:00

I don’t know who needs this today (maybe it’s just me)– but know this:

yes, there will be days that overshadow the next.
you might feel a little helpless. 20 more words