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Weekend Brunch #11: Sweet Potato Cakes with Poached Egg, Yoghurt & Harissa Butter

When I was growing up, I used to eat a lot of champ – an Irish dish of creamy mashed potatoes with spring onions – especially in the winter. 705 more words


Life simple pleasures: Tomato & Egg

Ah! Such an amazing match: the rich tomato sauce infused with Italian herbs, nurturing the egg-poached goodness and a warm crusty bread. I am absolutely in love <3. 456 more words


Spaghetti with bacon, poached egg, tomatoes and sesame seeds

I had this last Sunday for lunch.

I had this at the Japanese-French fusion café at Bugis Junction, Miam Miam. The sauce was savory and might have been made of miso and fried leeks. 8 more words


Weekend Update

Thursday afternoon I went to pick up mom so she could spend the weekend with me.  She’s so sweet & considerate.  Yes, my sister (and myself) can’t always say that about mom, but you know what, (MO) you need to look at who your parents are right now!   686 more words


(Open) Face (sandwich) your fears of this blizzard!

To Brunch

tuu brən(t)SH/


brunch ‎(third-person singular simple present brunches, present participle brunching, simple past and past participle brunched)

  1. To engage in eating an eloquent blend of breakfast and lunch, which is indulged in later than breakfast and earlier than lunch.
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SNOWMG and The Dabney

Snowmaggedon is here.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised; People have been running around D.C. all week preparing for the storm. But when I saw the snow start to fall last night, it still took my breath away. 419 more words

Scarvelli Cafe

Wood Fired Salmon

Torn wood fired smoked salmon, caramelised onion, minted pea and caper frittata, rocket, avocado and tomato corn salsa, poached egg

Ample salmon, fresh ingredients and a perfectly poached egg made up this colourful dish. 139 more words