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Jamie's Italian

Sunday Brunch Special: Gnocchi in brown butter with sage, Romanesco broccoli, topped with a poached egg, $21.95 at Yorkdale

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North York

Say Cheese

Yet another food-related post, I know. I can’t help it though, when you live in a new city it’s almost imperative that you try every single credible place there is for food, bevs and music, so you’re just going to have to put up with me. 412 more words

the idgaf Chicken Cheat Burger

Sometimes you have to listen to your body, and when your body wants something warm and gooey, you go for it.  Click through the pics below for the yumminess my muscles were begging for: runny yolk.  566 more words

One minute Poached Egg

I have tried and tried to make perfect poached eggs or even imperfect poached eggs the regular way. So far I have tried Julia Child’s way, swirling, breaking into it and each time I would end up with half the amount and no edible material. 80 more words


Poached Egg Taco Bowl

This is one of those recipes that comes about at the end of the week when you are two tired to cooks. You could also fry the egg. 55 more words


Det perfekte, pocherede æg. 63-grader metoden og Oeufs Florentine/Eggs Sardou til hele banden. Hollandaisebastarden.

Spejlblanke, gammeldags marinerede kryddersild på rugbrød med greve-fedt, rå mængder rødløg og røget spidskålssalat. Stivede, gamle stofservietter, det fine plet fra farmorolde og en kluksnaps.  Ovenpå silden hvælver sig en perfekt sfære, som gennembrudt bløder flydende cremethed udover den sød-syrlige anretning. 1,540 more words


Packed Brunch

Spicy palm oil beans and potatoes, sausage and a poached egg on half an avocado (to cool the spicy) Tangerine for fun.