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Creamy Polenta with Braised Greens and Poached Eggs

I just love, love a poached egg. I only discovered the heaven of a runny yolk as an adult — I grew up eating hard-boiled and fried eggs with the yolks broken. 727 more words


How to poach an egg - the guide to rule all other guides

Let’s talk about poached eggs.

It’s a common breakfast staple, beloved by many and for a lot, the favourte way of eating their eggy-weggs.
Now, I’ve been to many, many cafes, restaurants and everything inbetween and I had a good poached egg about 50% of the time. 541 more words


Brunch at Bar Siena - West Loop, Chicago

Two poached eggs with vine ripened tomato, toasted marcona almond and sea salt on this delicious avocado toast from Bar Siena.


Spinach-Avocado toast and poached egg

This is my personal favourite for a powerful and satisfying breakfast: The classic Avocado toast pimped with spinach and poached egg. It’s simple and quick to make actually. 252 more words


How to Poach an Egg?

I had no clue. No idea. For the longest time, I didn’t know how to make what I felt was the most technique involved culinary feat of all time! 228 more words

Brunch It On Sundays

Perfect poached egg

Made a perfectly poached egg, guys! Yay!
I filled a small pot with about 2″water, or maybe slightly less. Added a splash of vinegar. Then got it boiling to a nice decent simmer, not a roiling boil. 185 more words

Weight Loss

Poached egg with girolles, Västerbotten cheese and toasted hazelnuts

My first attempt at cooking a 63C egg didn’t work too well, as I tried to multitask and wasn’t paying attention the whole time. Big mistake. 314 more words