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Piccolo's Corner - Leederville

It was my first trip to the cute Piccolo’s Corner and I was excited as it is regarded as a top spot for brunch in Perth’s inner suburbs. 371 more words

Day 6 The Breakfast of Champions

Shuffling to the refrigerator early Saturday morning I opened the door and started rooting around thinking maybe I’d have a bowl of Wheaties. Images of what Bruce Jenner meant to me in 1976 when he won the gold in the decathlon swam in my head. 904 more words


Eat This Salad

For those instances where planning brunch is as stressful as studying for the SAT’s…you should probably just go to Hundred Acres. This may just look like an ordinary farro salad but…it ain’t. 178 more words


Sometimes all a girl needs is protein

Three minutes into my spinning class yesterday, I thought to myself, “Ayla what have you done?!” It usually takes a good 15 minus before I wonder whether I’m on the verge of death. 162 more words


How to Poach an egg

So easy and so fast!

Step 1- Fill small pot with a few inches of water. Let simmer.

Step 2- Once simmering, crack egg into a bowl. 32 more words


The classic: avocado on toast

This is my very first post, so I thought I should start with one of my very favourite meals.  It’s no ground-breaker – I’ll be the first to admit – but it’s so delicious, so healthy, and just so overall damnably GOOD. 278 more words


Rise & shine - 90 min ride!

So my friends, Twitter followers & Snapchat contacts knew what today was all about – up early to go spinning AND it’s cheat day! Woooooo. Luckily I managed to get an early night and woke up refreshed, happy and no shoulder pain – hoorah! 238 more words