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Perfect Poached

I was coaching the late session today so I had time to make some breakfast. Yet again I had poached eggs. This time I managed to make them perfectly, a warm runny yoke and a firm white. 242 more words

Random Thoughts



I woke up early in the morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. I felt awful. I used many tissues to clear the green gunk from my nasal passages. 297 more words

Random Thoughts


Entrance to the cafe is well tucked in between walls with beautiful graffiti. One can easily missed it if you’re not observant. It has one small cozy interior dining and another al fresco style and snug exterior dining. 161 more words


Friday- raining and 12 pm

It was Friday, it was raining and it was 12 in the afternoon. The day was dull and depressing so my colleagues suggested that we should try the new cafe around the corner. 219 more words



I felt much more refreshed this morning. The tiredness had receded and if it wasn’t for the fact that the heating hadn’t come on I would have got out of bed. 265 more words

Random Thoughts

Corner Bakery: The Power of Social Media

My first introduction to Corner Bakery was about a year ago, before the infamous Instagram pictures started clogging up my feed. It’s relatively close to my house and as a Sunday brunch-feen, it was on my list to try. 389 more words


I love EGGS!

I could survive off of tomatoes, beans and egg.

Eggs in particular hold a special place in my heart…. and my Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat posts. 350 more words

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